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Icelanders oust government over austerity program

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posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 12:47 AM
Well, this is an interesting development. I was under the impression from (admittedly limited) media coverage that Iceland had broken free from international debt in a rather unique way and was generally content with the outcome where their own local position was concerned? Apparently not?

REYKJAVIK (Reuters) - Fatigued by years of austerity and swayed by promises of debt relief, Icelandic voters dumped the Social Democrats from power on Saturday, returning a centre-right government that ruled over its stunning financial collapse just five years ago.

Once a European financial hub, this windswept north Atlantic island of glaciers, geysers and volcanoes has been limping along for years, still crippled from a crash that brought it to its knees in just a matter of days.

I find it odd that they would welcome back the leadership that was riding high at the time they outright crashed and hit rock bottom just 5 years ago? Was the alternative THAT bad?

A recent Gallup poll showed that only 15 percent trust parliament, making it the second least-trusted institution after banks.

"There's so little room to manoeuvre and they promised so much, their popularity will be gone in three months," said Egill Helgason, a political commentator for the Icelandic national broadcaster RUV.


Now when I first came to ATS, I would be surprised to see a story like this go up and a person living in the place it Iceland or Timbuktu, pop up to give local perspective. So, I'm hoping this is another instance where there might be an Icelander or at least someone familiar with life up there to share some context to this? It's all quite confusing given the real extremes they've suffered there across such a short period?

Anyone have anything to add to this shakeup of Government and Leadership in the far North?

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 12:57 AM
They are still stuck in the two party system where you get dumb and dumber no matter how you vote.

The Democratic system as used in Western Nations is a fraud. The only tue way out for a country is to break connection with the ones pulling the strings.

Quite frankly, I only see one way of doing that.

"The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants." Thomas Jefferson

I think the main objective is as little as possible Patriot's blood spilling and as much as possible of the Tyrants.

When I look at all these amazing quotes there is one thing that is never mentioned. Trials! There is a lesson there!


posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 01:22 AM
I would like to see the vote tally.

If it's anywhere near 50-51% I'm thinking a Bush or Obama like theft of votes thru rigging of the process.

We all know that both of these War Criminals did not get the vote honestly but rather rigged the elections while America slept..

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posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 01:27 AM
This is the BBC's count report as of an hour ago.

With two-thirds of votes tallied, the Independence party had 26.5% and the Progressive party 22%, putting them on track for nearly 40 of the 63 seats.

The ruling Social Democrats are trailing with 13.5%.

You have to love how elections are called these days before all votes are in, don't ya? Here, they call elections before every state has even closed their polling in times past.

Perhaps this was predetermined now that we see the circumstances they called the outcome by.
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posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 01:29 AM
reply to post by pheonix358

No trial necessary, either you are standing with the Patriots or the Tyrants. Freedom demands but one price but today it seems that none are willing to pay the price. Thus the tyrant has little to fear and everything to gain.

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 01:33 AM

Originally posted by pstrron
reply to post by pheonix358

No trial necessary, either you are standing with the Patriots or the Tyrants. Freedom demands but one price but today it seems that none are willing to pay the price. Thus the tyrant has little to fear and everything to gain.

Give it time! Sheeple are being converted every day. At some stage it will happen.

I truly believe that this will start in the US. It will be the bastion of freedom. That was the intent of the forefathers and the first, second and fourth amendments are the foundation rocks on which the bastion of freedom is built.


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posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 01:48 AM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

what do you mean? in every country its the same folks that swap back and forth. This dichotomy of politics, the whole left/right paradigm, is the failing point. Not the "government in power".

Here in America we all vote the same pieces of fecal debris back into office on a rotating basis, too. I am unsure why you find it odd. A scandal breaks that removes one side for awhile. Then the other side takes a turn. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I find it less odd and more pathetic. Pathetic that we accept a farce dressed up like change. It is nothing but putting lipstick on a sow's butt.

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 01:49 AM
reply to post by pheonix358

There are only two possible scenarios, 1. Either freedom's bell will ring and the people answer its call, or 2. The TPTB start WWIII and people beg for that which the tyrants have been striving for. Either way blood will flow in the streets.

The people do not like the choices put before them and hope that it will all simply go away. Well it never has and never will unless they are prepared to take up the cause and ring the bell. The forefathers of the US grabbed the rope and rang the bell so hard it cracked and the people answered!

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 01:50 AM
reply to post by jude11

Maybe, maybe not. I think the whole thing is rigged, with the close elections purposefully put in place to drive divisiveness. It is what keeps folks pretending that it isn't all a show meant to control their hearts and minds.

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 01:51 AM
reply to post by bigfatfurrytexan

I find it odd because Iceland appeared to have broken out of the paradigm and at the risk of economic war (if not more) by telling England and others to go suck eggs on the international debt and monetary obligations. Recall all that from years back? The reset of Mortgage debt and more? Heck, I was looking for immigration policy and only about half joking about it at the time because what they'd done was SO radical and just over the top for expected norms between nations.

So to see how badly it's gone for them when it looked promising by what had been front page banner headlines back then is ..surprising?

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 02:00 AM
reply to post by bigfatfurrytexan

Pathetic that we accept a farce dressed up like change. It is nothing but putting lipstick on a sow's butt.

That's true and they all line up to kiss it!

It's all about divide and conquer, never mind that it's the same two rats just dressed up in different suits. As Einstein put it; doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity.

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 02:06 AM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

I agree, it looked like there was hope for everyone, just follow Iceland's lead and now to see what has happened the glimmer of hope has been reduced. Surely they have not forgotten the crash and who was in power when it occurred.

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 08:27 AM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

1. Iceland is a population of only 300,000. Their major economy in the past was fishing industries and a bit of tourism.

2. When the bankers came, there was a flush of hot money in Iceland. As those easy money circulated, wealth was passed on to them. Within less than one generation, they springboard from fishermen and tour guides to finance management professionals for all those wealth there.

The well heeled and the corrupted came into the country. Property and rental prices soared like nothing before. Tax evaders and wealth hoarders continue to fund the legalised ponzi schemes in the banks covered and hoodwinked the world masses with its illusion of respectability and honesty.

And like all ponzi schemes, it will have to end at some point. It came and crashed around our world, with Iceland being one of them. The money was gone - savings, bank deposits, mortgages, stocks, etc and needed IMF bailout.

3.Icelanders said screw it, and refuse loans as well as bailouts. Banks collapsed and foreign banks had huge shortfalls in their balance sheets, and investors fled. Life went on, and Iceland was left alone.

4. With capital having fled iceland, its own currency fell as there are no longer investments or investors whom would trust icelanders, they faced unemployment and local debts to fellow icelanders, along with the high cost of imports and inflation.

5. Having enjoyed the good life during the ponzi years, having tasted immense wealth, majority of the icelanders cannot adjust back to the far simple fishing lifestyles - not with local debts,inflation, low wages, low social expenditures and unemployment to pay.

6. They see the greedy and corrupted previous govt as the only ones who can bring back the illusions of wealth, as any politician during elections can make all kinds of claims with no necessity to fulfill them once in power, except to rob the citizens blind further.

The majority are deluded. The only way for Iceland to rise again is that they must PAY back the EU loans and honor the investments contracts that were arbitarily cancelled when Iceland refused to pay. Now they must pay, and suffer austerity like the rest of EU, and worse, they have little resource to fuel GDP rise unlike the rest while making repayments, and thus will not have any revenue for growth as all revenues will be spent to pay off debts.

They will be even worse off, as those debts will take a few generations to pay off. They will not see the influx of wealth again as it did before, as govts have more regulations now to control. WHat the majority desire is only a delusion conjured up by the previous govt that good times will come back if they are voted in and rejoined EU, but not mention of the consequences.

Better the icelanders adjust and adapt back to the simpler way of life - improving and bulding upon fishing industries and tourism, to rebuild the nation and GDP. The current generation may suffer hunger pangs - such as no more caviar or foie gras, but bread and butter is still avaliable. A 12 room mansion is roomy, but a 1 bedroom apartment is still a shelter.

I is only weak human nature to desire for the comfort of delusions than to stare in pain at truths and realities, and do something constructive about it......

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 08:40 AM
Sitting here In front of egill halldórssons tv show in the capital of Iceland.

Nothing came as a surprise in this election tbh, farmsóknarflokkurinn and sjálfstædisflokkurinn (they won) are the onces who allowed a couple if individuals to take over the banks back in 2001, these are not the Same onces who were ruling 5 years ago when the collapse hit us, that was sjálfstædisflokkurinn and samfylking. Sjálfstædisflokkurinn used to be filled with douches and still sort of is but 5 years ago they were just thinking about there holiday saving plan they knew what was coming.

Yes the leadership that was in charge back in 2001 and they sort of caused this whole mess are back in charge but for a good reason (not really)
Vinstrigrænir and samfylking (ruling parties for last 4 years) focused on taxing e middle class while giving the lower class and high class debt wright off (they knocked a couple of zero,s out for them) while at the same time making the middle class take the fall and get the country back on track with the cost of holiday savings account and summer houses sold.

Basically the middle class wanted a change and saw that getting framsókn back in charge would do that.

Framsóknarflokkurinn will most likely get the priminister seat, they hate ESB and they were the onces who told us to definitely not pay the British and rest back they're money out of the countries pocket but instead out of the banks pocket smart move there and that is probly why the people actually trust them.

All in all though its horrible for the countries landscape these guys are going to milk the rivers and hot water to dust while at the same time building loads of aluminum factories.

I'm just happy that the pirate party got 3 guys seats and want to kill student loans

A wise man is telling everyone that life is going to be good for 2 years then the country is going to go through another collapse


posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 09:26 AM
Maybe the Cartels will offer to bail them out in exchange for the rights to run dope to North America. out of iceland waters.......
Or they could maybe get into the Casino business with the Mafia......
Either way, its the same deal the bankers offer........and it ends with yer soul.

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 09:30 AM
reply to post by yogi1919

I really appreciate your contribution here and insight from the perspective of living there. What a mess by the sound of things. Looking between Seeker's overview of events and your personal take in being an Icelander, it sure gives a different picture than shown by media. Nothing new there, but that is one of the places in the world where it's not particularly easy to get a lot of information otherwise. Thanks for adding to it here!

* I had a feeling someone among the members would be able to contribute from a resident's perspective. It sounds like a beautiful land with great people...and run by the same crooks and losers we all know, the world over.

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 12:50 PM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

What is really going on in Iceland.
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posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 02:21 PM
reply to post by AndreasGilbertus

I couldn't agree more to what is being said in that blog. What has been portrayed by the medIa well everywhere and often posted here on ATS is just plain wrong. Not that this article is.. For me i handed the ballot blank. It doesn't matter what party it is. They make Allot of promises, Once the elections are over, they don't give a s# about you and dont do half of what was promised.

Still wouldn't wanna live anywhere else

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

True, there were all those feel good reports.

On ATS there are some Icelanders who have told a different story. That it only got better for the upper crust, that the regular joe was not finding any easier time.

But what I was referring to was your finding odd that they went back to the "other party". That is the way the system is rigged. What other choices are there?

And it may not even be rigged. It may just be human nature to polarize things. We do tend to be zero sum thinkers.

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 04:41 PM
reply to post by bigfatfurrytexan

It sounds to me like they have four parties (at least) to choose from. It may swing between the spectrums, it just depends on the party to determine how far.

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