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Terror Drill in Allentown, PA

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posted on May, 4 2013 @ 01:45 AM
We all know sometimes drills are drills, sometimes drills are more than they seem. I bring this news to you as more a record of the plan in case something DOES happen.

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With the terror of the Boston Marathon fresh in mind, Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom will be the site of a large-scale emergency preparedness drill on May 13. The drill, sponsored by the Northeast Pennsylvania Regional Counter Terrorism Task Force, will center on an emergency incident at the amusement park in South Whitehall Township, replicating "a hazardous condition with multiple casualties during the peak of the park's summer season," according to a township news release. "When an emergency occurs you always revert to the manner in which you have been trained, and during an emergency it's too late to exchange business cards," task force manager Robert G. Werts said.

I find it unneeded to mention the Boston bombing, personally - but choosing a Theme Park as the center of a replication of "a hazardous condition with multiple casualties" seems off to me. Especially since Dorney Park has never had anything like this before held there.

The township said the event will be as realistic as possible, with 300 to 400 first responders and volunteers carrying out crime scene investigations and medical treatment of victims.

How realistic do they really want it? Who knows. I do know they are absolutely looking for Crisis Actors to help them stage the drill (Source)

Like I said, I'm just posting this in case before, or after the "drill" something major does happen - we have a record for posterity sake. As we all know drills like this do happen all the time, the same general area held a "Active Shooter Drill" in Parkland High School previously with nothing nefarious happening.


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