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A call for a reformation of the United States.

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posted on May, 6 2013 @ 09:00 PM
I am writing this thread because of some other things I had read on here, I am also writing it because I believe that this is the only way to change what is happening to our beloved country.

Ill begin with law.

Law is only there for profit. Laws are written not to keep people safe, no they are written so that those that are in power can profit by any means nessecary. Whether it be by locking the so called criminal up in a penitentiary, or making you pay for your drivers lisence, or paying a tax on an item that you purchase. The only reason theft is a crime, is because they are not getting thier share from that product. The only reason why murder is illegal is not because you took someone's life, no it is because the person whom lost thier life was a revenue creating machine. The only reason why drugs are illegal, is obvious, tax and because the person is not as productive of a revenue generating machine when on drugs.

The government is the biggest criminal on the face of the earth, and if you commit a crime that is against one of thier laws, you are considered below the rest of the population. They send you off to a prison, where revenue can be generated from you. When you are put into a prison, you start out in a bullpen. A bullpen you say? It's called a bullpen for a reason.... The same reason a jail cell is called a cell... The is meaning behind those names. You are considered cattle. You are also a being of energy. Look at pictures of people in prison and look at the before pictures and pictures while they are serving thier time. It's simple, jail drains you of your life energy.

It's very simple really... If they are not profiting from whatever it is that you are doing, to either gain ahead or to otherwise gain for pleasure, whether it be material or certain physical state of being, it is illegal. This is the foremost problem I believe we face.

Law is designed to keep humanity on its knees. Sure on the outside it would seem as though it does keep order, but only to the powers that be liking. Law is not meant for humans to live in harmony with nature. It is meant for you to bow down to the self appointed kings and queens of our planet.

Who upholds the law? The police? Sure, but the role of the police in law is to enforce protection on corporate and government assets. You are an asset... And that is the one and only reason why they see you fit for protection. Again because you are a source of revenue. Lets take for example, you break into a car... You will not be arrested simply for breaking into the car, you will be arrested so that the court will get thier cut, the property owner will get his or her cut which will in turn go back into the economy to be taxed, and the shop that fixes the car will tax the individual whoms car needs repair and then the shop will in turn pay tax on that money that is paid to them for the work. Please do not misunderstand me by thinking that I believe it is ok to commit such acts as it is morally wrong in my opinion. However this is the matter of fact when it comes to law.

That is all for now... Whether you agree with me or not is not my point here... This is my belief.... I will continue with more tomorrow.

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posted on May, 6 2013 @ 09:39 PM
reply to post by Enemyc0mbatant

I can understand that some laws are manipulated for making money, for example -the speed trap; however, laws are also put in place to reduce chaos, and to aide people in being more sociable. I do think that it is a shame that unscrupulous people have changed the system from this benevolent idea. If only people were pre-conditioned to do the right thing. Then we wouldn't need a lot of these laws in the first place.

posted on May, 10 2013 @ 12:01 AM
so, who did you vote for recently to address these grievances and how was it addressed?

Every time I've written/emailed my rep I've received a response.

What was yours?


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