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What is the worst nightmare you ever had?

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posted on May, 7 2013 @ 03:46 AM
Did anyone here have a nightmare ever have a nightmare so bad that when you woke,you sensed a presence in the room when you woke up/ Or that something very bad just left your room/bedside,but left a residue/feel of it's presence behind?

I've had some doozies when it comes to nightmares,but for me,the worst was waking up,and finding that the very quality of the athmosphere in my room was different.This dream was of vampires(ironically a subject that has never scared me,or bothered me in the least,not even as a small child) However when i woke,i sat up in bed,and immediately i felt something i never felt from a nightmare before(normally i switch my bedside lamp on,have a drink of water,few puffs of a smoke when i was older,switched the light off and went straight back to sleep-just a quick break to make sure i was properly distanced from the dream so as not to slip back into it,though i am not one that can resume a dream i woke from,anyway)

But after waking fom this dream-the feeling was so strong that there was something "wrong" with the night,or at least within my bedroom.There was a definite athmosphere of menace left,the air seemed to carry a vibration,best way to explain it,the whole house felt like it was suspended in this extra-silent "bell-jar" type of bubble-it felt extremely wrong an just "off".Like i was'nt quite alone.As i said earlier,like something very bad had just left-or may even yet,invisibly be watching.I woke up around 3:30,i recall,because when i looked at my cell a few minutes after waking up,it was 3:34.

I actually had to leave the lamp on,and after 2 calming ciggies, i could only lay down to sleep again.Ny hubby teased me about this,when he came through my room to use my bathroom-he has never known me in 17 years to have to sleep with a light on.

I'd love to hear member's worst nightmares,and the effect it had on them.
Kind regards,Rax.
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posted on May, 7 2013 @ 03:56 AM
I have Childhood acquired PTSD subject to Childhood amnesia. I have nightmares from hell and when I wake I can't remember them. Mind you, my whole body, mind and soul are screaming at me in a total fear reaction / panic.

Presence, don't know, I keep a wakizashi (medium sword) next to my bed just to feel safe. Before I learnt some control, I used to draw it. I also used to check the house sometimes but that was between dogs. So now if the dog is OK I figure I am.

Really stuffs up sleep patterns.

My question the to you is do you suffer from any form of amnesia.


posted on May, 7 2013 @ 04:18 AM
Once I dreamed I purposely stabbed my cat in the neck.

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 04:41 AM
Once we drove down Europe to get to our vacation home in Czechoslovakia.

Now I was just a kid in my early teens, so candy for such a long trip was a given.... so I purchased 3 bags of the large Haribo Mix (discount offer), a can of peanuts and 3 cans of Coca Cola. I ate it all in the car!

The trip took about a day and a half, and by the time we got to the house, I had a severe fever. My parents measured me at just above 40 degrees centigrade.

It took me a day in bed to sleep it partially off to the point where I could actually get out of bed.

But during that time, the things I saw / dreamt, was unlike anything I'd experienced before. I dreamt my bed was wavy like the ocean and then suddenly these little tube like growths started sprouting from my arms expelling some kind of grey goo... it was terrible.
I also saw weird floating "plates" that were luminescent and weird creatures standing on top of them floating in the air.

The "trip" or fever was so terrible that I to this day still remember it pretty vividly and I still feel like this is something I do NOT wish to experience ever again!


Today.... or this night, I had another dream which was related somehow. I was somewhere with my girlfriend and as I look down on my feet, I see they have become infested with something that looks like bot flies :S
I am immediately disgusted and franticly started pulling them our of my feet leaving behind nasty open pits on the top of my feet. You know... like yucky indentations the size of the larva I removed.
YUCK! I woke up pretty fast from that....

To be honest, dreams where something is inside or growing from my skin are the worst. For some reason I remember these more vividly than I remember my ghost dreams.

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 04:55 AM
I once had a nightmare that scared the shiz out of me and I will probably never forget. It was about these doctors that were being awarded for their work with babies that had lost limbs in accidents, and were supposedly able to put the limbs back on them sucessfully. They were all together for a group photo, and suddenly all of their eyes turned black. They then started to melt.... kind of like in Raiders of the Lost Ark, when the Ark was opened. I remember at that point knowing that they had been experimenting with real babies, cutting them into pieces and trying to put them back together. Then the dream morphed into this strange film of different babies with their limbs falling off and them crying out in agony and pain. It was kind of in fast motion so they looked weird... moving back and forth between quickly and not at all. While this was occuring, there was this disturbing, fast beat techno music playing. I don't remember anything after that.

I woke up terrified, and I could not move. I remember thinking there was some evil entity in the room with me for awhile. Scariest f'n dream I've ever had....

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 05:04 AM
reply to post by pheonix358

Hi phoenix358,no not amnesia as such,but i have noticed in the last 2 years,that my short-term memory is not what it was-or should i call it,general forgetfullness.I don't forget faces,places,happenings,movies i've seen,things like that-but i will get a memory short-circuit about say:what a fridge is called.I just forget the word for that appliance:as in asking my daughter to get me something from the fridge,and say "Sweetie,just get me the cheese from the...the...oh bloody hell,the appliance that keeps stuff cold!" Hundreds of variations of that type of thing,to the great mirth of my family
but it can get really annoying.

And i have to make list of things if i'm going to the shop,and then i forget where i put the list.Or i make the list on my cell,then in town,i will completely forget i made a list on my cell,and walk the aisles to refresh my memory-to find i forgot something anyway,that type of thing.

I think there's quite a bit i've forgotten about my childhood,but i did on purpose try to forget my earlier life.I think a lot of people don't recall much of their childhood,though,from what i've read even just on this site.I had an American friend who cannot remember his childhood at all,except for one or two strange memories.

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 05:06 AM
reply to post by zonetripper2065

Oh what a gnarly dream-if i dreamt that,said cat would've gotten a can of tuna the next morning,even if one cannot help what you dream

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 05:09 AM
Discovering that my new sweetheart was the daughter of the RMC liaison officer?

Well, if you mean literally a nightmare, one night I had a really awful dream. I was driving a covered wagon across the midwestern prairie as part of a wagon train. Maybe 1850 period.

We were on the lookout for something we were afraid of, I wasn't sure what in the dream, thought it might be Indians. But no. It was horses. Only these horses...had teeth. Not normal horse teeth. It was something like a wolf might have, if it was designed by Stephen King.

And a pack of horses came over the hill, hundreds of them. We circled the wagons but they jumped over into the middle and we were doing hand to hand combat with wild meat-eating horses with crappy lever action rifles and black powder pistols, in a few minutes we were down to hatchets and pitchforks and the horses just rolled over us, biting chunks of meat off their victims the size of porterhouse steaks.

I recall one horse running off with a baby in its mouth. I tried to hide under a wagon but the horses were rocking it back and forth, kicking it to pieces trying to get to me, then I woke up.

I do not have a freaking clue what spawned that dream, but it was one of those I have had repeatedly.

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 05:12 AM
reply to post by flice

Yes ,that must have been scary for a kid,to have such weird surreal things happen in your dreams,that would propably qualify as feverdreams?Poor kiddo-you.
The botly dreams-Eee-heeehew
We get a thing called Mango-fly here in this province,my Foxterriers had those under the skin,our neighbour knew just how to press,to get the larvae or pupas out-GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can imagine the relief of waking from that!

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 05:21 AM
reply to post by colbyforce

What an awful dream,especially with babies being the victims,and being in pain.Yes,that indeed does sound like it should be in a Top 10 of worst ones ever.And that feeling after,that is As bad,well for me it was-because normally after a nightmare-one just feels the relief that it was just a nightmare,and nothing lingers.So the that distinct feeling that a presence was still there,or just left-that is Very disturbing.The way it affected the whole atmosphere of the room,a feeling of danger,close by.It was really like the air in the room vibrated with it,it was So clear.Glad someone else also understands how scary it is.

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 05:28 AM
Luckily we wake up before we are caught or killed.But still wake up covered in sweat

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 05:28 AM
reply to post by Bedlam

Wow..i don't even know what to say-that was scary to read sitting here in broad daylight!!! You have my sympathy,from what you wrote,it must have seemed pretty real.Thank you for sharing.I can actually picture that,in a way, am wary of horses as it is-i have a totally illogical fear of being too near any horse-i have this stupid fear that for some reason,it will come over and bite me-so this nightmare of yours is a bit of my daymare whenever i'm close to a horse,thankfully not often-no pun intended

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 05:48 AM
reply to post by TDawg61

I've had dreams where i was so terrified,i remember WILLING myself awake,like i become lucid in those last seconds-and i realise i'm dreaming-and i shout to myself "Wake up,come on,come ON,Wake UP!!" and then i do-sweaty and gasping with fright.
I remember such a one,where i was in a house i did'nt recognise,and saw my youngest daughter playing outside with another child.i walked down a short hallway,and opened a door to a room,and in the room,there were a lot of feral vicious-looking animals-dogs,jackals,coyotes,hybrids of canine species,all toothy and ready to jump me,so i slammed the door,ran outside,grabbed the kids,and ran.We got to this lumberyard,where there were people almost like zombies,and i was climbing where they stacked work equipment-and these zombies were climbing up after me-i got to the roof,that's when i realised i was dreaming-and started shouting at and ordering myself to wake up.

The moment i did,i had to go check on the kids
it was that scary.

Strange,i can't recall ever coming close to dying,or dying in a dream,never had one of those.

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 05:49 AM
When I was about 10. I had the worst nightmare about a nuclear strike. It was so vivid at the time. I remember seeing the destruction caused outside my window, the dead fish in the stream.A grey fog everywhere.Then a call from my parents in the next room. "How's your brother". I turned around to see my brother had been crushed by the wooden beam in the house.

Watching this cartoon as a kid, had a serious long sating impact . 'When the wind blows' a cartoon about nuclear holocaust.

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 06:18 AM
@WOODWARDJR-as i was watching the last few seconds of that vid-my wifi went down:-D luckily it does that often,or it would've been spookeh:-) So now i'm on cell,which will only access "reply to" when it jolly well feels like it.Is that a cartoon- movie,or was it in episodes?-i'd like to watch more of that,but was it a children's cartoon? So grim,no wonder it gave you a bad nigtmare,though.That must've been quite hideous,seeing your bro crushed in the dream.Thanks for sharing.

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 06:27 AM
reply to post by Raxoxane

Here's the whole movie

When the wind blows. It's pretty dark from start to finish. The animator is the same guy who made the family classic 'The Snowman'

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 06:29 AM
I had a dream that I was standing in my living room and this tar-like substance was climbing up my leg, it had a very ominous feeling about it and I was under the impression that if it covered me then I would die. Anyways, it was climbing up my leg from the floor and my boyfriend was in the doorway and I was screaming for him to help me but he couldn't see this tar. Then it started dripping from the lights and it was coming down in strings with large bubbles in them, and it was running down my shoulder and wrapping itself round my neck and I was screaming "do you see it now" but he still couldn't see anything, and then bf woke me up cos I was screaming in my sleep.

That was about 3 months ago, but it's still lodged firmly in my brain... It was awful

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 06:37 AM
Here's a recurring childhood dream i had since first memories,and it went on for years.The dream itself was pretty standard stuff,i would be chased by a dark entity/monster-looked almost like a balverine from Fable,but not as buff,thicker round the waist,a yeti/squatch maybe,half-shrouded in a sort of haze or fog-and having that wading -through-molasses quality,of course it would always catch me.That was'nt the worst part though.After it caught me,all it would do to me,was rake my back with its one of its talons,then i would arch my back and scream myself awake with bloodcurdling screams.I would wake up still like that,arched like a bow.The worst was for 1or2 minutes after i was wide awake,i could Still feel those talons-not pain,but the most hideous,indescribable sensation.Almost like a ticking sensation,but worse,just this vile feeling,contaminated comes to my adult mind,unclean,idk-just unbearable.Pain would've been much preferable,even as a small kid i thought so.

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 06:47 AM
reply to post by woodwardjnr

Thank you very much woodward,very kind of you! I'll be watching that later when my wi-fi's back for sure.The name sounds familiar,though this is the 1st i see of it.I'll watch it first,to see if its suitable for my son to watch also-but then Zombieland with Woody Harrelson is his fave movie.Still,some movies may be too dark in other ways-thanks again:-)

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 06:57 AM
reply to post by Florasaurus

Hi Florasaurus,i can imagine one of the worst things about that,was the helpless feeling-and that your boyfriend could'nt even see it,must have made it so much worse too.Yeah that sounds like a bad one-also when the feeling a dream leaves us with,clings and stays with us-that's when its extra-disturbing.It starts feeling like a real memory,almost.Thank you for sharing.

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