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The Alien/"Screen Dream" thread-and dreams that leave physical symptoms.

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posted on May, 7 2013 @ 03:05 AM
reply to post by ImpactoR

Hey ImpactoR,how interesting,about he Hungarian roommate! I've also had those deja vu's where it's not the classical daja vu per se,but i know beyond the shadow of a doubt that i dreamt this.Dreams of future happenings-though they have so far always been about very mundane happenings.

I found your level 3 dream,about the lead figurine fascinating-and your emotional response.I once woke up from a dream crying my eyes out,but for the life of me,i cannot now remember what it was about.

I have a thread on this site,called:
Dream Travels-residues of a tangible physical nature.

In that,myself and my husband were in a conference room type place,which i associate from past dreams with a race of slender,tall robed humanlooking beings.I then found myself outside that place,where there was what looked like an archaeological dig,with sqares,grids marked off,and i was digging out this urn.Inside were some modernlooking glass pipettes and things,like lab equipment-and when i woke up,my hands had dirt on them,exactly as if i Had been digging in soil.I wondered why inside an ancient artifact,there would be such modern objects.

If i had to classify my dreams, i would say:
Level 1-dreams featuring everyday mundane things,or things so "Alice in Wonderland" bizarre that they patently are Just dreams-you know the type.From the mundane dreams in this category comes those deja vu moments where you realise you dreamt what is happening to you in real life at that moment,eg a conversation,buying a certain item,looking at something on the net,etc.

Level 2 -which is what i believe is astral interdimensional/multidimensional travelling.These are the dreams of which there are threads on ATS,about people who often go to the exact same places in their dreams,a variety of places,and there seem to be some common themes.In my case,a city/cities where you know the place,you even have some favorite shops and places to go,etc.From these "dreams" i wake with a feeling of great nostalgia,a sense of loss,as if i belong there too.They can leave one feeling hollow,like you left a part of yourself behind,and you'd give anything to go back there,at least on an every-single-night basis.

Level 3-dreams that involve doctors and medical procedures,robed beings that teach/tell/show one things,dreams of advanced medical equipment being used on me,or me being shown strange technology,sometimes to be used on strange beings,beings claiming to be your babies that grew up tied in with medical procedures,being accosted and prodded and pryed by doctors,who forcibly hold you down,etc.These are the dreams that leave physical marks,pain,injuries that can keep you in bed for a day,almost debilitated with pain,bleeding,punctures+needlemarks,bithmarklike bruises,etc.

Thank you for your interesting reply,much appreciated,have a good day ImpactoR

posted on May, 27 2013 @ 05:57 PM
reply to post by Raxoxane

I came across this thread late by finding it linked in another thread. S&F to you!

I read the first page, but a bit rushed now because of getting ready for work. But this will definitely be some good reading when I have more time.

Awesome experiences!!

posted on Jun, 2 2013 @ 08:25 AM
reply to post by sled735

Thank you sled

Here's another thing i found out earlier this year,from my best friend.I mentioned this,the things i wrote about in this thread,in a text to her,for the 1st time.She just sent back:"We ARE connected"

You see,this was so strange to us both-my hubby found a job in this lil town,and although we live out in the Bush now,for almost a year we had a company house in the town to live in-right next to her house.We clicked immediately.We seemed to have had lives that ran along such similar lines,we understand each other so well,although she is about 18 years older than me.We are very telepathic and empathetic in regard to each other-often i will feel to text her Now-and it would turn out she'd been thinking about me,or could do with some practical help from me,or just commiseration,or a shoulder.Almost like she "calls" me telepathically.Often she will share my pain/nausea/depression,etc or vice versa.We have such a deep connection.

Then she told me,that when she was a child,there would be a bright light coming into her room,and she would see strange beings.Inexplicable occurences,and of course her mother did'nt believe her.She is also one who wakes up and discovers marks,birthmark-like bruises,etc.And her household and life has seen many paranormal happenings too,some really weird and creepy things.Up to the present day,lately there's a dark shape seen around the house by her son and her husband,like a dark shadow.In the almost 10 years we've been best friends,there's never been a time when there's not been some or the other sort of paranormal happening or situation in her house,around her/her husband,sometimes her son too.I find the atmosphere in her house extremely oppressive,like the air is "thicker".I always feel watched in that house,much the same as i did in the house i grew up in.
Btw,here's the latest that happened to her husband:
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posted on Jun, 2 2013 @ 06:23 PM
Originally posted by Raxoxane

Then she told me,that when she was a child,there would be a bright light coming into her room,and she would see strange beings.Inexplicable occurences,and of course her mother did'nt believe her.She is also one who wakes up and discovers marks,birthmark-like bruises,etc.And her household and life has seen many paranormal happenings too,some really weird and creepy things.

I think that new movie that just hit the market a month or so ago, Dark Skies, must have taken your friend's accounts to make their movie. It had everything you just mentioned in it. Wow!

Up to the present day,lately there's a dark shape seen around the house by her son and her husband,like a dark shadow. I find the atmosphere in her house extremely oppressive,like the air is "thicker".I always feel watched in that house,much the same as i did in the house i grew up in.

I could not live in a house that had a black shadow being without trying to exorcise it. If that didn't work, then I would be moving. Ha! Have they tried to get rid of it? Those things can be dangerous!

Btw,here's the latest that happened to her husband:

Semen and urine?
Do you think that maybe the aliens were returning the samples they had taken from him? Just a thought.

Wow! You have amazing friends! I have a few of those myself, but not to that extent (of activity).

posted on Jun, 2 2013 @ 06:39 PM
reply to post by Raxoxane

Hi Rax, just came across your thread (how did i miss this one?) i really enjoyed it well done, you should get a wee book going of your experiences and dreams i no I'd buy it

I really enjoy your threads loads to make you think that all is not what it seems. Now get that book going Mrs.


posted on Jun, 2 2013 @ 06:48 PM
Have you ever seen this picture? It was the first thing I thought of when I saw yours.

Here's a thread about it.
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posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 04:24 PM
reply to post by sled735

Hey sled,yes her hubby did a major clearing about 2/3 years ago.She,my bestie (being in her 60's) has a very elderly mother.So when her mom's hubby,her stepfather died,she was in Cape Town with her mom afterwards,to spend some time+settle the old lady.
In the meantime,back here in the town,in their house,her own husband+son was troubled by a dark shadowy menacing entity.They had the spirit of a little girl in her house for years,but that spirit never bothered her.So then while she was gone,her husband did a clearing,accompanied by,i imagine,much praying(he's a staunch Christian

It worked and the house was cleared.Dark entity gone,and the spirit of the little girl too.As her hubby said to me:"One cannot with a proper clearing,chooses who leaves,and who stays- All must go." I could feel the lighter atmosphere,after i visited her,when she returned from Cape Town,at that time.

But she has never for long been without some or other spirit or entity or phenomena in her house,it really is like she's a magnet for them.Or her husband?The husband found a message on his pillowcase,which she took a pic of and showed me.It just said "Die".Written in a weird waxy orange crayon-ish type of medium.Also his phone's charger cable was cut off short,as if with a pair of scissors,and something else,i don't recall what,some other weirdness.
She says "it" does'nt bother her or their youngest son,who still lives at home,it seemed concentrated on her hubby.Anyway,when i was last visiting her,i could feel something was there,although it did'nt feel menacing to me-but then,i don't have to live or sleep there.

I expect her husband will deal with it,if he stays home long enough for it to bother him.He works away a lot lately.

Anyway,Blessings and best wishes to you,sled.

posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 04:28 PM
reply to post by ballymoney50

Heyy bally,thank you

I don't see myself ever writing a book,but it's nice to know you would've bought it,if i did

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posted on Jun, 4 2013 @ 04:37 PM
reply to post by DAVID64

Hi DAVID64,you know when i saw this link,it made me think of a really trippy dream i had the other morning,early hours,about 3 days ago-i was standing in what looked like an arid desert,and there were these yellowish "bubbles" floating in the air.They were on the inside,alive with activity.In my dream,i knew these were peoples' dreams,and indeed they came and stayed for a few minutes,and went,others kept coming.Like in dreams one "morphs"(or the dream does,anyway) from one scene to another.Like butterflies.It was a fascinating sight,i will remember that one.These bubbles,orbs,in the pic made me think of that dream
Bit of synchronicity.

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 12:08 AM
I am sorry guys i do not know if i am posting this in the right place or not but i need some help. Since i was a boy i have had dreams of weird things, often if feels like i am not even asleep . In my dreams i am in a bed i do knot know where always sometimes it is in my own bed from what i can tell. In the dreams i cant move at all yet i am chained or roped to nothing, i try to scream help always but i cant move my mouth. i hear things in my head that do not sound human and i stress on the do not sound human part kind of like Darth Vader. not always but sometimes i see what is talking to me it looks like a small 4 foot grey lizard but human like and when it talks it does not move what looks to be a mouth. It has great big black eyes and long 4 finger hands. I have had these dreams often and yet again just last night. when i come out of the dream it is very weird i cant really even say what it is like, it like i am there but i am not there one minute and the next i am 100% all together and can move talk and everything but it is like i was never even asleep. i have a mark on my left arm that i do not know how i got it, one day i just had a big red lump there and it hurt i could not use my arm. so i cut open the bump and it was bleeding forever but me and my friend pulled out a little hunk of metal that was in the shape of a box. i kept it for years but lost it in my last move , that made me very mad but oh well. Now about 7 years ago i started to get head pain unlike anything most people ever get, the doctors did not know why i would get the pain and start vomiting all over. They did some MRI's witch i had many done when i was younger because i had a few problems with my head in the past and everything was ok then but this time they found a rare tumor in my brain called D.N.E.T. they say it is the most rare of all tumors and it is found in the front right lobe of my brain (they say it will not kill me). They also tell me that i must have had my tumor from birth because of how deep into my brain it is but at the same time when i was boxing and had lots of MRI's done when i was younger they would and should have found it but did not. It makes me think was i born with it or is it from what is going on in my dreams. I have also had dreams of beings telling me to wait i do not know what for but they tell me to wait things are going to happen soon there is a plan. Weird. i also dream lots about the future i do not tell people this because what i see in my dreams always comes true without a doubt. Now this does not happen all the time but the dreams where i can not move do happen all the time and all i want to know is other people going through what i am?. i do not even sleep at night anymore if i can help it i try to sleep in the day. i know what i said sounds messed up and weird but it is all true and i have no one to talk with. Please help
Thank you for reading this .

posted on Aug, 23 2014 @ 04:56 PM
I never used to have dreams about them before.

But during 2012-2013 I had many, good and bad.
I only saw it as dreams even though they felt so different from my normal and lucid dreams, until one night.

Months prior I had one dream of me being in a huge space ship I was there with other humans but they seemed dazed, and behing each of us were a scout ship as I call them (they too), in front of each of us stood a very small being. I will not tell you what these beings looks like becase no one have ever given any description of these beings anywhere!

I saw him, yes him, and I spoke verbally to him, but never recived any answers, I got kicked out because my guess was that I wasn't sppose to be concious, also a human looking et came in.

Anywho... I just thoght of this as a weird dream.
Months later, I have a night with no dreams (happens 1-3 times a year.) As I woke up in the middle of night to turn around I opened my eyes, and this same being but he had his space suite with helmet on was standing on the side of my bed by my legs. I raised my head and gasped for air, I got startled. He turned and looked at me and then disappeared. He was there, moved and gone, we had eye contact.

From that night onward... I always look at these et "dreams" with an open mind.

Yes, I have had et related dreams and woken up with markings, needle marks etc.
One time I had a nosebleed and intense headaches.

One dream that freaked me out completly and still makes me shiver because it was so real was me standing otside with a group of people looking at a fountain, then we looked up at the night sky and saw a bunch of, looked like 100's satelites moving around. All the sudden helicopters came and people paniced. Me 2. We ran in all directions.
Two cars chased me and cornered me.
A man dressed all in black (mib?) came out and walked me to his car, when I saw the care filled with people, a boy crying in fear and then I saw this woman with the dazed look. I knew right away what was going on. I tried to run, but he grabbed me, he grabbed me from behind and I screamed and struggled, another man in black came out to help him,

the man behing me said: If you don't calm down we can't let you remember."

I remember this so clearly becase I have begged them in awakened state to please let me remember.

Then I became dizzy and I looked at my hand, looked exactly like my physical hand, I hade a small oval shaped bandaid on my inner thumb/hand area, I took it off and smeared it on the man in front of me, than I blacked out.
I woke up in a room, with the same people who were in the care, the boy was reading a book on the floor, the rest was in a dazed state. There was a tinted window in front of me I walked towards it, and there were 4 different beings sitting on chairs behind a table staring at us. At first I thoght... this is not real.
Then the, grey, but looked a bit brownish, moved it eyes in a way so if it had eyebrows it would look angry (had no hair), I freaked out, screamed in teroor, there are aliens in there over and over agin. The boy looked at me in chock, and what I think was a psycologist woman sat on a chair and just stared at me. Then a man came into the room, walked towards me, I panicked, picked up a book and held it over my face and pressed myself to the wall crying. I remember seeing his shoes and lower pants (I was in sitting position on the floor) then I blacked ot.

Next I remember waking to laying down seeing lights on the ceiling, blacked ot, woke p sa the lights again, then blacked out. Woke up in my bed. Still have that horrible feeling in my chest.

In my soul I believe this was real, did it happen real time, was it a memory or in astral realm... Idk... But that was too real for me.

This year I had nothing happened to me, not in dreams or reality. Nothing.
But I have woken up with markings and I have 2 perfekt marks on my left leg, needle marks that seem to be a place where they do whatever they do often.
In 2009 it was on my right hand I still to this day have the scares.
I bet there will be scares on my leg too.

Maybe I wasnt ready to handle everything so they decided not to let me remember any more, or to give me a break. Idk... But a part of me believes things are still happening but I am just not remembering.

I know some beings can take your astral body to their ship since those beings are multidimensional.
So... dreams can sometimes be happening at that moment but in the astral realm 4th dimension.
Some of these dreams might be memories.

Some are just dreams though.

posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 10:17 PM
I have only had a few experiences in my life that I would describe as unexplainable while I was conscious, but I have had many strange experiences in dreams.

Probably the strangest thing I have ever witnessed while conscious is when myself and a friend were driving home on a highway at about 3 AM in mid March of 2001. The highway is route 53 near Schaumburg, Illinois. This part of the highway around the Woodfield Mall area gets a bit twisty and wind-y, while raising and lowering elevation and perspective of the sky. As we were coming uphill and around a bend, this GIGANTIC red Mars-like planet filled up the sky like nothing I have ever seen. I'm talking 5 times as big as the Moon ever gets gigantic. And it was clearly red. This was not Mars and it was not the Moon. And, just as soon as it appeared, as we continued to round the bend and lower elevation again, the thing just slowly disappeared under the horizon. However, it seemed like it must have been moving fast across the sky all things considered, being so close. We tried looking up any phenomena with the Moon and Mars etc. the next day. We found no such information. It is still a mystery to this day and the weirdest thing I have ever seen by far.

The strangest dream I have had was about 10 years ago. I was on a VERY fast roller coaster for a long time inside the dream, and when I awoke, I had this black grease all over my arm, and the first thing that came to mind was the grease from the roller coaster rails for some reason. Don't ask me why. However, when I thought abut this later, could I really have been travelling very fast in a UFO, and only my mind compensated for it by comparing it to being on a roller coaster. Odd I know but that grease was not there when I went to sleep that much is for sure...

posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 04:39 AM
Not to long ago I had a dream of a being grabbing my arm, and in the dream it hurt, when I woke up I hade 3 finger tip bruises on the same arm and the same area of where this being grabbed my arm.

None et related dream, I dreamt that I banged my big toe and chipped off a bit of the nail and it hurt soooo much!
When I woke up, the same toe was aching and when I looked I had chipped of the toe nail, exactly as in the dream.

When things like that happens, still to this day, it creeps me out.
Those were the two latest, last month both dreams took place.

posted on Aug, 27 2014 @ 03:45 PM
I have yet to see natural disasters dreams happening like some I've had:

2007. I'm standing alone outside near the *** in the capital of *** that is my home town. It's night and very dark. What I see around is grounded buildings everywhere, some ruins are still on fire. *** mountain is an active volcano, lava is flowing down the peak. I feel fear.

2007. I'm on a sandy beach, it's daytime, I decide to enter the sea. The sea has no water, just sand and dry/dead algae lying on the ground. I continue walking further from the beach and there is no water, only slightly wet sand and algae. I look back at the beach to see how far I am and I still see sand from the beach to me where water is supposed to be present.

2007. I'm at our villa in ***, daytime. What I see on the north where the downtown and the city is supposed to be in the lower altitude, it is one big lake or sea, all buildings are underwater. The water somehow reaches the altitude of our villa and we hike upper in the mountain to avoid the rising water.

2007. I'm standing outside at a grassy square with buildings around very much like the campus in ***. It's night. I'm watching the night sky and I see a very bright white-yellow light coming from the sky. It later turns into a falling meteor. As it hits the ground, a massive shockwave is released that causes strong wind and blows me away from where I am standing. I see myself blown by the shockwave, about to collide with a building. The feeling inside the dream is very real.

I woke up before I crashed into something...

19.10.2011. Someone, not seen who, tells me how to levitate myself using my mind and thinking of something related to charges. I can then see myself levitating any time I want and with ease. I feel the levitation as absolutely real. I state that at first it was hard, then it became easy to do.

One should know, we are in the brink of a world war within some decades, the events and the shrinking circle around Russian Federation will not remain unnoticed and so far the people who run the New World Order are doing it according to plan.

6.03.2012. I'm at my villa. I am aware that someone is going to do something bad... Next, whom I think is the one
responsible for what is going to happen comes in the neighboring villa, I am aware I can stop him with some weapon but decide to wait. Then I learn we have little time before some explosion happens or a nuclear strike. Me, my family start
preparing to leave our villa and the place quickly before that explosion happens. I take a few things
in a hurry and just when we're about to leave, I don't see other than my grandpa around and I ask
him if we weren't supposed to leave already and if it was not too late. Then I hear some very loud
wind noise all over the sky, I see the trees shaking. Then my grandpa says something about
hundreds of thousands being killed. What happens next is I feel the wave of the nuclear strike
is going to reach us any second, I wake up and quit the dream before I feel it happens. I feel fear
and helplessness against what's coming.

Gosh, that last one still makes me have tears in my eyes...

My dreams are like the Illuminati cards, things waiting to trigger them.
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posted on Sep, 14 2014 @ 04:14 PM
Timstout---spazze---roncoallstar---CollisioN---Thank you for your replies to my thread.My apologies for not answering sooner,i have just come back to the site today,after a long break.Will take time to read your replies properly,and digest what you've added.Thanks again,a nice week to you all.a reply to: Raxoxane

posted on Sep, 14 2014 @ 09:37 PM
a reply to: WhoisBlueFairyWhat an awesome thing. I had been suffering form diabetic neuropathy in my feet, and especially in my toes, for around 4 years. Basically my toes constantly felt as though they were on fire. One night (approximately 10 months ago) while I sat on my deck, I asked my "Cosmic Brothers " if they could possibly help me concerning my burning toes. The next night, I sat there again and it hit me like a smack in the face - I had no pain whatsoever !!! I was in shock. I couldn't believe what I wasn't feeling. This is no lie- I looked up and yelled "now way!", "Brothers, did you help me?..." At that exact moment, a light, in the star-filled sky blinked 2 times. I've had no pain, save for a little numbness, in my toes since. Our Brothers love us.

I know it's off topic and you didn't ask but I wanted to share. Thanks.

posted on Feb, 16 2016 @ 03:23 AM
Bruises and marks i woke up with,since i last was on this thread,i upped the contrast on the 1st and 2nd pics,the others are untouched. In the 2nd pic,you may also notice a reddish mark on the inside of my knee.Sorry for the crappy quality,this was taken with my old BB.

posted on Apr, 8 2019 @ 10:00 PM
have you stayed at camp pendleton by any chance? Two of my friends stayed there (its a military base) and they saw through their tents orange and blue lights then got bad headaches so knocked out. When they woke up they woke up with those three bruises in the shape of a triangle. They later turned into three little red dots but one friend had three sets of those three dots on his arm while the other only had one set of those three dots. the friend with one set of them always changes the subject when asked about it and says he doesnt want to talk about it because he knows nothing and that it doesnt matter, almost like he is hiding something. On the other hand the kid with three sets of those three dots went to skin specialists and dermatologists to figure out what they were and nothing helped, everyone is at a loss of what they could be. He thinks he was abducted by aliens but I think he could have been experimented on by the military since it was at their base.

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