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My concern with YouTube UFO channels.

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posted on May, 22 2013 @ 08:12 AM

Originally posted by easynow

In my honest opinion, I think you should gather all the new data that's been collected and repost the case in a new thread with a new opening post so everyone could take a fresh look at all the evidence

Will do that mate.

Originally posted by easynow

since your much more capable than me at being informative and objective the discussion will undoubtedly be more intriguingly productive. Just my opinion and suggestion

Hopefully it will generate some new discussion and show newcomers to this subject just how weak and threadbare certain official UFO explanations actually are but I really don't think I'm more capable of being informative and objective than you mate - especially in this case.

Think that thread is one of the best ones on these boards but will fix all the images and links and write some new introductory paragraphs dealing with the events and Air Force sheenanagins - will also cover the treatment Deputy Spaur received from the USAF as that really is an absolute disgrace (also think it would make a pretty good film or docu-drama).

Really would like to know who the 'tenacious female news reporter' was mentioned on page 7 of this pdf file whose news articles and interview with Quintanilla caused 'high level pressure' to re-open the case (and would also like to know more about the very similar police UFO incident in the same area ten days earlier) so hopefully it may open up new lines of research - think this quote just about sums things up and would give my right arm to know what that object was.

"I've seen Venus many times, but I never saw Venus 50 feet above a road and moving from side to side like this was..."

Portage County Sheriff Ross Dustman to United Press International


reply to post by CrashRetrieval

CrashRetrieval, not wanting to detract from your thread or subject matter mate - below is an interesting video about CoIntelPro and I wonder if anyone thinks it goes on in relation to the UFO subject? As you've already mentioned there's an awful lot of crap to wade though but sometimes it really does seem that certain folks enjoy muddying the waters on purpose.

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posted on May, 22 2013 @ 08:25 AM
My problem with these channels lies in them earning well from it.

The more hits they get, the better they earn. So they have an extra incesive to post as many videos as possible in order to get more views.

That makes it more likely they may delibaretely post hoaxes/make hoaxes in order to earn more.

If money is in the game, I nearly never trust the sources. Too many number are willing to lie simply to gain profit from it. Too many "whistleblowers" blow the whistle right before the book/DVD release. Even scientists are willing to lie and make up discoveries in order to gain extra finances/permits for their research, which makes even science unplausible in some cases. You need to investigate the sources well in such cases.
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posted on May, 24 2013 @ 04:21 PM
Blake Cousins, aka, "ThirdPhaseOfMoon" is an absolute obscenity to the topic of Ufology. What's perplexing about TPOM, is how in holy hell they are able to get people like Stanton Friedman and David Jacobs to appear on it. Their publicists need to be fired...

I've got a YouTube Channel strictly for Paranormal-Related topics. I'm working on a UFO documentary as we speak.

I believe the thing about Hoaxers, is that, it's EASY. It's really easy. Doing research, and trying to put out something with some meat on its bones is NOT easy.

In the course of work I've been doing with the UFO doc, I've come across some individuals who have had personal experiences, and would make excellent witnesses. The problem lies in the fact that trying to get people to appear on camera for interviews is a near impossible feat.

So, I can tell you that there's credible people, with credible stories, having INcredible experiences, but you'll have to take my word for it.

I'm starting to think that anyone who is willing to come out and openly discuss the subject has a strictly ulterior (financial) motive.

I've been working on the UFO doc for the better part of six months, and I'm left with having to use archival footage, and focus on highly public cases and scenarios, due, mostly, to the fact that anyone with actual information on the subject doesn't want their reputation soured; in short, people don't want to touch the topic of UFOs with a 10 foot pole, because of the risk to their reputations/careers. Unfortunately, I can understand why.

I guess, if you had an amazing experience, would you want to be associated with creeps like Blake Cousins?

The signal-to-noise ratio in the Ufology arena is EXTREMELY high. Scumbags like TPOM only add to an already muddied water.

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