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The Alien/"Screen Dream" thread-and dreams that leave physical symptoms.

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posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 06:31 PM
Hi there.I have been reading quite a few dreams lately,of members having dreams of aliens/spaceships/medical or strange procedures or encounters,etc.

I would like for anyone who wish,to contribute to this thread,if they so wish,very welcome.

I've added some experiences to threads all over the site,and i think i should put them together in one cohesive thread.

I have had strange experiences in childhood,which included being able to see the sky through the roof of our house,floating in the air outside our house under a brown sky with a red sun/moon,being in the house with my mother while the house was bathed in a blue-green light,and a feeling of being outside place and time,suspended somehow.These were not dreams,i was very young when it happened,but i was not dreaming.

Also memories of staring up at the sky for a long time,and then feeling intensely vertigious,shaky,a feeling of not being in my body-and everyone who was in the house when i went outside,was suddenly gone-the house tidied up and deserted.When i recovered,i would go outside,only to be called for dinner and everything being back to normal.Definely missing time/outside time/glitch in the matrix type weird inexplicable things.I did suffer sudden gusher nosebleeds sometimes as a child,which i hated because it made me feel so out of control.
At the age of 3/4,being in my mother's poultry-run,when a horrible heavy feeling came over me,and i blacked out-to find a dead chicken at my feet,with one drop of blood running out of its eye.A feeling of something horrible having happened while i was blacked out.As a little kid,i could'nt describe the feeling,but i can now-utter hopelessness.

I have woken with splitting headaches,severe nausea and vomiting(in absence of any sickness,like even the common cold or flu) needlemarks,sometimes over a vein,birthmark-like bruises that usually fade by end of day,but a needlemark/puncture usually remains into the next day.I discovered an old-looking scar one day,that was Never there before.Also muscle injuries and pain,and even bleeding.Once i cleaned the shell of my ear with an earbud and disturbed a scab that appeared without me having had a sore in my ear the day before,and this bled copiously.

In the past 1+half years,i had dreams of:
Being given a medical procedure with very advanced technology,an injection in my right arm-when i woke from that,i felt sick,and my right arm hurt like hell all day long,and into the next day-a heavy feeling,stinging pins+needles,lots of pain,i could hardly use my arm that day.
In that same dream i gave birth-and in this dream,2 young human-looking adults came to me,presenting themselves as :the babies who grew up" I ran from them in great fear,although i did first give the girl a hug,which she seemed to want-then i bolted,and the dream ended.I bled for 9 days after that dream,in addition to the painful arm.

A dream of 4 men who landed outside a house i was in,in a plane-like craft with flashing blue+red lights.They said they were doctors,and the oldest one,a short greyhaired man with glasses,accosted me+tried to pry his finger under my lower lip and eyelid-he accomplished this,with help from another one with him.I tried to fight him off,but as soon as the other man came to help him subdue me,i must have blacked out,i remember nothing after that.But my lip was sore inside when i woke,and my eye was puffy,with a dark shadow underneath(i tend to often have dark circles under my eyes,but not so drastic,this was much darker than the normal slight "shadows" under one's eyes.)

Dreams of tall slender humanlooking beings wearing robes-those are always positive dreams.

A dream of being shown a bio-mechanical thing that was half-alive,half-machine.And being shown how to use this device on strange black beings,like flat shadows,with glowing pink-red eyes.This device turned them to human appearance.Then in the same dream,one of the tall robed ones making me study something out of a big book,he was introduced as an Elder.

Some of these dreams-including one of laying in a hospital-type bed,surrounded by others in beds,had a glowing shining thing coming down from the sky,that wanted to insert itself in my ear-also featured an American friend i lost contact with,who has had some strange things in his life,and claimed to have had encounters with the same alien entity on many occasions,he said it started in childhood,and came to him again in recent years.He's had a lot of strange stuff in his life too.

I include some pics: the day i woke up with the birthmark-like bruise under my lip,i went to sleep fine the night before,and woke up with this.It faded towards the evening,but a needlemark/punture remained till the next day.also,i hhad a horribly painful muscle injury,so bad i could hardly move from the pain(a back muscle,up towards the shoulder),and it only started going away the next afternoon.That was the worst one yet,aside from waking one morning feeling so sick and with a feeling like my head was going to explode with pain,and vomiting all day,and fatigued.My husband was sick for 2 straight days,like this,my illness went away by the evening.

I also include some symbols that i would often get while meditating,for a few months last year-it would be intersting to me,if any other members have gotten such symbols-in dreams,meditation,etc?

Please feel free to share dreams,memories,experiences,injuries,etc.Sory i did'nt have a decent camera,this is the camera on my crappy lil cell i had to use.

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posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 07:35 PM
I must admit I've had odd dreams involving aliens as well, including odd markings on my skin after I wake up. I think the most recent this happened to me was on the night of March 30th this year, So I'll copy paste my experience from an online journal I had posted this on.


I had an odd vivid lucid dream last night, that’s for sure. It involved me talking to a Human-like ET from the Antares system. He was from a Benevolent group of people, he told me his name was Tharin.

Tharin stood at about 6’5” in height compared to me. He had a fair handsome face and short dirty blonde hair. His eyes were a grey-blue and the pupils were slit shaped, you could see some night shine in his eyes when they got filled with light. His body was Athletic in build as well, and appeared to be a pale olive skin tone.

He appeared to be wearing a denim-blue coloured jump suit with black boots, his hands and head were exposed.

I think I spent most of the dream talking to him, really. I was asking alot of questions about what they do and where they were from and what their home planet was like, etc.

For some reason I had this blue “sheet” on my right shoulder, it had some 20 holes on it with characters above certain holes (think allergy test sheet for comparison). Well those holes on the sheet got stabbed through with a needle, just enough to draw a tiny bit of blood to the surface and stain the individual holes on the sheet with a bit of blood, it really didn't hurt. I asked what it was for after the sheet was taken off ,and was told that it was for genetic testing, the holes that got stained with blood are controls for testing differing variables for something I don’t know.

The dream just went on with me asking this man questions until my dream moved onto another dream.

It was interesting to say the least.


After I woke up that night, I had two very sore, hard, itchy bumps on my left hand. It sort of looked like a small burn, and there's nothing in my house that could have caused that. I'm just going to say that it's still there even after I found it on the morning of March 31st, albeit in the form of two small scars.

Here's the picture of my hand:

Well, all in all, you aren't alone in this matter, and many others aside from yourself experience stuff like this all the time.

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 07:47 PM
reply to post by VoidFire

Thank you for sharing,VoidFire-very interesting experience.I never see in my dreams,beings who look other than human-except for the living-mechanical thing,and the strange black beings i had to use it on.Well,i've had so little dream recall for many months,that these i have,really stand out-and of course the marks+ailments that go along with them.I wish there was a technology to record one's dreams every night,like a built-in vidcam-would have been informative.Luckily i seem to recall better the past 2/3 weeks,since i changed the position of my bed.
I don't always take pictures of these marks,some days i just am not in a frame of mind where to.That "old" scar under my tattoo had a needlemark or puncture of some sort in the centre one day-i just looked at it and thought Uuuugh,you know.Next day,it was gone.Thanks again for sharing.

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 09:55 PM
I have photo'd our marks. No idea how to post them....
I seem to be the one that gets the most marks. And my youngest has the next amount, thne my eldest, with my hubby having none.

Last year I said I had had enough and they aren't going to keep doing what they were doing. I have lost 13 miscarriages in the first three months.
I remember one dream where I had the neck of a grey in my hands thinking I could kill you right now. For some reason I decided not to, and showed mercy.

One morning just after I had got up, I just said Yehovah (IDKY) and looked into the full length mirror and saw two very long, scar lines on my left torso. I have never had an operation, so I don't know where that comes from. But I have noticed I have nubbins (extra mole sized nipples/witches tits) on my right and none on my left.

I think most of my early experiences were MILABS-I had a dream of human drs and their victims, me being one of them.
Then some bad guys took over.
Then when I started to become angry with them and I fought back, some good guys then tookover.

My eldest has heard my name being called in the night and the next morning I have woken up with my amethyst necklace totally off. It is a pendant on string and I have waist length hair, so I don't know how I could have taken it off at night!!

I roughly know when the good guys tookover, I was cleaning my right ear with an earbud and 3 tiny pieces of jagged metal came out. They were so jagged they really hurt. I didn't keep them but they seemed very old.
Two pieces seem to be part of a broken implant and the other was complete. (I have heard that you can't break imlants so these must have been MILABS.)
What was interesting was I have to sleep with ear plugs due to hubby snoring, so the pieces didn't fall in there. So I reckon the good guys removed them and then let me find them. Either that or it was something to do with something I was doing at the time; I was practicing a higher vibration and I had vibrated them out??? (No blood)
I remember I had a terrible pain in that ear just after I had had my eldest, blood was on my pillow.

I have had the three red triangular marks, three times now. Photo'd them.
Then last year I had an itchy rash turn up on my right outer thigh. When I photo'd it I realised it looked like Orion, but with some changes.
Saiph was missing (means Sword of the Giant.) the shield was down and the club was missing. I took it to be a message about what the good guys had done to the bad guys. The time of the Hunter (Orionids) came and went last year and the disaster that was being planned, didn't happen. So the good guys were right.

I reckon it is because I am extremely psychic but because Neptune was in retrograde on my Natal chart, I don't know how much I am and think I don't have any. My Hubby has that too.

Do you have any psychic skills?

So you can get free and start working for the other side-The Children of Light side. But you need to know how to defend yourself because once they realised I wasn't under the bad guys control, I had 4 men beaming in (in military grey urban camo) and try to kill us 4. I was able to 'think' them away, using the name of God=Yehovah. You need to have a psychic alarm forcefield also, that goes off it is breached, I heard 4 knocks in my sleep (with earplugs) which woke me and my hubby up but not my dog.

Loads more events but it very late for me, so I say night night.

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 10:40 PM
I don't know whether I consider you lucky or unlucky with your dreams, and I suppose others have dreams of different sorts about Aliens/UFOs, but:

Even though I spend many hours on ATS and similar sites each week, and have done so for more years than I care to count, and even though I am constantly reading about Aliens/UFOs, watching videos about Aliens/UFOs, or simply thinking about them - for some odd reason I am NEVER able to have a dream about them.

I think this is very strange, because everything I've learned about dreams indicates that most scholars believe you dream about things that you consciously and subconsciously occupy yourself with during your waking hours.

I have plenty of quite lucid dreams about mundane things, daily routine stuff. And, like most normal people, I sometimes have some bizarre conglomeration of events unfold in a dream, with a cast of characters that I may know but that do not know each other, for example. Or, the setting may be in a familiar place, but a bit twisted, as with features or objects not their normal size or events unfolding at unusual rates.

But NEVER, EVER do I have any dreams about Aliens or UFOs - even though most of every conscious hour I am awake of every day I am viewing, reading about, or thinking about them. Why is that???

In fact, if you'd like to read my thread on this very strange anomaly, which ties in with this interesting thread quite well, you can see it here.

Anyone care to offer an explanation to either the OP or my situation? Very curious...

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 11:00 PM
reply to post by AriesJedi

Hi AJ,wow you've been through a lot-i am so,so sorry to hear of your miscarriages.Thank you so much for your reply,you're brave to share.I'm going to reply in full to your post in 1+half hours,when the kids' school lunches are done and they're off to school-just nipped in to check the morning latest,this is my news source.To post pics:Open new tab for ATS- go to Tools- ATS uploads- there's a green bar top left corner- click on that- Should open yr pc's photo+pics files- select photo+click on the "open" option- photo should then upload to ATS. Then you click on photo,and it should appear with rows of options beneath- highlight it using left of mouse- then click right of mouse,and options should appear,use "copy"- Go back to the tab with the reply or "reply to" box and click right of mouse-on options,use "paste" and then just post reply.Talk to you in just a while:-)

posted on Apr, 29 2013 @ 01:00 AM
reply to post by Outrageo

Hi Outrageo,i just read your thread and gave you s+f-i found it interesting-for the reason that with the one exception i mentioned,i have also never in my life dreamed of aliens.

Now,i don't think i spend such a lot of time as you thinking about them,but i'm on ATS a lot,and it's not a subject one can escape while on here
Also,there's the strange dreams,which i learnt for the first time,last year in September,could be screen dreams.That they do that to abductees,to hide the truth from them.Though why they would bother,i cannot imagine-it's not like anyone would believe one,anyway,except folks who are pretty sure they are abductees too.And even if every single person had to believe an abductee-there's not so much they can do about it,if anything.And of course the marks+bruises+punctures+injuries+nausea,etc.

I have had ufo sightings ,there was an orange ufo,which tends to return,my husband and i last saw it in January,also twice i've seen a white-yellow light going past and over my yard,flashes and strobes,weird things in the sky-but i never even dreamt of a ufo,till that one time,the 4th of this month,when i had the dream of the 4 doctors who landed in a strange planelike craft with red+blue lights.Here's another thing,one night i went outside after 1am in the morn,to let the dogs have their last pee of the night-and a very strange flying thing did pass over my house.It had red+blue lights,and i thought it must be a plane(though in the 9years we live here,no plane has Ever flown over our house,not even a Cessna)-the only (normal)thing that flies here,is the chopper for the gold,and that's in the daytime.But i was puzzled,because i could tell from the size of the lights,that it had to be flying quite low-i live out in the Bush,so its extremely quiet here in the night-yet,not a sound-it was as silent as a balloon.Yet from the spacing of the lights,it was Much bigger than a Cessna,for instance.And there was something wrong with the way the lights worked,it was flashing in a different way than i've seen the lights of planes do-I got an off feeling then,almost of fear,my thought was-"Thank God i was'nt out in the open when that went over"-VERY unlike me-i am crazy about planes+choppers,and always curious and excited to see any aircraft.Maybe it was the fact that it was completely stealty,silent,when a normal plane of a good size,flying at that altitude,would be very audible,indeed,in the quiet of the night here.

So..idk,but until September last year,although i've been aware of the whole ufo phenomenon,and have even Seen ufo's-actually,sort of interacted with one-the Orange,and had one other very weird experience outside one night-i never associated the abduction theory with me,or my sightings. I've had a life full of many strange experiences,stuff-but i always put it down to paranormal happenings,as in supernatural/occult/demonic attacks.

I can only surmise,if i am indeed an abductee-they block out the memories of their true appearance-and insert screens,which make you think you had a dream of humans doing things with you.Or truly bizarre images,to confuse the abduction events with Real "normal" bizarre dreams,of the type everyone gets from time to time,anyway.I wish i could be of more help,but i honestly don't know,either.
Thank you for your reply,kind regards to you and yours.

posted on Apr, 29 2013 @ 01:35 AM
reply to post by AriesJedi

Hi again,AriesJedi.

Yes, i remember that doctor very well,his face,the one who injected me in my right arm.There was a nurse with him.He had black curly hair and green eyes-i would recognise that face out of a billion.He was not threatening though,although i did'nt trust him.He was positively Beaming with delight,as he was preparing the injection,i got impressions in my mind,that he said "it was a great success".The thing he injected me with,was not a needle-it looked almost like the rectangular tip of a usb cable.This was inserted into a floating thing with flashing lights that came flying through the air-i got in my mind,that it was a pre-measured dosage.Then he put it in my arm-i did'nt feel pain then,but the next day i knew All about it,and into the day there after.When it was finished,the nurse left-and looked at me in a smirky way,what came into my mind was:"See how good you got it/what good you get-but you people always want to/like to complain about everything" And i hope she caught my thought,which was pretty much"Oh sod off,i did'nt complain once"

I sometimes get that shrill piercing whine in my ears,just for a few seconds,or half a minute,just now and then.Sometimes i flinch when it happens,it goes right through my brain.also my eardrums are very sensitive,i often feel what seems to be fluctuations in air pressure.

Btw,i'm pretty sure a guy on a site i sometimes went to,who did some astrology,told me according to my birthdate,i had Neptune in retrograde also.Can that be? My sign is Taurus.I dont know about the finer calculations of natal charts,etc,though i am interested in astrology,more the personality types,though.

I am an empath,since earliest memory,though i only found out about 2 years ago(life kept me Really busy) that that is what it's called.When i saw the movie The Green Mile,i cried my heart out for the character John Coffey,because i could so absolutely relate.Life had always been pretty excruciating for me,being Here,though i had to just forge ahead-what else can one do?i am mildly psychic,and with 2 or 3 individuals in my life,extremely telepathic.The psychic part is nothing to write home about,though.

After the dream of the 4 doctors,i have been feeling out of sorts the whole month,after that-and the past week,i have been under heavy astral attack,but that has been taken care of now.I have had heavy insomnia since around Tuesday the 16th-i can not fall asleep at night lately,and when i do drift off,i am soon wide awake and alert again,although i am not in the slightest bit scared of the night-i adore nighttime-daylight is so bright and gaudy,you know.So i'm just going to occupy myself with reading at night till this passes,maybe there is a reason for it.

My 15yo daghter had to be taken to hospital in the capital last year,on the 21st of December-our doctor thought she might need an emergency appendectomy,or at least have a sonar to see what was causing her pain,if not the appendix.Turned out she had a bleeding cyst on her ovary of fallopian tube.Which i find disturbing in such a young girl,though the specialist said its normal for young girls these days.Then she told me about a month ago-that she had a dream where she was stuck in a chair,not allowed to move-and there were long needles sticking into her body,in that area.I found that so sickening,i dont even want to contemplate it too much,quite frankly.

Feel free to u2u me anytime you want,AJ,And thanks again for your reply-much appreciated.

posted on Apr, 29 2013 @ 07:58 AM
reply to post by Raxoxane

Nice thread Raxoxane (and nice tattoo
). S+F

When i dream of aliens (and i dream of them for a very long time) the dreams are usually positive and when i'm with them i feel safe. Even when the dream includes greys they are kind of friendly.
I often wake up with needle marks and bruises but i don't remember the dreams. Also those are the days that i'm completely drained of energy and i wake up tired.
One of those times....

On the other hand i must say that everytime that i see aliens in the dreams and i have a real life physical pain or i'm sick i wake up completely healed.
First time it happened,it was also the first time that i dreamt of aliens, i was in a hospital with synovitis. I was supposed to stay a couple of weeks until i was healed, but the second night i saw the dream and next morning i was healed. The doctors kept me for a few more days and ran every test, to find out how that happened.
One night i had a panic attack (for no obvious reason) and i couldn't breath. Next thing i know, i see a man standing in the side of my bed, he was wearing a black hood and he puts his arm on my chest and i could breath properly again. I fell asleep and i dreamt i was with him and some other hooded guys(not sure if they were male or female, i couldn't see faces).
I have many stories like that.

I have seen other dreams in the past that had an effect in my physical body, but they were not alien related.

Some threads that might interest you:
Strange skin marks
Dreamworld into the reall world

One explanation that i have heard and it could it be possible is that marks/injuries come first and then the dreams. That they happen somehow during the time that we sleep and the brain creates the dream to explain them. Which would be logical, but doesn't explain why the dreams are always with aliens.

The next explanation (and the obvious one) is that the dreams are not dreams, but actual abductions and the aliens put a subliminal message that this was a dream and nothing really happened.

I have spoke with many people that have dreams like that or experiences and they all have one thing in common. They are all RH negatives. I'm sure of course that some rh positives have alien related experiences, but it's kind of rare.
And if you google rh negative and aliens you'll find a ton of sites and articles.

This may answer Outrageo's question why he /she never dreams of aliens. Assuming that the experiences have something to do with the blood and you are a positive.

posted on Apr, 29 2013 @ 08:47 AM
i have 3 weird lumps/marks on my right forearm wrist whatever.. i doubt there is anything to it but ill post a picture soon

posted on Apr, 29 2013 @ 10:32 AM
reply to post by Phantom traveller

Hi PhantomT,thank you for your reply,much appreciated-to do it justice,i will reply later in the evening.Due to my insomnia i caught up with daytime-sleep-and now have housework to do+dinner to make.I am Rh Neg,btw,myself and all my children.I'm B neg,and so is my youngest daughter.Will get back to you in a few hours,thanks again.

posted on Apr, 29 2013 @ 10:37 AM
reply to post by Burnerz

Thank you Burnerz,that would be interesting to see.

posted on Apr, 29 2013 @ 02:48 PM
Very interesting topic. All my life, I've been absolutely terrified of Aliens, even as I get older and my childhood fears are disappearing, I'm still petrified at the thought of seeing an Alien. I am now 19 years old, and throughout my life 90% of my nightmares are about Aliens still. Lately, I've been trying to train my mind to be able to "lucid dream" and also focusing on remembering in greater clarity, more of my dreams. So lately, I have been able to a certain extent, lucid dream, for example in one of many dreams I had last night, I had the power to move metal kind of like "Magneto" from X-Men. In the dream, I realized that I was asleep and in a dream so I stuck my hand out and focused as hard as I could on a metal object and it came to me. I was able to hurl the object as a weapon using my new found "power".

I know what your thinking "How the hell does this relate to dreams about Aliens?" Well thanks to training my mind to remember more of my dreams in greater clarity, I've started noticing that all my nightmares are ALWAYS about aliens now. I've also started noticing recurring places in my dreams, one nightmare takes place out in the wilderness, kind of like a "fish camp" area if you understand what I'm talking about (I am half native-american so I often go out into the wilderness). I can remember this place in great detail, even though I've never been there in real life, I'm not even sure if that place exists in the real world. I remember being there with a lot of my friends on a camping trip, I would estimate it's a few years into the future as I, along with my friends are older in this dream. It's been a while since I had that dream, so I don't remember much but I do remember bright lights shining down through my tent, and we all got up to check out what was going on, only to be taken away by Aliens.

Last night, I had a very disturbing dream about being abducted by Aliens. Once again, it was in a recurring place in my dreams, this time a small house in my old hometown of Carmacks, Yukon (Canada). I was with 2 of my cousins, and we were inside this house, I think in the dream we lived in that house because I remember us all sitting on the couch and playing video games. There was one other person in the house, a friend and he was asleep in the opposite side of the house in his bedroom. We heard a strange noise followed by screaming, so we all immediately ran into that room to see what was happening. He was gone. There was a window in the ceiling that was above the bed, he enjoyed looking out at the stars as he fell asleep. One of my cousins opened this window to see what was outside, and he eventually wasn't satisfied with just looking around, so he climbed out the window. I was beside the bed, and I was looking out another window in the room and I saw an Alien looking in through the window, so me being absolutely terrified of Aliens, immediately started yelling at my cousin to get back in the house and told him I just saw something. He didn't believe me and stayed outside looking around, he got taken soon after that. So it was just me and my other cousin left in that room. We heard it walking on top of the roof, and we both tried to pinpoint it's direct location by listening hard and walking around the room, when we walked directly underneath the Alien, our vision would become slightly impaired followed by every muscle in my body slowly resisting my movement. After a minute, we both pinpointed where it was standing on the roof, and I got the sudden urge to stand beneath the location of this Alien. As soon as I did, every muscle in my body stopped responding to my commands to move and my vision started "fading" as in blackness started closing in on the outside my vision, if that makes sense. I started floating upwards and I immediately realized what was about to happen to me and I started yelling and screaming to my cousin to help me, then he started floating up with me. My dream ended with me screaming for help. (I think my mind was having mercy on me? I don't know)

The really weird thing about that dream is, I woke up to the dog barking her ass off, and my mom running into my room to see what happened. She said it wasn't me she heard, but a weird noise, almost unintelligible, and it set the dog off hard. She NEVER barks when everyone in the house is sleeping, she know's better than that but something set her off and she woke up the entire house. I don't have any weird markings on me this time, but I remember on multiple occasions having dreams about Aliens, and waking up with weird marks on my body.

Is my mind just screwing with me, or is there possibly something more going on? I'd like to believe it's simply my mind screwing with me, since it's common knowledge that not much scares me besides Aliens, so I assume my mind has nightmares about Aliens most of the time, simply because that's what I'm most afraid of, and nothing else scares me to the extent that Aliens do.
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I do live in a fairly rural area, Whitehorse, Yukon. It's the capital of the Yukon and the biggest city in the Yukon, but it's absolutely dwarfed by pretty much any other capital city in Canada. Surrounding Whitehorse is a massive forested region, and I've spent a LOT of time out in the wilderness as a kid, just exploring. My dad was also a witness to the famous "Fox Lake UFO Sighting" He was actually asked to do an interview for a documentary about it, but he declined because he didn't want to much people to know about that. He has seen UFO's quite often throughout his life, and as a kid growing up with him, we would often go outside on a clear night and just watch the stars for anything out of the ordinary. My dad often has nightmares about Aliens as well, and he's been seeing UFO's since he was a little kid, much the same as I have. In Carmacks, Yukon, we would see something weird in the sky on almost a weekly basis, in Whitehorse it's much less common but I still see something I can't explain at least once or twice a year.
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posted on Apr, 29 2013 @ 05:13 PM
reply to post by Phantom traveller

Hi Phantom
i read your thread,and i can relate,these dreams always leaves me feeling one way or the other-tired,and feeling sick,even if i had been sleeping for hours,and got more than enough sleep.But on one occasion,i went to bed,in an extremely troubled frame of mind.I had an urgent and potentially explosive matter to handle-and i was worried that i may be the one doing the exploding.The next morning,i got ready in a bit of a rush and set off on my thing i had to do.I was calmer-but i still did'nt know if the outcome would be the desired and correct one.Then i glanced in the mirror,while in the car to town-and saw these red dots on my neck-and Instantly i Knew-i was going to win the day-that i was going to accomplish what i set out to do-and that everything was going to work out for the best.

I hope they come out clearly enough,my crappy lil cell's camera is not much.
Anyway yes conversely i have on occasion gone to bed with a physical ailment that had me feeling sickish for days-and woke up feeling suddenly well+fine-with the recall that i dreamt,but not always remembering exactly What-just that it felt like something more than a dream,even lifting my mood too.And energising,also like a mental switch from negative to positive.Also this seems to be from a dream,like the one with the Elder,that seemed to have a very positive effect,as it followed after the dream where the doctor and nurse injected me,which left me feeling a bit out of sorts.Often with a very strong sense that i've been taught things,instructed.Almost like there are two "dream factions",really.

Like i said,yes,i am Rh Neg,and all my children.Since sometime last year,i've been reading up on the Rh Neg factor.Interesting stuff.Btw,what is it with the animals?Some nights my cats won't come Near my room or bed-other times i have to Pry em off.Once in the past week when i was under astral attack,they scattered when i came into the kitchen-and looked at me like i was something out of Silent Hill?i found that creepy.
I'm going to be looking at those threads you kindly linked in your reply.Thank you very much,have a really good week.

posted on Apr, 29 2013 @ 05:36 PM
reply to post by Javik

Thank you very much for sharing,Javik,that was fascinating to read.I have heard knocks at my window in the dead quiet early hours-but i've never looked.At a time like that,when the world is so quiet,and it feels like the whole house is in a bell jar-it's just too creepy a prospect.Sometimes in this dead quiet,i can hear a faint buzzing sound,which i cannot figure out where it could come from,none of our appliances sound like that.So i follow my old method since childhood-ignore,ignore,and ignore some more.

I have seen outside,in summer,and even sometimes in winter,white lights like searchlights coming from the sky,very briefly.Once i was sitting on our lawn late at night/early hours,and this white beam started sweeping the brushland outside my yard-with no chopper,plane or sound attached to it-just the light,as if looking for something.I was'nt scared,just fascinated,wondering what it could be-then it was gone again.The whole thing must have taken no more than a minute.Just the other night,such a light appeared from the sky on the other side of the house from me,and swept through the trees,just for a few seconds.Weird stuff,the hubby does'nt have an idea where those could come from either.

I can imagine how stressfull those dreams of yours must be-my dream of the 4 doctors filled me with such anxiety and trepidation,when it started,when that strange craft landed-just an overwhelming sense that it would be very detrimental to me,if whoever came out of there found me-and it Was detrimental to me.I was'nt feeling well since then,and then whole week last week,an astral attack too.Well that's over now,but next time i dream of any doctor,and i'm possibly able to,in the dream-it's not going to go so well for him/it/them.I'm not going to be the only one with a puffy eye,or a sore lip.

Thanks again for sharing,kind regards.

posted on Apr, 29 2013 @ 05:45 PM
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Btw,Javik,with very few exceptions,i've never been able to lucid dream either-always a "victim of circumstances" in my dreams-but i have a feeling that's going to be changing.I have real motivation now,impetus is a better word i guess,to take a bit more control.I can be very wilfull and stubborn,so maybe that will be a positive,in trying to attain lucidity.Let me put it this way-it's IN my mind now to be more aware,to try and gain control in my dreams.

posted on Apr, 30 2013 @ 12:13 AM
reply to post by Raxoxane

Thank god I've never been looked at through the window in real life by an Alien, only in my dreams. If it ever happened in real life, I would probably either be paralyzed in fear, or scream like a little girl and run to my room, haha. I to have noticed the faint buzzing sound you refer to.. When I'm sleeping, I often wake up every few hours as a side effect of my minor insomnia. Sometimes I'll wake up and the entire house is dead, except for a faint buzzing sound that I can never find the source of.

I have also seen the lights you are talking about, one time me and a friend were walking home from a school dance at around 11PM at night, and as we passed through a trail in the forest, an intensely bright light swept through the forest for about 5 seconds before disappearing. We searched everywhere for the source and couldn't find anything in the sky, or any conventional object that could have caused the lights.

I've been dealing with these kinds of dreams for a long time, so unless it's REALLY bad I tend to shake it off right away. Although there have been a few nights where my nightmares were so vivid that I didn't go back to sleep after I woke up from them, for fear that the same dream will continue when I fall asleep again. (Which happens quite often)

Regarding lucid dreaming - A good way to train your mind to lucid dream is to do regular "reality checks" For example, you might glance at the watch on your wrist, note the time, and then look at the watch again and note if the time has stayed the same or morphed as it would in a dream. That's just one example of a "reality check" if you can think of one that works better for you that would be best. If you do the reality checks enough in real life, it'll start to become a habit and you'll do in your dreams as well, which will give your mind awareness of whether your dreaming or awake. It really does work, a few times I've had dreams where I did the reality checks and thought "Hey, I'm dreaming how can I take advantage of this situation?"

Also, when you're falling asleep, keep repeatedly thinking "I will have a lucid dream" or "I will have a lucid dream about _______ " And as soon as you wake up the next day, take a half hour or so to really try and focus on what your dreams were the night before. Do it enough and your mind will realize that you want to remember more of your dreams, and you'll start remembering your dreams in greater detail allowing you to notice recurring subjects, people, or places. Another great way to reinforce to your mind that you want to remember your dreams is to keep a dream journal and write in it every day, even if you only remember a few things from your dream that seem un-important, write it down because it'll get you into the habit of remembering and then writing out your dreams.

posted on Apr, 30 2013 @ 01:22 AM
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Hi Javik,yes i do always keep a notebook next to my bed,and when i wake,i enter whatever i do remember.Unfortunately due to general poor dream recall the past year,it has'nt been much,but whatever snippets i can remember goes in there.Then there's the dreams you don't need to write down,because unlike the rest-they don't fade upon waking-like these ones i spoke of in this thread.They are as real as a memory,embedded in my mind,in fact more clear than many waking memories.I've heard that a good way to help with lucid dreaming is:to pinch yourself throughout the day,to hold your hand in front of your face,pinch your hand,and ask:"Am i awake?" I am going to try this,and see.Btw,are you of the Rh neg blood type,Javik?If you don't mind my asking.I wish you a good day.

posted on Apr, 30 2013 @ 02:16 AM
I think for the most part, they are angels. I have FELT them working on me, and heard the clicking of needles like they were putting me to sleep. They basically replaced my two bad knees and one bad shoulder.

posted on Apr, 30 2013 @ 02:59 AM
reply to post by WhoisBlueFairy

Hi thanks for the reply.I'm glad for you,to have gotten a positive outcome from your experiences.Mine were'nt all bad,either,but it is frustrating to not be able to remember the things i feel i was taught or instructed.Kind regards.

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