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Boston bmarathon bombing and marathon Detroit refinery?

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posted on Apr, 29 2013 @ 11:55 AM
So the Boston marathon bombing happens then an explosion at the marathon refinery? To me this seems too obvious to be a coincidence considering two things like this don't happen too often, and then they both have marathon in their names? I did some researching and came up with the idea that someone or a group of people are doing this to mock us, just like the Illuminati and whatnot hide their symbolism right in plain sight.

I found the following post on another site with information taken from wikipedia

Marathon was a seat of a famous battle in 490 BC between Greece and Persia which was won by Greece/the Athenians who were the defenders and victors although the Persians outnumbered the Greeks by far. The Greeks stood their ground because they showed a lot of skill and prowess.

Marathon as a disciplin of running means running a distance of 42.195 km which requires fitness and endurance.

One may add to this picture that the Detroit explosion happened at a refinery; a place where one purifies some raw material into something that is more refined.

One of the ways I interpreted this was that the person/s that were doing this were showing even though a group of people outnumber them, they still have power because they have used the prowess and skill to keep power over the group of smaller people. They are showing complete control by these incidents and are going to make some sort of refinery with their power.

This is just an idea, does anyone else have any interpretations on this?

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