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Supreme Court Justice: "The elites had to approve of Obama."

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posted on May, 8 2013 @ 02:29 PM
reply to post by redoubt

I think its possible, but only through the will of the people. And lets face it, the general public has been pacified for so long now that they're nearly incapable of critical thinking. In my humble opinion, we are screwed as a nation, and everyone else in the world don't seem much better off.

posted on May, 8 2013 @ 03:13 PM
I can refine it a little. It just needs to be a liberal, if he is a conservative he's a no go

posted on May, 8 2013 @ 03:15 PM
reply to post by johnnysidea

That's the entire point that was being made. The put their candidates in by financing them. This is why it always seems like it's a choice between bullcrap or horsecrap. Notice none of the independent or 3rd party members ever have a chance. It's because they can't pay the campaign bills to win. Each election (especially with the last 4) have been a race between two sides of the same coin. Bush vs Gore, Bush vs Kerry, Obama vs McCain, and Obama vs Romney. Each time it's basically been the same guy in a different suit. This is why none of our national policies have changed. Do you know how many political parties there are in the U.S.? There are several, yet we only hear about the Democratic and Republican candidates, usually every year there's a third party candidate on the ballot, but you don't hear much from him. That's all part of the plan, it gives the illusion of choice. In the end, though, the one's with the money get their candidate elected because they finance the Democrat and the Republican.

posted on May, 8 2013 @ 08:13 PM

Originally posted by scauma
reply to post by DarKPenguiN

Black man here....I think we should be able to talk openly and honestly about our differences. I love talking to my white co-workers and hearing they're unfiltered opinions. Would love to engage in frank, respectful conversation about race issues.

White man here... I voted for a Black woman. Cynthia McKinney.

A lot of white people voted for BO because they "felt" doing so placed them on the right side of history... I get that... seeing a Black man in the White House was a "feel good" moment (like watchin' Django Unchained)... but then they did it a second time (ignoring the fact he lies about everything)... I don't get that... more over, most of these people never heard of Cynthia McKinney.... which means they are very uninformed and really have no business voting.

It seems like a lot of voters don't care what the policies of this county are as long as they can "feel good" about their favorite team being in power. So its the old "us vs them" thing... NOT a Black vs White thing... BUT a Red vs Blue thing, REP vs DEM. This doesn't have anything to do with race, it has to do with blissful ignorance. In fact, it would seem than "feeling good" and blissful ignorance trump any deeply root feeling of racism that may still be brooding in the hearts of some Americans.

Human beings vote based on values. Some people may vote on hate but what if your only value is to feel good? If all you know is what you are feed by the news media (and your understanding of history is zero)... then you will be inclined to follow along with the "feel good" peer pressure and continue to support OB as you did the first go around... why? not so much because you hate the alternative, but because losing the President you are invested in would be an emotional bummer...

BO sold people that line about "hope and change" felt good, and people bought it. They see him as a celebrity... like a sports star or musician... they don't really care what his policies are.... and they certainly don't give any thought to the forces behind the curtain who help craft his policies... the appeal of OB is his cult of personality, he makes people feel good. Those people who voted for BO a second time did so because of their "feel good" values... they want to believe he is doing the best job he can.... we saw the same thing with Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan... once a President becomes a celebrity, they win re-election.

Cynthia McKinney once said, "Barack Obama is not the lesser evil. He is the more effective evil." I think she was quoting Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report who gave a talk at the Left Forum entitled “Why Barack Obama is the more effective evil”. Here is a short excerpt from the talk, in which Ford also mentions the Green Party:

The prevailing assumption on the Left is that Obama has good intentions. He intends to the Right Thing – or, at least, he intends to do better than the Republicans intend to do. It’s all supposed to be about intentions. Let’s be clear: There is absolutely no factual basis to believe he intends to do anything other than the same thing he has already done, whether Democrats control Congress or not, which is to serve Wall Street’s most fundamental interests. But, the whole idea of debating Obama’s intentions is ridiculous. It’s psycho-babble, not analysis. No real Left would engage in it.”

What does it mean that Clarence Thomas said: "The elites' had to approve a black president." ??

It simply means that they didn't care if he LOOKED like Malcolm X on the outside, but they were going to be damn sure he was not Malcolm X on the inside. Malcolm defined what it meant to be "Black" (politically) in the 1960's, and if the same standard were applied today, could you really call BO a Black Man? If you put this "strapping young Muslim Socialist" next to Malcolm, he would look like the Wall Street puppet that he is.

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