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Have you noticed glaring obvious alternate realty proof disturbing you?

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posted on Dec, 22 2013 @ 08:09 PM

Yes I have experienced this. Late 2012 I noticed that I forgot which way to turn my kitchen faucet for hot and cold. Normally the faucet lever is: push left for hot, right for cold. But one day I started pushing the lever to the middle for cold water. I was so perplexed that I told my mom and bro but they just brushed me off and told me I must be under a lot of stress. Also there's a section of the freeway here that I travel everyday that now looks unfamiliar even foreign. I don't know what to make of this.

Similar experiences, a freeway called Princess is now Princes, and odder one - bible verse Ive read since childhood saying Abraham's girls got him tanked and slept with him now reads that it was Lots daughters and people too - David Attenborough still alive when I 'knew' he wasn't etc...I've had loads of these odd things. I reckon someone reset everything about 2004/5, it may have reset several times as paradigms keep changing so fast it can be hard to keep up.


posted on Dec, 22 2013 @ 09:06 PM
This is one of my favorite topics, but lately I've had trouble with memories altogether, like ANY memories; past, present, little, big, all memories, I can't remember what day it is, what month it is sometimes or something that happened an hour or a week ago and nothing from childhood. It's really sad. I used to have a very very good memory and this has happened very very rapidly. I mean like one day I could recall things from childhood, dinner I ate three weeks ago, conversations from months ago, and now POOF! Gone. The clincher it was after all the posts about my unusual time related oddities that it happened. I'm starting to think I do have dementia really. What makes it even more possible is that I've had migraines for the past five years switching from left to right to left to right (sides of the head). I attributed the first and any following to tooth issues, I had an abscess with the first ones, but I am not having the abscesses now. I think that it may be some kind of moving aneurysm and it's affecting the memory. I'm not so sure the similar odd time anomalies I have had weren't related to this either caused by it or as an effect of it.

I'm not saying it is what's going on with the OP or is going to happen with the OP it could be fact that in each of these instances I really died from aneurysm each of these times and am going to again and wake in another form of myself until finally they are all dead in every parallel universe from the same thing but different timeline [later date]. You'd ask possibly why I don't have the MRI or whatever? Just look at the state of healthcare, been down that road and they attributed it to the teeth abscesses and even a sinus infection before correctly identifying the abscess (which it was the wrong diagnoses anyway, given it was a tooth abscess not sinus infection). Now it's neither but still I think so low of the medical community that I have no faith they'd actually try to find the correct diagnoses for me anyway. Also I am one of the experience-rs that never had an NDE ever. Not in the sense of dying and being brought back anyway.

I've seen posts here from me on ATS from long ago, I can't even fathom I posted. It's so weird it doesn't even feel like they came from me they are older than a year plus. I just want to cry because the last headaches are where the memories were all but gone poof about in mid September and they were on my left side, now they just started these past few weeks of December on the right side of my head. This is the closest they've ever came to be. At first it was one year between then 6 months now it's down to three months.

posted on Dec, 22 2013 @ 09:10 PM
its almost as if your describing a situation where reality is being paused at times, and you are being suspended/frozen while adjustments are made to the reality and then they hit play again and you continue in the adjusted reality. How else could it be explained?

posted on Dec, 22 2013 @ 09:21 PM
Yah!, the secret is to be conscious of how one is "Conditioned" to see the current reality, how the "Conditioning" morphs into something else when you "Dirty The Water", understanding it may not go back to the way it was after you damage the # out of yourself while "Dirtying The Water"......

If nothing ever changed, you might go "The Curt Cobain Route" and just end it.

Don't tire of boredom, we just don't have enough to do anymore.

Reality changes constantly, never mind that "Alternate Reality" #, there isn't one.

Figure out what you have been taught, by whom, and why. Until you do, you will always feel lost.

Everyone is lying to you so convincingly you don't even realize it, neither do they, and it makes no difference anyway.

I'm a tard, I can accept this.

posted on Jan, 4 2017 @ 09:30 PM
This is my first post. I hope this is allowed. Ive experienced a major time glitch. It ended a relationship of two years cost me my job and made me homeless because of my refusal to accept and conform to it. Im an aware person i always have been. I realize i sound paranoid... Trust me.. I do.. But idk where else to turn. Im being followed and watched constantly. .. I know it sounds paranoid. Thats all i hear from 'family'. I feel loke whoever is studying me is using the 'new' technology called Li-fi. Light is the key to the tech they are using theres no escaping it. Leds are everywhere. God i sound crazy. Li-fi is new here alt reality i get that. Alt. Reality in mine Li-fi was created not ur slow wi-fi and Nikola was a hero a champion of the world. Please someone has to remember something!

posted on Jan, 8 2017 @ 02:57 PM
a reply to: Topsycrets1982

I believe Li Fi was invented years ago here as well but here and in the other realities I've been in, the corporations got everything figured out to maximize profit and only introduce tech gradually so that they can sell product to everyone, make it obsolete every two or three years, then sell everyone the latest gadget that works. The large corporations get people hooked on sites like Facebook and other social media sites and then sell inferior product to everyone knowing full well that the product is designed to be obsolete after two or three years.

Example, the first iPad only had 256 k ram, the second generation had 512k ram, the third generation about 3 times the first. Apple never advertised the limitations they designed into the devices, they planned that. They advertised even on the first device how you could get 32gb, or 64gb of memory. If you continued to use the first device on social media sites, the device started crashing more and more often as Facebook, etc did software upgrades requiring more device ram. It was all planned to con the public out of as much money as possible.

It wouldn't surprise me if the same thing was happening with over the air wireless signals but something else seems to have gone wrong since so many other countries outside the US have faster service than we do.

Sorry to hear you are homeless. Don't worry about people following you. They track and monitor everyone here. They have the entire US population in their database so everyone ends up just being a number in their system unless you say or do something extraordinary, they'll lose interest in you fast. I believe they are using super AI to monitor everyone and AI doesn't care about you personally. It has no feelings.

Good luck on getting a home and job. This reality really isn't that bad in my opinion. I hope to stay here for the rest of my life but if I don't, I'm learning as much as I can while enjoying this reality a bit.

PS, if someone is watching you, the main reason might be to see if they get get an edge on whatever tech you may know about that they don't have yet. This reality and others like it are all about maximizing profit. I think they are greedy but I understand it. On the plus side, most of the corporations are American based so they tend to have more American interests I hope.

On the downside, most of the past presidents we've had allowed corporations to overlook the greater good and only look at the short term. In the short term, corporate leaders thought it made economic sense to outsource jobs and production to lower wage countries. They overlooked the greater good for themselves and this country. The more manufacturing jobs we have, the better off I believe this country is. Some of the entrenched leaders of this country are still upset their candidate for president lost the election.

Supposedly LIFI is coming to the consumer within 3 to 4 years. Probably after they got the 2 to 3 year obsolete cycle figured out for LIFI light bulbs or led bulbs. They want to maximize profit and make things obsolete after 2 or 3 years so I have no idea what they have planned. People nowadays keep light bulbs for years. Of course they used to keep tvs for years until they figured out a way to make them stop working with internet connected devices after only 3 years. LIFI link below.

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