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White dreams

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posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 02:14 PM

A cascade of white thoughts

spill over the lawn of dreams

quenching my thirst for eternity

tears dipped in blue night

I am thirsty of white light

share the nights

to melt in white dreams

a song without end

a voice who sings divine

a sun for you to shine

don't run from me

embrace me for the last time

don't leave behind the door

a tear lays for you on the floor

a sign of lost mornings

a vibe on soul's strings

who melts in white dreams

we will never see again

the beauty of life

on the carpet of love

I'll be lost in eternity

without any rest

because you didn't saw me

like I see you

because you didn't loved me

like I loved you.

And if the sky will unite with earth

and the light will unite with darkness

together will be forever

where the rainbow brings

the colors of white dreams.

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