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No Power On Earth Can Intimidate A Free Nation

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posted on Nov, 4 2004 @ 10:01 PM
A very interesting article from the UK, nice to know

In the end, it wasn't even close. George W Bush won a decisive endorsement from the American people for the most radical presidency of modern times. It was a vindication of his own idiosyncratic kind of conservatism: folksy, evangelical, optimistic, unapologetic and, when necessary, martial. The triumph of this Churchillian conservatism will delight the President's friends and confound his critics, but it will also strike fear into all enemies of America and the West.

Mr. Bush has now been given the tools to finish the job of helping the Iraqi people to create the first genuine democracy in the Arab world.

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posted on Mar, 17 2005 @ 08:53 PM
I feel this is worth a revisit, considering the winds of change in the middle east at present, elections and all.....

No power on Earth can intimidate a free nation

al-Qa'eda's intervention. Americans voted in record numbers to return to the White House a president who had been more reviled, at home and abroad, than ever before. They have demonstrated once and for all that no power on Earth can intimidate a free nation. This now takes its place among those truths which Americans hold to be self-evident.

seems ol bin has been quiet

He obtained his mandate without making irresponsible promises to withdraw US troops by a certain date or to hand over the burden to others, such as the UN, without the means to protect this fragile plant. Afghanistan's first free election has established a precedent that Iraq, with Britain's help, can hope to follow. Slowly but surely the tide may be turning in Iraq, as the jihadis holed up in Fallujah will soon discover.

Fallujah , then elections went off as planned.......

The result has brought those in Europe who dreamt of a Kerry victory down to earth. It ought to be a wake-up call for those European states - above all Germany and France -which have held aloof not only from the liberation, but also from the reconstruction of Iraq. There is no point in hoping that the French and Germans will change their minds about Mr Bush, or vice versa, but self-interest dictates that both sides should draw a line under the past.

Change their minds? They cant, they still havent with Reagan!

On Israel, there is a widespread expectation (voiced yesterday in the Commons) that the President will now bully Ariel Sharon into giving the Palestinians what they have failed to extort by terrorism. That is not what Mr Bush believes, nor what he was elected to do. But he is uniquely placed to reassure the Israeli public that a withdrawal from Gaza, and ultimately most of the West Bank, could make Israel and Palestine more rather than less secure. If Mr Bush can broker a two-state solution that even Mr Sharon can live with, then there is a chance that it might happen - especially if Yasser Arafat is no longer able to sabotage it.

And Arafat is gone......hear the winds blowing?

Notice the date......

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