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About: The story of jesus

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posted on May, 17 2013 @ 02:59 AM
There are few things i want to add to this thread.

Me, i havent got any religion so far. Well that is not 100% true. Its kind of my own religion only for myself.
I remember going to church when i was very little, as i dont even remember if i have heard what was said there.
I just remember an angel which has been drawn on the ceiling, and later trying to draw that angel on the road.
well the road is a part of which is not driven frequently, were we used to play there the most of time.

As for not beeing that religious, i do have a bit of understanding, which mostly comes from the movies.
So i have to say that this (not)belief makes me able to look at the other beliefs with a bit clearer mind than
someone who is religiously involved (grown with).

As i have had few questions so they came to me too.

They are showing me that humans do need a religion in which they should believe. but they should also live that way.

But what kind of people are, who are fighting to defend their religion ?

uh my mind is beiing filled with ideas cant write now

posted on Jan, 9 2014 @ 04:30 AM
For me, this thread is an evidence of what i now call "Knowing ahead of time". It looks like the ideas were formed fully at the time i started this thread.

Couple days/weeks after this i have started reading an ebook called A course in miracles.
it has arround 600 pages, so it took me a while to read it whole.

I now recognize, that the ideas which i had when i started this thread, were the ideas which have formed while reading this book.

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