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The Marlboro Man leaves the building - I LOVE the e-cigs!!!! (part one)

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posted on Apr, 27 2013 @ 09:25 PM
I posted this personal story in the social issues forum, as this new product is as much a social issue-driven product as it is a recreational product, and even a medical issues product. For those that smoke, the social issues are the ones that are the most annoying - at least until the health issues become the problem.

On with the story of the departure of the Marlboro Man and his attendant ash and smell

I am one of the remaining, the few, the shamed, the ostracized to the outside hard-core smoker. yeah, I've tried the patches, the gum, the pills, cold turkey, and just have not the willpower, or either that have too much hard-headedness to drop the habit. I know its harmful, but I hate the badgering, I hate being treated like some loser because I enjoy the feeling that nicotine gives me, and those same people that harass have their own vices, but 'their' vices are accepted, and MINE is not. What hypocrisy!

But...I also feel the bad effects of fire-smoking tobacco, and smell the smell, and see what it does to value of belongings like car and house. I'm not blind, just hard-headed, and very resistant to others telling ME how to live MY life, acting as they know MORE than me because they think I don't know what smoking does. Some ways the anti-smoking zealots go too far.

My rant for now, I'll get back to that idea in the second post.

Two weeks ago, I inadvertantly spilled an ashtray in the company car - and didn't realize it, and worse, forgot I left it in the car. I don't smoke in the car, but the ashes remained under the seat as two different employees including a boss used the car before I got it again last week. And they knew. I had to clean the car completely, and now knew it was just too much risk even to carry an ashtray for smoking at rest stops and parking lots. My last day I woke up looking forward to an 8-hour drive with 6 hours sleep, with hard cold rain in progress and forecasted for all day long.

It was time to try something different, or I was either going to be enraged all day, fall asleep in the car, or get sick standing out in the rain every two hours.

I went to a market, and bought a disposable e-cig (this one was 21st Century brand standard tobacco flavor). I expected it to get me thru until I could get my Marlboro. I tried it - well - it was real, it felt like smoke, I felt the nicotine like a real cig. Not like a substitute for a real cig, it was more like smoking a REAL cig of a different brand. I could handle this. After 4 hours, I did stop and smoke a real cig. About half of it. Hell with this crap, ain't worth it, wasting time, its cold and wet and I have a cig in the car, so I disposed of it and the remainder of the pack, and got back into the car. Tasted the aftertaste that I haven't tasted for the last four hours, but otherwise it did nothing for me that the e-cig hadn't already done before I stopped. Hit the e-cig again - yep just as good, and no aftertaste. I could do this the rest of the way home no problem.

I didn't stop the rest of the trip until I got back in town, and stopped at the discount baccy shop - for another e-cig. This time I got another disposable - a Krave brand cappachino flavor. Tried it - and have to say - my first impression was this was MUCH BETTER than any regular tobacco-fired cigarette! Loved that coffee flavor, and the vapor was just like smoke to me. Hell yeah! I could do this! Stopped to clean out the car before going in the office, and found I had a full unopened pack of Marlboros. Decided I would continue to swap between the two, just in case I got cranky later. Smoked one, again threw more than half of it out. Tried another that night, threw half of it out. Tried a final one that next morning, and threw almost all of it out and the rest of the pack AND the ashtray in the house. Slung another ashtray out of my car when I left for work. I was convinced for the first time in 30 years that I would walk away this time and never turn back and NEVER miss it again.

Those two e-cigs I bought lasted until today, I finally killed the first one, and gave the rest of the second one to my brother to try. And bought me a Blu starter pack, with some extra 'java jolt' cartridges; and got another e-cig for my brother to try over the weekend. He is also impressed. Money-wise - the more expensive route - disposables - may cost 7 to 9 dollars a cig, but that cig will last longer than 2 full packs of the tobaccy-fired analog cig. The cheaper route can reduce the expense to an equvalent of $2.00 / pack!!! I am sold, love the fact that I can 'smoke' anywhere, and 'smoke' all different flavors, and even 'smoke' without nicotine if I want to get off of it or just want to enjoy a flavor.

For anyone that is hard-core like I am, and have considered this but still have some fear that it is a 'poor substitute', you gotta try it! It is an IMPROVEMENT!!! I have yesterday stopped and talked with people in almost 10 different stores selling all the different brands that are out just in the last couple of months, and I hear this story EVERYWHERE. The displays are being stripped as QUICK as they can fill them. People that cringe in fear of the thought of giving up tobacco due to the rage and the constant craving are walking away from tobacco, and not in a matter of weeks or even days, but HOURS after trying these things!

And there is no argument about the FACT they are much better for the health of you and others, and the enviroment around you and others, while you will give up NOTHING you actually enjoy!.

At least I thought there was no arguement......but there ALWAYS is when it comes to a product that people enjoy, that subverts their attacks and their income by replacing the product they are getting their power from....

posted on Apr, 27 2013 @ 09:32 PM
second half of the Marlboro Man leaving the building for good....

Well...there is almost no argument. Even though (to me) it is obvious this is a better choice for the people that insist on enjoying nicotine or insist on enjoying the flavor and feeling of having the warm smoke-like vapor in their lungs, there IS resistance and opposition!!!

Shockingly enough (or maybe not) there is opposition by the do-gooders of society. American Pediatrics Society think they (e-cigs) will entice kids, and kids will then graduate to standard cigs; WebMD thinks they encourage smoking and likewise will, instead of helping hard-core smokers find a healthier alternative, will cause non-smokers to accept smoking and likewise get hooked and move to the standard tobacco. Anti-smoking groups think this will set back their campaign to make all smoking illegal and act as if this is another way for tobacco companies to thwart their efforts to crush them.

Never mind that 1) it is NOT smoking, it is vaporizing, with no residue (in lungs or elsewhere); 2) reduces the 4000 chemicals that are particulate matter and carcinogens and tar, to about 10 chemicals that are water and flavor and nicotine (which by the way, is NOT recognized widely as a carcinogen, but ONLY recognized as possibly causing birth defects by the state of California); and 3) is probably less harmful to bystanders than most of the scented products used in our clothing, perfumes and colognes, and cleaning products daily, and definitely less harmful than standing outside breathing the daily exhaust of the busy streets.

Sure there are some questions about long-term use, and maybe some questions about the effects of nicotine. Most studies on nicotine include the delivery system (fired tobacco smoke with all of its companion particulates and tar). but some studies of pure nicotine effect do show some positive benefits. More alertness, a stimulant that calms at the same time, a possible drug that can delay or prevent the onset of Alzheimers, for example.

The do-gooders had a platform and a soapbox with good facts to ban smoking - second-hand smoke, cancer, smell, fires, a big list. And they have been very successful in making the smoking of tobacco unacceptable in all buildings and almost all public places, and even in some homes, and will soon be ripping out more money from the pockets of the 'analog' smokers with their extra Obamacare surcharges on smokers that will start at the end of the year (another good reason to leave the fired-tobacco smoke cig).

But the laws against 'smoking' do NOT apply here! This is NOT tobacco (most e-cigs use synthetic nicotine that doesn't even come from tobacco), this is NOT smoke (it is vapor, either propylene glycol, or even better with the Blu, just water vapor); this does NOT impair lung function, yellow teeth, damage throat, leave trash and debris, or foul the air around you with a residue that stays. Unless the individual owner of a restaurant objects, the general law against 'smoking' cannot be enforced against 'vaporizing'. I have a friend that uses his inside the waiting room of his doctor's office, and on hospital grounds, and walking into buildings, and only occassionally will he get an objection - and if someone tells him he can't smoke there, he will say 'I'm not smoking' and will continue to puff his e-cig.

I'm not that brazen, but I am way too happy to keep my joy and stay out of the rain, and so far everyone around me are happy to see me dump the smelly fired-tobacco smoking habit.

And I am so happy that this worked, that I still feel guilt there must be something wrong with this, because it was way too easy to walk away from the Marlboro this time, and never did I dream I could do it this easy.

I just hope the do-gooders recognize that for once, this may be a product that does more good than harm, and doesn't crush it out of the marketplace....and give up trying to make people live the way they decide they should live.

posted on Apr, 27 2013 @ 10:26 PM
Lakeside,I'm with you on the E-cig.I live in Washington state,and we are taxed to death on smokes.So I started hand-rolling my own to save money.

A couple of years back,my friend gave me one of the first types of E-cigs on the market,I wasnt impressed,until I had to fly from Seattle to Moscow.Needless to say,I was impressed then haha!

Anyways,I have been getting at least one e-cig a month to help me cut down smoking around my kid,and I am thinking about going on full e-cig.

I havent saw this starter kit yet,with the stronger cartridge for the Blu,(my favorite btw) do you recommend that for a 25 year smoker?

posted on Apr, 27 2013 @ 10:30 PM
Glad you finally kicked the smelly habit. I have been smoke-free for about 13 years and wanted to start smoking again, but didn't want to use real cigs. My friend had already started trying e-cigs, so I decided to try one. Best thing you can do if you want to smoke and not inhale the toxic smoke of analog cigs is to try an e-cig.

There is a whole world of online shops that sell just about any flavor you can think of. It's cheaper to buy a battery and just buy the cartomizers pre-filled. It's even cheaper yet to buy some cartomizers and then buy bottles of e-juice and do your own refilling.

And once you start using e-cigs, you can slowly lower the amount of nicotine to zero and ween yourself off of the nicotine altogether. And yes, there are e-juices and e-cigs that come with zero nicotine so that you can enjoy a cig with no nicotine and no harmful chemicals that come from the smoke in analog cigs.

No matter what lobbyists or politicians want to decree about e-cigs, they have helped thousands of people kick the analog cigarette habit.

You can visit the E-Cig Forums to learn more, check out the different reputable vendors, get vendor specials, etc.

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posted on Apr, 27 2013 @ 10:34 PM
I am smoking really strong, dutch tobacco and when I tried e-cigs three or so years ago I was ALSO instantly hooked.
There are so many flavors, I LOVE the coffee one but there are countless more.

The only problem I had is I had to buy all the vaporizers directly from China and they quickly "burnt out" and it was always a hassle charging the batteries. With a freshly charged battery and new vaporizer all was good, plenty of vape which gave a satisfactory feeling - but then they always detoriated to a point where not enough vape came out so it started to annoy me.

Still thinking about taking e-cigs up again, I think a lot has changed in the meantime so maybe the tech is better now.

posted on Apr, 27 2013 @ 10:37 PM
I've been waiting for them to be legal again in Canada and they finally are, though pay pal refuses to allow purchases and so when I can I will boycott paypal. They don't like it and frown upon something that is way cheaper and not a health hazard. My 510 T is on the way.

posted on Apr, 27 2013 @ 10:39 PM

Originally posted by flexy123
Still thinking about taking e-cigs up again, I think a lot has changed in the meantime so maybe the tech is better now.

Yes, alot has changed. Even over the past year or so. Batteries have gotten to the point they are lasting much longer, there are tons of different kinds of cartomizers, some disposable, most refillable. Most cartomizers can last all day and then you can refill at night. Or you can have a couple/few different flavors handy.

The battery and cartomizer technology is improving very quickly. And it's great the most of the manufacturers actually listen to the people who use their products, and quickly update their products according to the wishes of the customers.

posted on Apr, 27 2013 @ 10:44 PM
I also tried the v2 cig today, and it is a good choice, and their retail displays have a wide selection of flavors, with different nicotine levels, and they have an 'express' starter kit that is cheaper than the blu 'original' starter kit. All the blu retail displays have only the high level flavors, but online you can get all the way down to 0 level flavors.

If I would get blu again I would get the premium 100 kit, but as of right now it is out of stock everywhere and backordered on the web. Lot of demand...their marketing campaign is obviously working. The blu is not the strongest choice but it is tasty and the kits are pretty complete. And they look cool. Nice to leave town with one pack for a week and know you don't have to stop anywhere while you are gone. I live in the tobacco belt, and going to MI or WI is a LOT of sticker shock, not to mention across the border in CAN.

The 21st Century was the strongest, I got another disposable one of those for that moment I need the old-fashioned taste and strength I got from the 'cowboy killers'. They also have a reusable with cartridges version, but less choices (I saw) for flavors.

posted on Apr, 27 2013 @ 11:02 PM
I use the V2 and have the refill liquid and extra cartridges. I like the full strength Sahara flavor, but didn't care for their version of Marlboro Red. The taste was just too off. I have the automatic batteries, the charge in the manual just doesn't last as long. I ordered one of the extra long batteries and it seems to get hotter than the normal size, so you have to be careful how long of a draw you take. Otherwise, the cartridge over heats and gives the liquid a burnt taste. A 50ml refill bottle for $30, will last me about a month. A pack of cigs here are around $6, multiply that by 30 days [ if you smoke a pack a day ] that's $180 a month vs $30.
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posted on Apr, 27 2013 @ 11:32 PM
I must also sing the praises of e-cigs.

I've been on nicotine for about 10 years now. I smoked Marb reds, followed by the cheaper Camel 99s until finally I was doing the roll-your-own. Like the other poster said, here in WA, tobacco has gotten ridiculously expensive. Add to that Obama in his first term taxed the crap out of even rollyerown and now people are stuck with 'pipe tobacco' for cheap smoke.

Either way, I've been a dip user off and on as well and I have dipping for the past couple years, no smokes.

BUT, I recently got a job 'in town' and the boss can't stand tobacco. I was losing my mind. Literally unable to focus of function due to gnarly nic-fits.

Disposable e-cigs saved my butt. A couple puffs here and there and only during the work day, I was buying just one of the $7 "400 puffs" ecigs a week. What a great product.

My girl prefers chew over smoke and didn't like seeing me suck on the ecigs, otherwise I may have considered switching over.

As it stands I have a date to quit tobacco all together in 25 more days so wish me luck, but if I fall off the wagon it will probably be in the direction of the E-Cig.

posted on Apr, 27 2013 @ 11:39 PM
In Bremerton,they have several places where you can buy raw tobacco,and if you pay a small fee,join their 'club' and use their machine that will make you a cigarette.You can get a carton of them for around 10 $.


posted on Apr, 27 2013 @ 11:48 PM
Come to the dark side ... pick up a can of Skoal. Your nicotine urge will go away in seconds.

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 12:17 AM
reply to post by Bedlam

I used to chew beechnut when I played baseball when I was a youngster,gave that up for smoking.

I dont mind the Skoal bandit pouch from time to time.Esp when I have to ride the ferry.

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 01:44 AM
reply to post by Bootyac

I did both - smoked a pipe or cigars in garrison and dipped in the field. It was easier to quit smoking than dip.

Dip will hook you right through the bag. Hard to stop. SNUS might not be as bad.

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 11:41 AM
Great story. I too gave up cigarettes seemingly overnight thanks to ecigs. I had been a pack and a half to two pack smoker a day for nearly 15 years and thought I would be a smoker until I could no longer physically smoke anymore. Then I met the ecig.

My story isn't all that exciting though, it just kinda happened. I had no plans of quitting and nothing was conflicting with my addiction. I was just standing in line at the store one day and saw them next to the cigarettes and bought one purely out of curiosity. It was pretty fantastic and I didn't even have a real cigarette until my ecig was disposed of. After that, I had a real one, immediately tasted the foul aftertaste that I had not noticed for years, and headed out to get more ecigs. I wound up with the Walmart brand, Mistic. Got the starter kit and a refill pack and went on happily enjoying my ecig and not missing cigarettes.

These days I'm using slightly more advanced ecig and cheaper to maintain ecig equipment off the internet. It costs me maybe $5 a week to support a $15 a day habit and my health has noticeably improved. Not only that but I have access to hundreds of unique and tasty flavors I can enjoy.

I'm very happy that curiosity got the best of me and ecigs found their way into my life.

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 01:04 PM
My tornado-t has been giving me a killer cold since after using it exclusively and heavily. Something in it is irritating my throat/nose bad, wheezing a bit too. Think it's the 100% PG vapour that doesn't agree with me. Just about to make the switch to a 50/50 PG/VG liquid to see if that eases it

Anyone else using VG for similar reasons?

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 01:05 PM
And some of the stuff my lungs have been coughing up since I quit tobacco cigs

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 01:56 PM
Some people are allergic to PV and have to use VG. But if you recently quit smoking altogether you might have "quitters sickness" which is pretty much like the cold you describe as your body gets rid of all the cigarette toxins.

I'd give it a week or two to see if it clears up, if not, you probably have an allergy to PG.

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 03:45 PM
I bought a disposable ecig today, based soley on your recommendation. I have to say I am impressed with it! I've been a smoker for a decade. I switched to roll your own about 3 years ago. I would say I probably smoke at least a pack a day.

This ecig tastes/feels just like the real deal! Thanks for posting this. I always thought they were hokey or wouldn't work right. Im never going back!

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 04:17 PM
I was a heavy smoker since the age of about 14. 37 now and I switched to E-cigs about 7 months ago. Haven't even touched real tobacco since then. My sense of smell and taste are better. I can walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath. My blood circulation is better as well. I noticed within a week of quitting how bad people really do stink of cigarettes. It's disgusting!

I use the rechargeable E-cigs and while the cost may be more at first, they will (and have in my case) pay for themselves in time.

My suggestion is if you aren't able or have zero plans of quitting, switch to the electronic smokes.

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