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Spiritual Independence-a way of life

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posted on May, 8 2013 @ 01:32 PM

Originally posted by Raxoxane
reply to post by Zanti Misfit

All i can tell you is this:LET KINDNESS BE YOUR CREED.MEEKNESS does not equal WEAKNESS.Reach out to the elderly PLEASE this i beseech you-not just that many of our Elders are lonely,we can(and HAVE TO,for our own rescue+salvation) make it our mission,to involve the elderly,ESPECIALLY THOSE ABANDONED BY THEIR OWN WITLESS KINFOLK) in our lives.I mean,it's one extra plate of food a day-and maybe a cuppa tea or 2/3 tea rusks-
to save one wise One from dying alone.

Hey I would want to be more socially active however I have to work to pay my bills and I need my own free time to feel alive and not a worker drone. If those wise elders at the time made different choices, who knows we might have a different economy and I might have more time and I could go see them. Now one might argue a lot of those elders didn't choose this economy but in a way they did even if they didn't have too many other options at the time, they chose to work with the system which is what made the current mess. It's what you get when you choose to gather material objects, you have less time for the social events, life is in the fast lane and then when it's over you can't complain about the youth doing the same and more and you are left all alone in a retirement home. Especially since many of the youth has to pay the price for a lot of the babyboomers' greed, people are born into a country in debt and that debt has to be paid.

Anyway too bad your master failed you. Any religion should teach followers how to protect themselves instead of creating dependent situations which never lead to enlightenment. It is mostly something for the master to feel all mighty and important rather than followers actually progressing in their spiritual development.
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posted on May, 8 2013 @ 01:37 PM
reply to post by JohnPhoenix

The classic "you didn't have enough faith" response?

I hope you can see the irony.

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 11:55 PM

Originally posted by Raxoxane
Yes in double comms-because i don't subscribe to Lucifer,Allah,Buddha,Krishna,or even the Nazarene-which breaks my heart,because i trusted in Him,to protect me all my life.He has failed me,in fact,left me to my own devices.So i am starting my own "religion" called just VERITAS-The Truth-and it is for every one who feels betrayed by the Master of their own previous faith.This spans the gamut from Orthodox Christianity-Hindu-Muslim-Satanism.I HAVE ONE CREED+ONE CREED ONLY***KINDNESS+TOLERANCE+DECENCY***No rush,no pressure.All i know is this-X Christian- *X Hindu- X Muslim- X Satanist-I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR PAST-I AM INTERESTED IN HOW WE ARE GOING TO CHANCE/CHANGE THE FUTURE..with me, you will never find condemnation-only a True friend, albeit a punch-drunk world weary one-not a guru,not a holy man/woman-but a woman who Knows that this life is not the only one-and that ALL WE DO-OR DO NOT DO,*MATTERS..Who is with me?
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By you 'subscribing' to an external set of beliefs, you have already set yourself up for failure. This is why you have felt betrayed, because when you needed help, the external belief that you held so dearly, was not there to help. You held your happiness on a thin thread, one that was not really there to begin with, something that was held up by a momentary wisp of a breath.

Do not seek to form anything else, for in form there is illusion. Forget about 'forming' your truth, for within its very conception, lies its own death. Everything that is conceived, will eventually perish. All is but a momentary form sprung forth from the endless ocean.

This life is just a momentary experience, and what you do does matter, for the moment. Everything comes and goes, and repeats.

'Who' is with you? That is a good question.

posted on May, 13 2013 @ 02:16 AM

Originally posted by Raxoxane
reply to post by kudegras

Protect yourself from astral attacks through a strong mindset,and realising that you dont Have a soul,you Are a soul-that you're a free agent who belong to yourself while on your learning journey through lives.That one day you will return to your source,the source of us as souls,a dimension somewhere out there.The closest to what i guess folks see heaven as being.That willfully and knowingly hurting other people,other souls,keeps you incarnating to work off negative karma,as a natural cycle.That is pretty close to hell,imo-to have to keep coming back Here(a neighbourhood thats not going to be improving anytime soon,i think) or somewheres worse,which no doubt exist.To be of this "religion" or better yet,Belief-really,just do all the kindness you can,don't be judgemental and hate others,or feel contempt for others,for being gay/lesbian,for instance.Try to always help the elderly if you can,some are very lonely indeed.Reach out to them,or even to one,if at all possible.Never screw others over for your own gain.Look for the truth in everything,question everything,educate yourself,strive to learn one new thing every day,however small,even just one fact you didnt know.Kindness is what is most needed every day,in this world,empathy with others,a kind world,a small helpful gesture.If we each tried to do one kind thing each day,just one thing,it ripples out,i believe.WHY people keep clinging to formal religions,to deities and entities? I guess because they themselves were taught that way from childhood,and they fear stepping out of a faith that has a protective deity.Thats what i think-fear to strike out on their own,even if they are getting nowhere within that faith.Maybe draconian sets of rules+regulations make them feel safe,like they're a child who has a parent? But that is indeed spiritual "childhood"-never really progressing.

But yet you spout Hindu religion and it's beliefs whilst claiming that you'll just start another religion and whilst claiming that God as shown in the Bible is satanic. Do you not see the hypocrisy within your very own words? From the opening in Genesis we see the addition of words "Do not touch" to Jesus walking in Judea witnessing the powerful rule of men who chose to pervert the law of Moses with their own doctrines and teachings - yet somehow this escapes you and you repeat the mistake and tendancy within man - which is adding and subtracting to God's revealed words. Are you not doing exactly what scripture tells us that humanity does? Adam and Eve were already naked, yet what did man do upon eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? They attempted to cover their own disobedience whilst hiding from God.

Look around this planet and you'll see thousands of religions with their own rituals and beliefs, which are merely the same things as what Adam and Eve did. From cutting oneself, tattooing, lighting candles, rosaries, sacraments, mind altering meditation, believing that you'll get another go around through reincarnation, following a list of commands, attending a physical church and submitting to its doctrines and dogmas, dancing naked whilst chanting, sacrifices, etc etc etc- these all demonstrate clearly the inherent desire within man to DO something to please their respective "god". And all that they are doing is making themselves fig leaves and hiding from their Creator. This is scripture - man rejecting God as their king and as their life. So can you tell me how you are not making the same choices by picking and choosing bits and pieces from a myriad of religions, combining them into your new religion, and proclaiming it ANY BETTER than what you stole from? And how can any of this make you a better person when you simply choose those things and ideas that allow you to keep doing what it is you love to do? Those who exalt sex for example cannot accept Christ because their body would be the temple in which He comes to reign over. Those who exalt luxury and greed will not choose Christ but instead will choose a religion which allows them to carry on in their idolatry. Those who seek to rule others will not choose Christ because we are to serve others, so they will choose other religious beliefs which exalt power and rule over others. There literally is a smorgasbord of religions from which to choose which satisfy our internal desires. You are simply picking and choosing the items and putting them onto your plate - and identifying it as a new religion. You do exactly what you criticise, which is hypocrisy.

Jesus Christ revealed the new creation - being in Christ and seeking Him to be revealed in you through being re-born. It is He reconciling man to God by removing man's attempts to do so. It is, in essence, the end of religion. It is the hope of Glory - Christ in you.

posted on May, 13 2013 @ 03:20 AM
But i do not tie my belief in re-incarnation to the Hindu religion-i have had past life visions since i was 5-before i even knew what the Hindu religion was-later when i was an older child,i discovered that my experiences were past-life vision and flashbacks-and that there was a religion called Hinduism that holds that as as one of their main beliefs.I have always had an awareness of reincarnation,i have since childhood had visions of lives in other times and places.

Also,i do not have to form my own religion because i want to indulge in filthy things,evil things,selfish and self-serving things.i am no saint,as i'm sure you are not either.But i am a decent person,i have a kind heart,i feel great empathy for others,i have a genuine desire to help the needy,by means practical,and by means of advice,compassion,a shoulder to lean on,kindness,tolerance.

I don't go out whoring,getting drunk and fornicating with strangers in pubs and clubs,i'm not a drug addict,i do not screw people over,i do not steal,i do not gossip and tell lies about people,i try to never hurt anybody,and to help where i can.i'm a wife and mother who seldom leaves my house,i tend to my family,and spend time in nature-i am a decent person who has taught my children to be kind,decent people.I do not conduct my life in such a way that i have to "escape' from Jesus to avoid the pool of fire and brimstone.What i would like to promote is a simple way of life anyone can follow,the only creed being kindness.Tolerance for the ones the ones the major religions condemn-who often are purer kinder souls than the Christians who condemn them.

And i'm not "stealing" anything from the Christian religion-i am suggesting that within the judgemental Christian religion,you are more likely to become the exact opposite of what a Christian is supposed to be-a person who has as their creed,love and tolerance.Because any religion with a draconian rulebook,is automatically exclusive of those who don't see the logic and sense in those rules.
The fact that you seem to be feeling threatened and angry by the way of life i suggest,is an indication to me that You are the one ruled by fear-not me.

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