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Iranian Strategy In Syria

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posted on May, 3 2013 @ 09:34 AM
Iran needs syria for its proxy activities in return for keeping a check on Israel. By forming alliances between pro-regine militias and loyalist of Assad, Iran is aiming at securing its influence in the region for the long term. This was expected after the downfall of Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Many speculations exist including one that Syria is occupied by Iranian Regime and is run by Qassem Suleimani. Read the below PDF document released for May 2013.

Feel free to post images from the document along with excerpts.

posted on May, 3 2013 @ 10:27 AM
Of course Iran is not letting minority Wahhabi groups that are being helped by US govt and are imported from Turkey and Libya , take control of Syria.

Taliban is doing the same thing in Afghanistan , US wants middle eastern countries to be divided to make it's ally Israel rule over them more easily. And Iran is doing it's best to prevent this division.

division of tribes

US govt is after dividing middle eastern countries by many reasons it can find , difference of tribes , difference of religion and sects

For example when you hear , 1600 people in Iraq embassy

Those people are not serving American immigrants in Iraq , they are spies which can connect more then 1000 people each one. And that is how they get their bombs planted , guns transferred to Turkey , helping Kurds fight Iraqi govt in east , ......

Iraq is eventually separated into two states (Iraq and Kurd state)

Here is how different tribes are living together in Iran, and other countries are no different.

So , they are going to Divide western Kurds of Iran and Iraq and Turkey and make new little state of Kurds. As well as other tribes in Iran and every middle eastern country. That is how US is doing division by tribe and race.

Shia-Sunni conflict

The truth is that Shia-Sunni argue is about 1400 years old.

But these forms of conflicts are not that old or there should have been no Islam , because Iraq and Arabia were the capital of Islam and If they were fighting from the beginning , there should have been no Islam by now.

These groups disagree on some matters , but they don't believe in bombing each other.

So , it is the Wahhabis who plan like this to make wars between Muslims.

And they are the same people who kill these people in the name of each other. And the proof is that many leaders and clerics condemn these actions on both sides.

And in the end , your MSM says it is Shia-Sunni war. So govt wants to divide these countries into Shia-Sunni states.

Iraq is eventually separated into two states (Iraq and Kurd state) and the they want to divide it into three Shia and Sunni and Kurd states.

Is Israel doing this because mideastern countries are Muslim ?

Israel doesn't care about religion , but they use any opportunity to get their hands to the easy energy resource on the planet.

And they don't claim to have any border , and you or your grand children will see the day they attack divided Islamic countries.

I don't say that Muslims are all innocent , but there are many people who want to live in peace and minorities who are being helped by west and their puppets , are using any opportunity to get their hands to power and money.

In middle east , as soon as people open their eyes they find treasures in front of them , and greedy opportunist people who exist every where else on the planet , are always after more money and power.

An as soon as they find weapon and power , they begin to slaughter and bomb other people.

The great mission of USA govt is to find these special people , support them and get their job done. And whenever they are out of hands , they bring an army to kill them.

They are minority of Muslim people and you can not say most of Muslims are like that , unless you want to get your own result of your argument

And an example of minority groups is Saudi Family and how hey got kings of SA which was just Arabia before.


About the PDF , thanks.

Feel free to post images from the document along with excerpts.

IT is not complete and there are many mis-connections , and they want ordinary people to help them find right pictures of figures and more details.

Peace , as long as you want to keep.
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posted on May, 3 2013 @ 11:01 AM
This is a pretty good analysis..............but the sitrep is about what we here at ats have deduced for ourselves
The details are fascinating however....
I believe the report is a good read for those unfamiliar with the names and faces of the proxy commanders fielded by the Iranis et al...and all round good back ground intel....
But theres a limit to what open source materials can show you................the rest you have to deduce for yourself im afraid.....
looks like this is going to take a "while" to play out.

posted on May, 3 2013 @ 11:07 AM
reply to post by mideast

True it is not a complete picture but nevertheless, it is a starting point for those who wish to understand the regional politics in ME particularly from the western perspective.

posted on May, 3 2013 @ 11:14 AM
reply to post by mideast

Another attempt to ply falsehoods to misled ATS members here? Had you and your kind ever had enough? I guess not, not for 1200 years and most likely, another 1000 years more till apostate leaders from both sects kill each other to the last man.

1. America did not exist even 1200 years ago. Stop plying your BS and lies about USA being the one who had caused and continued this 1200 year old conflict.

2. Bombs did not exist in the world during the 7th century. Therefore your attempt at falshood is again another failure. Swords, pikes, stones, spears were the weapons of mass destruction used during that conflict, and as tech improved in the west, both sides had not hesitated to buy in large quantities of canons and guns to kill each other, till today's the persian apostate Khamenei attempts to quietly build nukes to gain ultimate supremacy.

Therefore, stop using USA as a third party in your perennial conflict. It is unconscionable and a horror to read. USA wants no part in the conflict as it gains nothing. It got its own oil and resources and can afford not to care, but that is not the american way, to turn a blind eye to others suffering, and will act in concert with UN or at least the majority of nations to save lives.

And stop using Israel or the Saudis or the muppets or anything else as third party in the conflict as well. Humanity are not fools, not to see through your misleading attempts.

Had your idol - apostate Khamenei - saved lives? NONE!! He supported the slaughter of sunnis by the thousands with the supply of hizbollah terrorists...oops...'shia pilgrims' and arms into Syria to prop up his pet - the HumanSlayer Assad.

And he OWES Saudi Arabia and ALL muslims big time for his master Khomeni's funding and support for the insane false 'Madhi's' siege and bloodshed of the sacred holy city of Mecca in 1979, and thus the bad blood between SA and the apostate Khamenei till today with his continued defiance and middle finger to SA, and into the future if Khamenei does not offer his head for that abomination as atonement.

3. You DARE talk about the Kurds being used by USA to form a new state to separte the middle east. What had you been smoking?

Kurds had LONG sought to regain their own homeland since the brutal Ottoman empire ended. They are sunnis but after the break up of the empire, they had not stop to regain back those territories, but unfortunately, faced powerful and greedy neighbours whom will not spare an inch of territory for them, and thus their anger and their fight, which hopefully now they are at peacetalks .

Do remember, the greatest military Caliph of the muslim world was Saladdin, and he too, was a Kurd and respected by all muslims.

4. You seek Peace? Like what your idol Khameni had fork tongued mouthed about peace all the time, fooled mankind, while sending out his terrorists, which he admitted in public, to destablise not only the muslim nations in the middle east, but the world as well, with his agents found amassing and distributing bombs from bangkok to kenya right across the globe?

I guess you do take ATS members as fools, and you will only continue on to mislead. May others be more discerning. Truth is often painful but is a reality we must accept, rather than be manipulated by persian delusions, historical revisions and plain utter BS.
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posted on May, 3 2013 @ 11:20 AM
reply to post by hp1229

Many speculations exist including one that Syria is occupied by Iranian Regime

I don't see Iranian govt occupying Syria . Occupier is the USA govt which takes planes and ships from opposite side of the planet and builds bases and bombs people in these countries.

Iran is aiming at securing its influence in the region for the long term

In fact It is US govt that is doing that , Iran is helping a Muslim country stand against foreigner tyrants.

Qassem Suleimani

Is the man that helped Hezbollah stand against Israel

Zionists are really mad at him

And they use any opportunity to demonize him.

downfall of Saddam Hussein of Iraq

Saddam didn't fall. US govt executed him because he was no longer useful for it.

After US helped him armed with WMD's and ENCOURAGED him to invade Iran , this dog was not very polite and bit the hand that was feeding it. Like Qaddafi , like Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

He was no king , he was a dog that made his people invade another Muslim country.

True it is not a complete picture but nevertheless, it is a starting point for those who wish to understand the regional politics in ME particularly from the western perspective.

But it is the same stance against middle eastern countries and specially against Iran. But II respect that you said it is not complete picture.
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posted on May, 3 2013 @ 12:24 PM
There is no way on earth that Iranians allow The Zion infested Rothschildian Elites to go along with their satanic plans of dividing and conquering the middle east and eventually the whole world....It just will not happen in our life time....Turkey and Yahudi Arabia better watch out,,Their numbers are up, way up.

posted on May, 3 2013 @ 04:12 PM
reply to post by hp1229

and you mean Russia is a sitting duck !
Russia and China know well that if Syria falls totally in hand of Nato, then many things will fall in the middle east.
Russia's power is hard. it will not doubt to support Syria's military.
as Pentagon confesses Iran's military is defensive. it uses it's soft power. and it avoids hard confrontations as much as it can.
Iran will never enter Syria. because it motivates other countries of middle east against Iran.
Iran is trying to at most sees Assad in power (even through a free election in Syria) or keeps Syria in resistance chain against Israel even if Assad will not be elected in an election. hence Iran is trying to work with muslim brotherhood of Egypt or other parts in Syria as well.

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