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The Alien/"Screen Dream" thread-and dreams that leave physical symptoms.

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posted on Apr, 30 2013 @ 04:40 AM
reply to post by Raxoxane

Hello again

Often with a very strong sense that i've been taught things,instructed.Almost like there are two "dream factions",really.

Actually this is very interesting. I have the same feeling after waking up. There was a certain place that i went during the dreams and recently i found out that other member shared the same experience.
There is certainly the learning part in the dreams. I often wake up with strange ideas that when i look them up on the net, they don't exist. They usually have to do with science, but since i'm not a scientist, i try to read the existing knowledge and make some connection and i end up dazed and confused. So i write them down and give up researching.

Like i said,yes,i am Rh Neg,and all my children.

I had a feeling you were. Have your children seen any strange dreams? I have heard stories about visitations running in the family. In my family i'm the only negative and as far as i know only my grand father( who died when i was 10) was interested in paranormal and aliens, but he never really told me anything. I learned that from my mother, when she found out that i had the same interests as him.

Btw,what is it with the animals?

I had the same behavior from my dog. Usually he wouldn't get off me, but after the experiences he was afraid of me. I believe, without being 100% sure, that they probably smell something strange or unknown that it covers our usual smell and they don't seem to recognize us.

Have a great week yourself.

posted on Apr, 30 2013 @ 02:39 PM
reply to post by Raxoxane

Yeah, that's very true sometimes my dreams are so vivid I don't even have to write it down, it just stays in my head like an actual memory. Cool, I'll have to try using my hand like you suggested.

I'm actually not sure what my blood type is to be honest. Why? Do you think blood type has a connection here somehow?

A good day to you as well!

posted on Apr, 30 2013 @ 03:18 PM
reply to post by Javik

Hey there, Javik,i asked because since i started reading up on the abduction theory,i've come across articles where they say rh Negs are more likely to be abducted,so i just wondered.

posted on Apr, 30 2013 @ 03:56 PM
reply to post by Phantom traveller

Hii Phantom,well my 15yo daughter had the dream of being in a chair from where she was not allowed to get up,with long needles sticking into her abdomen in the area where she had the bleeding cyst in real life.
She told me once,something that happened when she was about 4 years old:we were living in one of my county's main cities,in a suburb.In that house there was a LOAD of paranormal happenings-even i,who have a strict "Ignore policy" could not ignore these things.Lightbulbs kept fusing out,especially at night,i once switched the kettle on+2/3 minutes later,it somersaulted through the air,there was always this buzzing/purring sound-sounded like it came from far away,and grew louder till it seemed to be outside the house.I always felt watched at night,like something was standing right next to me.I have a sort of "ghost radar" where i always get this super-weird indescribable sensation in my throat when a spirit/entity is near-well That was working overtime all the time.

In this time,my daughter(4yo then,and when my hubby was working away on contract,she would always sleep in my bed) told me that once a "crocodile" came into the room-she tried but could not wake me(and i'm a light sleeper,especially in That place)so she hid under the covers till she fell asleep.

My oldest daughter told me that she saw a "skeleton" in the hallway-she was very disturbed.She would often hear footsteps in the kitchen at night,when none of us were near the kitchen.

I have had a few dreams of me and my youngest daughter in medical facilities,just brief recalled titbits.I remember us walking through such a facility with a nurse one day,a senior nurse,and strangely my daughter was wearing a doctor's coat,stuff like that.And in the dream where i gave birth and ended up with the procedure on my right arm,well in my dream she gave birth to a baby too-i did'nt dream the actual labour part,but that we both had newborns-then i was in the hospital with the doctor and nurse.I remember thinking,that's why at the end,2 young people came to me and said "We are the babies that grew up".

My 6yo son sometimes has nightmares-when i ask,he just says it's about monsters.He did once say something very odd to me,when he was 5:"A grey ship came from the moon when we were all still in our mothers' tummies"
I asked him once to fetch my notebook,and it was open by these symbols i got during a type of meditation i used to do outside sometimes:

He glanced at it,and just casually said:"That's a medical word you speak with the aliens"
When i asked him how he knows that,he said he does'nt know how he knows,he just knows.

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posted on Apr, 30 2013 @ 04:03 PM
reply to post by Phantom traveller

I saw that thread,about the Mall World of learning,btw,i have had dreams of a mall,a huge one,but very different from that one-the one i often dreamt of,had a huge trainstation attached to it also.I have often dreamt of the same places over and over,and these dreams always leave me with a nostalgia,a tug at the heart,when i wake,like i miss it,like i belong there too.Have'nt had any lately-even with poor dream recall,i always recall those on waking,and there's the emotional attachment to those places.I think those could be interdimensional astral travel,actually,because i come across people there sometimes that i know,like i've always known them,.or met them many times before.

posted on Apr, 30 2013 @ 04:23 PM
Hi- interesting thread, & fwiw, here's my 2c:

It. Starts about 5 yrs ago I had an extremely vivid dream aboiut running & hiding from grey aliens. They eventually caught me. Upon waking up from this dream, I heard a very clear, yet soft "beepbeep" in my left ear. & ever since then, for the next 4 yrs or so, I would hear soft beeps upon waking up. Usally 2 beeps, sometimes 1. Once (I'll never forget this) I was FORCED AWAKE by an amazing barrage of bleeps & bloops. Then, in early 2011, a type of "floodgate" was opened. Over the last 2 yrs I have had upwards of 15 UFO sightings. Some of them I was even able to "schedule" using telepathy during meditation. I have seen them use celltowers in various ways. These are not hallucinations- I have filmed them, but my crap cellphone has a lousy camera & no data plan, so the footage sucks (So bad I erased it!) , & I cannot even transfer images or video from my camera to my computer. They do not like the fact that I have a cellphone now- the sightings have directly & dramatically reduced in frequency & intensity directly coinciding my buying it, & when I do see them, they have the ability to dissappear JUST as I'm about to press the "record" button.

About a year ago I injured my back severly. I was screaming & crying in literal agony. I had no other choice, so I reached out to them. I went to the hospital in an ambulance the next morning I was in so much pain, I couldn't even walk. When I was there I noticed I had a sore spot on my back. The doctors did not even mention it. I got home, & after some difficulty, managed to photograph the sore spot. It looked like a triangular "scoop w/a centre puncture", w/red around it, almost like a residual burn. It took many months to heal, & went through many strange healing stages, including going from being shaped like a red diamond, to a white scar tissue centred red mark- the pic looks like a pimple but it was not. I went to a massage therapist & he had never seen anything like it. It's strangeness prompted him to half-jokingly ask if I was abducted by aliens....Let me tell you he was blown away when I described the things I've seen.

If you're still with me it goes on & gets weirder...I began experimenting w/the "Electronic Voice Phenomenon". I news for those who have been abducted or have had sightings, but feel they are gone- they probably are not gone! They can hang around you & you will not know it. I have audio recordings of "voices from nowhere". But first let me tell you- yes I live in an apartment, but the wall are not thin- I NEVER hear ANYONE of my neighbors- let alone have the ability to converse w/them by talking through the walls. Usually the voices are blatently non-human sounding. But one voice was very clear, very female. "They want to hurt you", is what it said. This was last december 22nd-exactly a year after an intense UFO sighting. I attempted contact one afternoon using the extreme buildup of sexual energy plus meditation (some would call it "sex majick"). It got EXTREMELY vivid indeed.

Experiment at your own risk though- I feel I'm living on borrowed time sometimes.

posted on Apr, 30 2013 @ 06:13 PM
reply to post by PeachesEnRegalia

Hey there Peaches,thank you for sharing your experiences,i appreciate it.
Yes,one does get weird sounds in the ears,eh? With me its mostly an electronic sounding whine,luckily these are of short duration-i have very sensitive eardrums-even the fluctuations in air pressure i often feel,hurts a bit sometimes.

Had quite a few ufo sightings myself in the past 2 years.

i'm so sorry you have had such problems with your back-i know how excruciating it can be.About 13 years ago,i started having major back problems,out of the blue.Sometimes when i would try to get out of bed at night to use the bathroom,i would fall down-like my legs could not support my back?I had a Lot of pain,i even used my hubby's mother's crutches to get around better,it was seriously impeding my ability to walk.I went to a local doctor where we lived then-i cannot remember what they said caused it,or if they gave an explanation,but after lots of Voltaren injections+Voltaren and Robaxin pills,it finally started getting better.But i've always had a bit of back trouble since then-if i stand for too long,my back hurts like hell.Some days it's sore to bend,or just plain sore.I don't recall having marks though.

EVP's-i find that whole phenomenon totally creepy
though i did manage to record some,along with strange candle-light phenomena i would get.I like candlelight,so i always would burn 3 blue candles next to my bed at night,to read by,instead of a lamp.One of the candles would do this weird thing,where the flame turned into a thin beam of flame that went up real high.looked almost like a laser.So when recording that,i would sometimes hear what sounded like voices in the background(not my family's) once i distinctly heard a voice say "Jamesss" sounded like a low gruff voice.I Did actually know a James at the time,someone on the net,that i knew.That type of stuff is not really for me though,its wayyy too creepy.

Thanks again for sharing,Kind regards.

posted on Apr, 30 2013 @ 11:54 PM
this is perfect i was looking for a thread like this. within the last year i have about 4-5 UFO dreams for the first time.

the first one was pretty scary. it was late and i was standing in my backyard with my dad. it was really windy and spooky out but clear skies. my dad said look at that! i look up and there is a giant ring that was blocking out stars. it might have been rotating. i think i went out to the middle of the street and some neighbors did to. then i panicked and thought they are coming! we gotta get out of here! then it ended.

another i was looking at the sky and saw 5 lights in formation zig zagging like crazy cant remember the rest.

i know i had more cant remember them right now. but the first one stuck with me.

posted on May, 1 2013 @ 06:23 AM
reply to post by madmark

:-)Synchronicity-i just replied to your dream thread a bit earlier-then edited to refer you to this one,in case you were interested-then got here to see you found it anyway:-D I've never dreamt of ufo's though i've had quite a few real life sightings,the Orange ufo and a white-yellowylight one that looks like it had a triangle inside it.The only dream that may have had a ufo in it,was one of the only lucid ones i've had:I arrived in the dream,standing at night in some one's backyard in front of a vibacrete wall-then i felt i had to fly,so i started climbing the air like steps.When i got to a certain altitude,i went horizontal+started flying above this sleeping neighbourhood.After a while,i landed on the front lawn of a house-and looked up to see what looked like "fire in the sky" i guess-an orange churning that made it look almost like the "we have lift-off" flames mixed with clouds/smoke and the pitchblack sky.I lifted my arms to it-but i could'nt fly anymore,it was very disappointing,i really wanted to go up there ,then i woke.Thanks for sharing your dreams,have a good day.

posted on May, 1 2013 @ 06:38 AM
reply to post by madmark

Btw,i also had an experience with a rotating circle thing-looked almost like a stargate.I made a thread on that soon after i joined here-its called "A type of ufo contact i had" I saw this thing that had what looked like symbols within squares rotating in the sky,and i had intense pressure on my crown and between my eyes-felt like there was a cord attached from my eyes to the centre circle between the rotating symbols.Very strange experience that was.I wish i could've made out the symbols,but it was up too high-they were green though.I would've thought it was a more spiritual experience,but physically i felt it very keenly-the pressure on my crown+the feeling of "tugging" between my eyes was extremely intense.Afterwards my legs were so shaky i could hardly stand.

posted on May, 1 2013 @ 02:14 PM
reply to post by Raxoxane

haha yeah i saw that. never had a UFO dream till after i saw two on separate occasions. must have got me thinking about them more or something.

posted on May, 2 2013 @ 02:19 AM
reply to post by Raxoxane

So it's a family thing.
It's very interesting what your son said. It reminds me of the things that i used to say to my parents and freak them out

BTW the symbols that you posted,both in your opening post and the last one, i'm 100% sure that i've seen them before, i just can't remember where. It will take me a while, but it will come to me.

The mall university for every person looks a little different or not everyone visits the same places. The place is huge and i mean planet-wide huge. I don't go there very often and i too miss the place. I think i "graduated' when my guide took me to the lower levels of the place.
Unfortunately, up to now, i haven't met in real life people that would give me the feeling that i know them from elsewhere. I meet people that are interested in the subject or even experiencing things, but none of them is familiar in the way you describe.

posted on May, 2 2013 @ 03:02 AM

posted on May, 2 2013 @ 09:57 AM
reply to post by Phantom traveller

Hi,yes it was rather astounding when he sad that! And so casually,as if saying "thats a dalmatian in that dogpic" When he said:"A grey ship came from the moon when we were all still in our mothers' tummies"-i got genuine gooseflesh,i can tell you.The fact that my kids may be involved,if these Are pointers to abduction,is something i'm not happy about-but they're happy well adjusted kids,so i push it from my thoughts most of the time.I have this "mantra" in my head:"BUT WE'RE SOUTH AFRICAN!" And yet,the ufo's we've all seen,my hubby+children too,seem to disregard my mindset of "This type of thing do not happen Here".So,idk..i find it hard to get my mind around this.Anyway yes i wonder if,like member Starheart said in her thread "People who share the same dreams" i think thats what the thread's called- maybe certain dimensions vibrate at different frequencies-and when a persons individual frequency concurs with a specific dimension-then in dreamtime,you travel to that dimension in the astral way during sleep.You should look at her thread,i think you'll enjoy it.Very plausible,the way she explains it-and it makes sense.A happy day to you:-)

posted on May, 2 2013 @ 10:22 AM
@Burnerz-those are big,are they sore? Or do they cause irritation?I wonder,did they appear one day,and you don't recall ever having them before?Looks like they're in a triangle shape,well im on my phone now,so the pic shows up small,but it looks from here,like a they're arranged in a triangle shape.Interesting,thank you for posting Burnerz,have a good day.

posted on May, 2 2013 @ 05:15 PM
reply to post by Raxoxane

Yeah, they're very odd..

Not sore, cant feel them and i have to push my hand back for them to be visible. Its nice to entertain the thought of the triangle being of some significance but really any three points will make a triangle, it just happens to be so conveniently perfect.

Who knows

posted on May, 6 2013 @ 12:13 PM

Originally posted by WhoisBlueFairy
I think for the most part, they are angels. I have FELT them working on me, and heard the clicking of needles like they were putting me to sleep. They basically replaced my two bad knees and one bad shoulder.

Lucky you. Personally, between me and everyone else, I think the whole thing is nuts, or so I told myself countless times.

You see, I have always been deathly terrified of "them". I personally loathed websites and other media that even had their picture. In my dreams and well, my mind would simply shut down rather than look upon them. I remember when the made for TV movie Intruders came out, like now, my eyes teared slightly at the thought/image.

I only ever had over the years, two weird permanent marks, and one hand print(shame I didn't have a camera) appeared on my body I can't account for., as well as scratch marks like a straight line along the back of my neck(I have a bad habit of biting/tearing my nails so not me) The marks, I just noticed them one day. The first one I noticed in my late teens, was three small burn dots in an upside down acute triangle. Over the years it faded a bit, but still creeps me out, and a two pronged mark on the right side of my head close to my temporal lobe. My early 20's it appeared. It wasn't a case of receding hairline bringing old things to light, as my hairline receded slightly causing me to watch that area, then I noticed it day's later one morning.

The creepiest though, was the most temporary of them. I awoke to find a black and blue "hand" print on my right arm(for a right hand). Granted that was a minor creepy period of time(discovered a pentagram in adjacent woods made out of fallen trees but I digress).

To the point though, lately though, it is hard to describe. I believe(or have observed), several forces at work within my own self. If this is true of others or not I do not know. There is the part of me that thinks and reasons. A part of me that feels emotions, an odd spiritual element I don't understand yet in totality, and an instinctive element I can only know but never truly understand. I believe in "I perceive therefore I am". Perception happens outside of everything else(spirituality, thought, emotion and instinct).

For a long time there was a sickness within my instinctive nature that extended to my emotional nature. I couldn't understand it when I first truly began to perceive the problem. For a long time it seemed as if I was drawn to dark things even though my nature was quite the opposite. After I perceived the blemish/sickness, I felt it, the psychoemotional interchange of it all. I could feel the blemish increasing in strength and the rest of me weaken from the consumption of dark things. I zoned in on it and felt it coming from my instinct, and it felt as if my instinct was at war with itself.

It grew so severe I pretty much cut most outright violent entertainment from my intellectual diet. After a few months of self exploration, it was like the blemish through a process similar to osmosis, separated from my instinct to form what felt like a dual instinct system. I felt both strongly for a little bit, then after being chased/followed in the woods by a pack of coyote recently, my natural instinct won out. Don't get me wrong, even now I still feel the fake instinct. I can feel when it feeds even, but it is not really attached or strong anymore, it is just there.

The way this all ties in together is, last, last weekend(of the 27th-28th), I had an odd "dream". I came to in a strange room, and walked down a corridor of sorts. That is when I saw one of "them". I felt intense fear, or rather the emotional impulse of intense fear. I was still able to move freely and understand what was going on though. At that point I traced the feeling of intense fear directly to the blemish. My instinct started to growl slightly at the bottom of my throat and in the back of my mind. Before I realized it, my instinct took over(I didn't resist it though) and I was running at the solo "them".

When I reached it, I tore it apart like it was made of paper. It didn't stand a chance, and things fuzzed out after that, but all in all it was a totally anti-climatic/overkill event. After I woke up and for a week following I felt incredibly tired. No bruises that I could see, but my muscles still feel a bit ripped/aching even after well over a week of rest from school and everything. I am still cautious of the dark, but the fear is more or less gone/negligible. It is an incredibly odd feeling to not be terrified of what may or may not be in the dark anymore.

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 01:26 AM
reply to post by korathin

Hey there korathin,my apologies only replying now to your most interesting post-i have'nt come back to my thread for a few days,i got lost in some old +long paranormal threads:-)some are so fascinating,like a book you can't put down,and always there's fresh news+ threads to keep an eye on-this site has so much of interest sometimes i wish i could have a clone,like that comedy Multiplicity:-) You have a very good understanding, of the levels on which this phenomenon can affect some one.The multi-layeredness of effect on the psyche and soul matrix,if i'm near the correct term.The effects are very insidious.In my case,where something gave me a rather abrupt wake-up call,it truly is like being awakened from a life-long sleep.Then you become aware of things you cannot reason away or explain,and those things keep happening,physical evidence on one's body.And then you start reading and investigating more and more,and in hindsight,as you look into the history of your lifelong "sleep" which is now like a book,or a documentary/movie to you, you start seeing in hindsight,a pattern of dead give-aways.But now that you have a frame of reference to hang all of your strange life+happenings on,and the way you "operated" throughout your life,your reactions,motivations,thought patterns,emotions,mindset-Everything starts forming a cohesive whole.Because if i learned one thing,its that the physical,the marks+injuries are maybe the least of the clues,though important as part of the wake-up call,and as proof to yourself that there's a game afoot.The bigger clues are to be found in an examination of the non-physical areas of your life history.I have the added complication of having been an abused child,so i have to be extra-careful to seperate the wheat from the chaff in that respect also. Still,it's not as difficult as one would think.Thanks again for your reply,Bless you.

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 01:26 AM
reply to post by korathin

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posted on May, 7 2013 @ 02:12 AM
Thanks for the thread, I have what to share. However, I've never had any physical marks or things appearing after a dream.

The dreams have been at times when I do not read about alien stories but I was inactive and away from these stories.

I have occasions of deja vu - familiarity with places or situations I have dreamed. I have my own experiment on dreams, those that I call Level 1 and Level 2 dreams. Level 1 dreams for me are unimportant dreams - exactly being in some random place, talking to a person some conversation, sometimes even a person I do not know

But it is exactly those unimportant dreams (let's call them Level 1) that happen. My most recent case (I had many cases): I had a dream where I am getting a new roommate. From all the countries around me, he could've been from the same country in which I am currently. But in my dream he was from Hungary. Then I get a roommate that is exactly from Hungary - like I said, could've been any other country around. - I did not remember this dream until he came and this memory hit me, that I already knew about it.

Level 2 Dreams: Are not just random nightmares, they are dreams of cataclysms of all sorts, some very realistic and disturbing. I had few alien related dreams. Unlike the Level 1 dreams, I do remember Level 2 dreams and in the morning describe them - I have such quite rarely.

Level 2 dreams DID NOT happen, and I don't think they will - these do not describe real situations unlike the Level 1 dreams.

18.03.2011. I'm in my city, outside, it's dusk or early morning. I see a light orb in the sky.
I want to take the camera and record it but I miss it. Then during the day me, my family and relatives are outside the city, hiking on some rocky mountain place. We all see
a light orb again, this time I record it and I have brought my binoculars too. Next we see
2-3 missiles (like the ones used for launching a shuttle in space) launched into the sky, like
against something flying in the sky.

17.05.2011. While sleeping in my bed and the night sky can be seen from a part of the window
without a curtain, in my dream I see some strange pink-red lines in the sky like a text but they
are neither recognizable letters, nor any known symbols. They appear like many random lines.
When waking up I feel some tension or pressure in my brain.

I NEVER had so far any pain or feeling in the brain and this was like the only time and that only time I dreamed about an alien, strange or nothing special?

29.09.2012 (Level 3 Dream). My grandpa tells me of an artifact, a figurine that is capable of
destruction. He acquired a piece of it during WW2 and shows it to me - it looks like a tiny
submarine made of Plumbum. The entire figurine is made of lead and can be used if all pieces
are brought together. He gives it to me. Later, I am somewhere outside, I encounter what seems
to be aliens. Three of the entities are similar to humans but have different facial features, are pale
white in skin, have something teal on their heads and are all wearing black clothing. Relatively
tall. Together with them are two or three Grey aliens, except their skin is yellowish. I feel fear inside.
The greys gaze at me and I do not know how they communicate but I learn that they want the piece
that I have. The three entities behind them are waiting. They know that I do not have it with me as I
actually put it at home together with some piece of meteorite that I have in reality. One evening, I
am at home. My grandma is there. In my room I see an object of mine just levitating in the air (as
if a ghost is doing that). I don't want my grandma to get heart attack, so I make sure she doesn't see
that. Alone in my room, I know They are here and coming to take this piece of artifact. I feel the fear
inside, my eyes get wet and I say 'Just leave me alone, please'. I take the piece of lead and it levitates
off my hand, they are taking it from me. Then all becomes normal and I do not see or hear from them
any further. The feeling was very real all the time, my eyes were wet when I woke up and realized
it was a dream.

Level 3 because it was so darn real, but I think these Level 2-3 are just dreams. But the unimportant ones that I forget, wow, I had many cases with those happening - whether conversations, places I've not been to or similar random cases.
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