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Sales Pitch: An idea for the cryptozoology forum

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posted on Nov, 4 2004 @ 07:10 PM
I was thinking, the crypto forum's traffic is basically the same threads about the same ctprids recycled every few weeks. Of course, this applies to every forum, but they're a bit more complicated.

Basically, my idea is for a little research project. We'd create an ATS Reference Guide for known cryptids famous or not. Nothing fancy, just a thread that everyone can use as a quick reference before posting. I was thinking it would have a format similair to this-

Cryptid Name: Should be obvious.
Physical Description: "
Significant encounters/evidence: These would be the events that have led to the fame and/or acceptance of the cryptid
Range: or Habitat. Where it's been reported.
Possible Explanations: Will include such things as known species and unknown factors.
See Also/Variants: A list of related entries and variants on the story.
Member Encounters: You've seen it, let us know.
Related Links: BFRO for Bigfoot, for example
Member Comments:Basically, a few sentences or a paragraph from one member to state his or her opinion on the creature. This would not be filled in for every entry, but would be fore creatures such as the Jersey Devil and NotTooHappy's bat theory.

There would also be a number of criteria that would need to be emt in order for a cryptid to be included on the list.
1)They will need to be at least partially physical creatures. Bigfoot, Nessie et al will be fine. The Jersey Devil and Mothman are a bit grayer, but since they appear to be physical they would be OK.
2) NO ALIENS OR GHOSTS. These are sperate topics, although this can be loosened in the cases of 'iffy' creatures such as Gef the Talking Mongoose or Hairy Hands.

This list will include both known hoaxes (Zeuglodon skeletal reconstruction), mistakes (pseudopleisiosaur) and scientifically verified creatures (Okapi) for completeness and their importance to the history of cryptozoology. Creatures of folklore and myth such as Wendigos or Werewolves will also be acceptable for completeness, and the fact that the lines are occassionally blurred.

I am quite aware of the Crypto stickied thread, but it is still a pain. You have to sift through three or four threads with basically the same title and 99% the same info in order to get the one or two new facts you're seeking. It also barely scratches the surfact of cryptozoology, having references to only 7 well-known cryptids.

I realize this may even cut down crypto's traffic even more, but I hope it would give it a nice boost. It will be a group effort, with members contributing information and a few dedicated editors consolidating it into an easily readable and relatively short blurb.

Personally, I think it would help out the forum alot. With all the information in one place, it would be easier for members to add their own ideas if they had a permanent source of information. Cryptozoology seems to me to be a forum that could become a major contributing segment of ATS if it could get it's act together. There are hundreds of cryptids, and I think it would give many of the lesser-known ones some exposure (and would stimulate discussion) if they were brought forward.

Of course, this is simply an idea, and if you feel the current thread reference is good enough, I'll totally understand if your only reply is "You're an idiot."
However, if nothing else, I believe it will provide and interesting diversion for both those working on it, and those reading it. Something different to do on a boring day, and isn't that what ATS really is about anyway?

posted on Nov, 4 2004 @ 07:51 PM

30 ft long snake like creature

In 1982, someone by the name of Frew videotaped the creature. Mr. Frew and his wife were looking out at the bay when they noticed a large snake-like creature. The Frews grabbed their camera and started recording. That video tape was later analyzed by people at the Smithsonian. It was determined that the creature taped was a living animal, however, the type of animal could not be identified.

Chesapeake Bay

In 1994 a manatee was captured in the Bay.
did I do It right?

posted on Nov, 4 2004 @ 08:07 PM
i live by the chesapeake bay. and i think that would be the FSME's job. but sounds like a good idea.

posted on Nov, 4 2004 @ 08:12 PM

Originally posted by phantompatriot
i live by the chesapeake bay. and i think that would be the FSME's job. but sounds like a good idea.

There is no Crypto FSME as far as I am aware.

And Vegemite, this is actually just a thread to gauge popular support. Thanks for the effort, though

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