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'Appalling irresponsibility': Senior scientists attack Chinese researchers for creating new strain

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posted on May, 4 2013 @ 01:59 AM
reply to post by Sandalphon

Lol, the anti anything but Asian virus is not possible because believe it or not the genetic difference between races falls into the range of natural variation. In other words its insignificant to the point of non existence. Unless of course you target the unique line of genetic material that proves all humans currently alive on earth are descended from one African male. However that would only kill 50% of the population of all races on earth. I'm sure females could survive without us males though, a little bit of artificial insemination and cloning can go a long way.

posted on May, 4 2013 @ 06:01 AM
They can't even prevent or control influenza, let alone the bird flu. So, what is their agenda in SPLICING them BOTH together? "To benefit mankind?" Yeah, that's a vague, one-liner that isn't telling anyone ANYTHING. Creating a MANMADE, upgraded SUPER FLU won't "benefit" mankind in any way shape or form. There doesn't need to be a cure for it, because there doesn't need to be a MANMADE super flu in the first place. Quit creating unnatural, mutant strains of the flu; we have enough problems with the NATURAL ones to begin with. Scientists need to quit playing Frankenstein with viruses. Unless, of course, their military -- who are no doubt hovering over their shoulders -- have interests in weaponizing it.
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posted on May, 4 2013 @ 06:50 AM
reply to post by neo96

Like this is anything new, America and Co. have been doing this for a long long time - big pharma

posted on May, 4 2013 @ 12:01 PM

Originally posted by MadMax7
Aids appeared without help so mankind doesn't need to be risked further by scientists creating stuff that is downright dangerous.

Their theories about stuff are dangerous enough!

(yes, 100 comments)

Sorry, Aids is man made.

It resulted from an experiment to use Chimpanzee blood as a substitute for human blood, in blood plasma transfusions. An attempt to solve the problem of shortage of blood in hospitals. The experiment was begun in the United States, then moved to the jungles of a South American country called Guyana. In an area near the border between Guyana and Venezuela, a settlement called Jonestown was establish under religious pretexes to further the experiment. When the congressman Ryan went to Guyana to investigate he was assinated, becaus he was attempted to bring back to the US some of the test subjects, and the expreiment terminated by wiping out the entire community, using cyanide to misdirect and mask the blood tampering. The multinational pharmaceutical corporation that funded and carried out the experiments was a German firm "IG Farben". The chief scientist on stie in Jonestown who carried out the experiments for IG Farben was Dr. Laurence Eugene Schacht.

The Aids virus jumped the chimp-human barrier first through these blood plasma transfusion experiments, then continued to migrate through the promiscuous sexual activity of the members. So, although Jonestown was exterminated in 1978, to prevent the spread of the disease, the disease continued to spread by sexual contact, from all the sexual partners the Town's folk had with people outside the community. The population of Guyana was unaffected, since all these contacts were US citizens. Jonestown was in a remote part of that south american nation, and the Jonestown members had their own secret entrance to Guyana, which enabled them to come and go by boat without the Government of Guyana knowing. They didn't even pass through customs and immigration. The Guyana government only discovered this just before the tragic event in 1978.

The story told about Jonestown is just the "cover story". In the cover story, Dr. Schacht is found dead lying among the Temple members. No mention is made of the ex-military bodyguards who ran the community, and who actually assassinated congressman Ryan at the airport. They did not drink the coolaid. It is unlikely that the body identified as Dr. Schacht was really him. No mention is made of what happened to all his notebooks. Yet, just weeks before the mass extermination, Dr Schacht was proudly showing off his human experimental achievements to an inspection team from the local government who came to visit the People's Temple. He showed them the Chimpanzie from which the blood was taken, and he took them into his office to show them the blood experiments. He claimed they had found "cures" for many diseases.

It is possible that similar experiments were undertaken also in other parts of the world, like Africa. But, although there are suspicions, nothing is as clear as the Jonestown case.

After that 1978 event, the disease began to make an appearance in the USA.

Some argued that the Chimp was really used to "transport" the virus. Since you needed a biological organism to store the virus on the long journey into the Jungle. That the virus was manufactured in the US, trials got difficult there to conduct, so they had to move the experiment to a location outside the USA to continue, and just needed the Chimp as the vessel. Others say the Chimp already had the virus, its a common and harmless among Chimps, but the experiment to use Chimp blood in humans introduced the virus to a new environment, where it became hostile. So there's debate on whether the virus was a weapon being manufactured by the military, or whether it was an accident, introduced unknowingly in the attempt to solve the problem of using chimp blood plasma in humans.

The evidence points to Aids being an accident of the experiment. But, you can never be sure about these things, because of all the cover ups. However, by following the "timeline" of the Aids epidemic, you can link it back to Jonestown.

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