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Outnumbered U.S. Troops Watched as Iraqi Ammo Site Was Looted

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posted on Nov, 4 2004 @ 07:27 PM

About a dozen American soldiers were guarding the sprawling facility in the weeks after the April 2003 fall of Baghdad when Iraqi looters raided the site, the newspaper quoted a group of unidentified soldiers as saying.

US army reservists and National Guardsmen witnessed the looting and some soldiers sent messages to commanders in Baghdad requesting help, but received no reply, they said.

“It was complete chaos. It was looting like LA during the Rodney King riots,” one officer said.

The Scotsman

"We were running from one side of the compound to the other side, trying to kick people out. On our last day there, there were at least 100 vehicles waiting at the site for us to leave," one officer present at the facility in April 2003 told the Times.

Rev. Moon's Washington Times

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Hey, anybody remember this?
Since the regime hasn't changed, can we expect more failures that kill US, UK, and Australian troops?

Did they let it be looted? The Bush administration already let terrorists like al-Zarqawi remain free so they would have some reason for going into Iraq.

Maybe they needed to create and arm terrorists, since it was obvious that there weren't any before we arrived?

posted on Nov, 4 2004 @ 10:35 PM
Hahaha the story keeps changing, first 'it was gone when we got here', then 'well we didnt check the whole area', 'the UN guys didnt lock it up properly', 'russia stole it', and now 'well there were too many people so we let them take it'

No credability what so ever.


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