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is the nwo close to their goal?

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posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 07:51 AM

Originally posted by bates
The reason it hasn't already happened is because at the moment the people are too strong and would reject it, demoralisation of the masses is the key so that people are so mentaly weak they will accept and possibly welcome this kind of control.

People are not strong nothing, society will expect anything at the moment. If the NWO wanted to take power, they could just like that.

posted on Nov, 9 2004 @ 01:08 PM

Originally posted by Perverbial Eye In The Sky
And how could you say that alll of the pieces of the puzzle are in place as you don't no what the puzzle looks like.

This is just my 2 bob worth and what would i now I'm only 16 but F-you delusional people that think the world is going to be taken over by one governing body.

Get educated properly on the subject with some proper evidence.
P.S This was me first post, couldn't be happier.

Well, perverbial eye in the sky, you haven't lived long enough in the world to remember what real freedom felt and looked like. If I understand your post right you are from Australia???? My question is...have you studied in depth our Constitution and Bill of Rights? If you had, you would know that little by little our Republican freedoms have been diverted into Democratic-Socialism. I will get you evidence but it will take a few days since I am a mom and have mom stuff to do.

In the mean while, have you ever heard of Hitler and his attempts to take over the world? He sure was successfull in many aspects. The poeple of the America's wouldn't stand for that kind of outright take over. We have to be the "boiling Frog" in the water to accept such things. That is the reason outcome-based education has a stronghold in our schools. We dumb and numb and a few children get out of the schools with their allegience to God, Family and Country(Constitution) unscathed. That only happen as a direct result of parents who care and are involved.

We do know what the pieces look like because of history and through the scriptures. The peices are not new, you are just new to the peices, but that does not mean that evryone else is. There has always been a plan and action taken for the elite to rule the masses (ogliacracy). But agency is God-given and it is up to the people to keep that right.

However, Americans have had their history watered down and altered and that is why we have this belief that we are a Democracy (Governed by the majority) rather than a Republic (governed by law) is so prevelant and misunerstood. As a result, those who despise being equal, under God, to his neighbor will always try to elevate himself/herself and that is what this is all about. A few being elevated so that they can prove they are more important than their neighbor. (watching people suffer so that you can feel better about yourself is pretty sick thinking)

As a far as you being a 16 years old, I am grateful that you have a desire to learn about your world, but there is one important lessson that you need to learn about people so, that you can be taken seriously. Which is, We all have much to learn from each other and can best be accomplished if we regard each opinion as "something to think about." When you disregard any person you are doing exactly what is being accomplished in the New World Order....elevating yourself above another. There is obviously "wrong thinking" but you can catch flies better with honey rather than vinegar.

I believe the scriptures are true and so, I do know that there will be a great war between those who uphold good (freedom) and those who uphold evil (bondage). How exactly that will be accomplished, unravels a little bit at a time. I also know that evil will only win battles but good will triumph and win the WAR. It will depend upon which side of this war you want to be on.

posted on Nov, 10 2004 @ 03:49 AM
For my comments mad when i dropped an F bomb I apologise. I was rather stressed (just finished physics assignment). Again sorry.
Is the Australian cricket team a team of invincibles?? Ask yourself.

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