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Greatest fear scenario for culminating event

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posted on May, 3 2013 @ 04:22 PM
I was thinking of how prophets from many spiritual backgrounds have described peoples response/situation to the final or final series of major event(s), which will utterly shake the human race.

People will tremble with fear, faint; resources will be scarce and people afraid; absence of fear is necessary to get through it so do not be afraid - so implying it will be a fearful time (Bible, Maya, Hopi). While not doing a bunch of research on this I know enough to realize that most cultures have similar end time scenarios. They all have this one thing in common whether stated or implied (the earth destroyed to some extent is a belief by Islam, Judaism, and Christianity), and within all of these people have fear. Others simply believe a great event will happen that will wake people up (or not), with no destruction of earth yet warn about being fearful. I try to imagine what could possibly happen that would cause my stomach to drop to my feet and bring about a fear like no fear I've ever had.

I guess I would be afraid for an instant before a horrid death but I get the sense from prophecies that its more prolonged. For now I think I might feel that much fear if people were being gathered up to live as slaves (knowledge of a prolonged torture), or if I knew that staying on the surface of the earth meant certain death and there was no quick escape to an underground area. Even those things wouldn't cause me to have a heart attack or faint (at least I don't think they would), its the closest I can get to a scenario.

I am asking other people because I see fear in most of my reading lately. A sense of something more to come and anticipation of an unknown. Perhaps it is something, as has been pointed out by most prophecies, as coming from the sky. Maybe it is us who are living up to prophecy on an unconscious level (another subject I suppose). Just wanting to see if anyone else has ever thought of what could possibly happen to make you faint, tremble, have your heart fail, or make you have to override all of that so as not to lose your wits.

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 06:57 AM
But with all these end times scenarios, It's easy to fall into fear of some sort...The one thing that terrifies is me surviving this cataclysm (if there is one of course)...but surviving it alone, ie without my loved ones.

If something should happen, as long as I can have my wife and kids with me, I think I would be ok...but this is easy to say when we are currently safe from danger, who really knows how they would react until its actually thrown in their face?

All I want is...if my family goes, I wanna go with them.....this is all!
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