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Robo bird! An this one actually flies quite well

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posted on May, 1 2013 @ 12:46 PM

There have been so many problems with mimicking the actual flights of birds; bird like control-ability has always been dreamed of yet unattainable...Now Robo bird seems to have crossed many thresholds that seemed always just out of reach.

Quote: They programmed motion profiles that ensured wings maintained optimal velocity while flapping to achieve the right balance between lift and thrust. They developed a way to measure aerodynamic forces generated during the flapping cycle, enabling them to evaluate a range of wing designs and quickly select the best one. Finally, the team performed system-level optimization to make sure all components worked well together and provided peak performance as an integrated system.

"We can now program any desired motion patterns for the wings," Gupta says. "This allows us to try new in-flight aerobatics—like diving and rolling—that would have not been possible before, and brings us a big step closer to faithfully reproducing the way real birds fly." End Quote:

There will be those who will think, "Oh no another drone!" But if they can get past those thoughts and realize the engineering and work done to make this possible then they too can possibly marvel at this accomplishment..
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