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Good week for Bad quakes?

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posted on May, 1 2013 @ 11:12 PM
So I like Suspicious Observer.
Maybe it's the Rod Serling-esque delivery?
The information is better than many of the other speculators of Alternative
EQ prediction, in my opinion. Here's today's for May 1st 2013
This is what he terms a watch. And it's a little stronger watch combination than
he's talked about in a while
If I'm understanding it correctly.
If not please correct away.

If you cant watch, and again if I'm understanding him correctly,
there are three coronal holes that may according to his theories
be a trigger for quakes when conditions are right.
These conditions for this particular watch include a
quiet period of no significant EQ's for the last few days,
and yes, also part of this watch is the dreaded witchery of planetary alignments.
Which honestly, for me, along with the power of our Sun, doesn't seem like a stretch
to imagine these forces, known and unknown,
causing the Earth to jitter,or crack, or pop slightly now and again.

But I'm one of those wacko's thats open to the idea of the electric universe,
so take this as you will. And if do decide to be open to these ideas ;
There is much for anyone to learn in his daily EARLY morning 3 min news updates.
Mostly because of his ability to decipher the data pertains to the Sun .
In general, people know very little about our Star. If youre an expert good for you,
but I think these reports are interesting for amateurs like me or the average joe.

Shouldn't we know more about our Star?
It is really curious, when you realize just what
that bubbly spitting million mile wide thing is and what its capable of.

I call conspiracy... because of a lack of Solar knowledge by the general public .
Probably the church. The Astro world has never gone over well with them.
As far as I can tell, after a couple years of watching, suspicious O declares no hocus pocus
or new age divination. Just a little plasma penetration, coronal holes,
solar winds, electricity,polarity and CME data.
And a theory stars can generate water for planets in a very unconventional way.

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