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Audie Murphy A true American Hero *Was he the last?*

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posted on Nov, 4 2004 @ 08:34 PM

Audie Murphy

Near the end of the second World War, Audie Murphy became famous as the most decorated American soldier of the war. He recieved 24 medals from the United States including the Congressional Medal of Honor. He was also awarded three medals by Franc andone more by Belgium.

Born in Kingston, Texas, Murphy enlisted in the army in 1942. He served in North Africa and Europe, and in 1944 he rose to the rank of second lieutnant.

His most impressive act of bravery occurred in January 1945 near Colmar, France, when in the midst of a furious German attack, he jumped onto a burning tank destroyer and KILLED about 50 Axis troops with his machine gun. Although wounded in the leg, he rallied his troops to retake the ground the germans had gained earlier that day.

Now that you have read about Audie and his bravery , do you think their will ever be a decorated soldier like him ? Will a soldier come out of Iraq that can compare to Audie? What are the odds of any soldier taking out that many enemy men in a harsh situation?

That is all, thanks.

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