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Till I Collapse (heavy Eminem Dubstep/Reggae remix)

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posted on May, 6 2013 @ 07:21 AM
This track wasn't all me (obviously) so I refuse to take more credit for it than being a mere collaborator and messenger. So if you like it - thank them! And if you hate it - you can most probably blame me. Either way I don't care - I'm just humbled & excited that anyone might listen to it at all. So as always, thanks for your time. Take it easy ATS.


posted on May, 6 2013 @ 10:18 AM
i a new'ish fan of dubstep, maybe a year, two at most and i've always been into heavy music so the "filthy" style attracted me. i like this song and what was done to it, actually i like this version more than the original although and this is just my opinion because of my taste, i'd love to hear really heavy drops and wobble base, dark and heavy.

maybe on the next remix?
post more as they get completed i'm definitely into what is being accomplished.

by the way.. just an observation.. the fact that reggae makes an appearance and the 4 black bars in your signature leads me to think you're punk at heart?

Punk's Not Dead

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