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posted on May, 1 2013 @ 02:22 PM

"Timeless is the time without tempo."

Timeless is your smile

timeless are my eyes

immersed in the light of your smile

because my eyes kiss your lips


I immerse myself in timeless shapes

where I will never get drowned.

With each tear of white

comes a breath of a flower

with each flower that withers

goes a small part of me

in the land where everything is white

of love

of you

of me

and if I will never come back

try not to cry

with white tears

like pearls in the morning

when the sun kiss their shell.

I rest in your arms

on endless fields

with red flowers

of unspoken secrets

feeling the drowsiness

of time

merged in timeless shapes

where no beauty can touch them

waiting for the wind

to gentle caress them

like I caress your lips with my eyes

in timeless white tears

where time has no fears.


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