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The rise of the Fourth Reich - personal insights

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posted on May, 1 2013 @ 12:44 PM

Originally posted by fr33kSh0w2012
The Nazi's Actually WON THE WAR it was all a Masquerade All of it so they could secretly take over America and everybody was fooled into it!

Internet Link here!
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Then why is most of the US gov zionists, or supportive of Israel, if this is so?

The way I see it, after much research, I believe we are caught in a holy war between the muslims and the jews. It's now thought that Hitler, and his top military, and other officials, were jewish--unless I read it wrong. So where does that put us? I'm not a jew-hater, BTW. I see things for what they are.

posted on May, 2 2013 @ 08:22 PM
reply to post by SQUEALER

The intent behind the monkey pic was facetiousness.....Oops!

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 07:03 AM
The success of the Nazis is based on several legs, that are still viable throughout history.

first: I once had a physics professor, who lived through the area, he said, never think of the Nazis as a political force, it was a trend. It was just en vogue to run with that crowd. people did not think this through.

second: The depression was especially hard in Germany, It was not native to it, it came with international banks to Germany. Those banks where in majority Jewish owned. You will find a lot of accusations against Zionists in the Nazi propaganda. No one liked the profit those bankers pulled out of the misery of millions. There stems as well the coalition of the Nazis with German industry and German owned banks. If the Nazis could help them get out from under those banks they where thrilled.

third: The Nazis where a social party. They where engaged to the welfare of the whole population. But they where unwilling to share what meagre things they had with anyone not worthy. And that meant Gipsies, Homosexuals Jewish people. Who ever you could put a label on not mainstream, was fair game.

forth: Do not think about Nazi Germany as a country oppressed by a totalitarian government. In reality it was, but I am sure the majority did not feel that way. The Nazis where very good at manipulating the public opinion. What ever happened that they liked was appeared as if everybody liked it that way. Anyone against it was alone.

fifth: If you did not fall for anything above, it was easy a very scary place, and one false move, made you disappear into one of the concentration camps.

sixth: Hitler threatened the Zionists before the war, if there would be a war, he could and would go against the poor relatives of the Zionists, the Jewish population of Europe. I am not so sure the top Nazis really where such Jew haters, as they are pictured, they set the ones that did hate them free to do as they please thou. Maybe that is one reason, there are no orders to be found to go and kill...

The Nazis where sons of their time. Today, I think they would not run around as a bunch of military nuts. As long as they do that, they are too easy to spot. The danger comes, when the next wave of bankrupt banks hits. And it will. Our monetary system of stable currencies does not work, that in unison with corrupt banks is a recipe for disaster. If that blows several times in a row, and it will do even that. Then a figure to lead society out of the rubble, will be dangerous. In the moment we are not jet there, thank good.

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 09:56 AM
This subject is relevant to me because I have heard from doctors, mental health professionals, and a couple of friends in the criminal justice system their take on similarities between how things are now and how they were in Nazi Germany before SHTF. I listen and absorb but because I was thinking in terms of trains carrying people like cattle, atrocities such as medical experiments, and concentration camps I really couldn't justify this being repeated.

However, when people who lived through it are seeing red flags that bring back memories we must listen. I do not know the woman's name who spoke about Obama and his resemblance to Hitler (to her) but at least one of the people who see these similarities saw a victim of the holocaust speak. She was talking about Obama mainly, rather than overall circumstances. I personally am shaken by Obama's persuasive way of speaking. Not one person I know has disagreed with his ability to put people into a trance like state (get to their emotions and bypass reason). He's a salesman in the worst way and good at it. We can't blame him alone though. We have a constitution set up to keep people in check and need to exercise our rights.

History won't repeat itself if people remain vigilant and act on concerns. Our system was meant to prevent tyranny and oppression and to be messing with that is the last thing that should be happening yet it is and we are trusting those who manage this country to make sure things turn out well. If he is so persuasive to the masses imagine how a person with a mission and the gift of gab can eventually persuade our reps. They are just people too.

Government has been out of control for a long time - or too in control. When it comes to whats good for the people I think of immunizations for children - a great idea as who wants disease in society? But I have seen first hand these very immunizations change kids from cognitively sound to being on the autisism scale (4 children rapid changes directly after shots). A public health nurse told me she believes the flu shot will be mandatory within a couple of years. When news comes out to verify some gene types are prone to experience permanent brain damage as a result of these I doubt doctors and nurses (or parents) will feel good about this. What's good for the people needs to be voted on by "the people" and not representatives for the people. Those representatives have gotten out of control and are influenced by too many factors other than "the people". There are dozens of things I can think of right now that are supposed to be good for the people and one more are property taxes. Great idea to fund things but I will never truly own my property and be debt free. They can raise them all they want (and have) and put people right out of their homes. This is too much control.

If we want change we don't look to one man. That's what will safeguard us. I had a student ask me if we could put up a petition to change things from electoral to popular vote. Only 2 people signed this online. If people want change and want to stop corruption they need to take action. I think that's what these elders are trying to tell us. The stories are good but if we do nothing it's just as bad as politicians who are out for their party, self, inner circle. I'm looking at my kids' future so personally try to do all I can other than demonstrating. Vote for changes "the people" are trying to get on the ballot. Write to representatives. Keep paying attention and take action. There is a reason these highly educated people share their view points about similarities of our circumstances to World War II. They are taking action and at minimum thinking critically. Even if it sounds paranoid they are putting themselves out there to make people stop and exercise their minds. There is nothing wrong with that.

posted on May, 8 2013 @ 08:01 AM
I want to first say that I don't doubt the intelligence of anyone on here, well maybe a few, but this thread seems to be made up of many intelligent people. Having said that I don't see this at all. My formal education includes a BS and an MS in history. While this does not necessarily make me the most knowledgeable on the subject, I think it does make me somewhat qualified. The truth is that there are just too many differences between the United States today and Germany at the time. Hell, the history of the two countries is so incredibly different. The economy was different. Germany was suffering from the worldwide depression, but also had to pay heavily for their involvement in the first world war. Politics were different. President Obama can not do much of the stuff he wants to do because of a fierce resistance in the US House. The US system of checks and balances works.

Now as a history person, I want to simply say, any person who compares a US President to Hitler is simply ignorant. To say that is to insult millions of people no longer with us. It was ignorant when liberals did it to Bush, and it is ignorant when conservatives to it to Obama.

Read Mein Kamph and the writings of Obama, these are two completely different kind of people. The fact that I actually have to type that makes me feel embarrassed for some...

posted on May, 8 2013 @ 08:33 AM

Originally posted by ThreeSistersofLoveandLigh
reply to post by BobM88

Two things for the record:
1. I am not paranoid. I have no reason to be, no one is out to get me. However, I am very afraid of the attitudes and sense of superiority that seems to be proliferating at an exponential rate in the country I call home. It is very reminiscent of the sense of Nationalism that made Germany a force to be reckoned with.

The OP sounds a lot like garden variety paranoia.

Everyone has some sense of superiority, so we cannot pick and choose and after all you display this in the thread, but doesn't everyone? I am not being critical, this is part of human nature, but it is best to know the truth and be aware of it.

Nationalism? That was not the problem of Nazi Germany.

What about people who wave flags of countries they have left? What is the purpose of that? Nationalism is actually the norm. I think it is something to do with our nature.

In many countries you cannot even come on the internet and talk negatively about said country. Wouldnt you think they were closer to the methods deployed by Hitler?

Now, first thing that needs to be present, aside from speech taken away from the "little guy", is the implementation of a dictator. Even then it is still a way off form Nazi Germany, but i think this is a prerequisite. I dont know, I am just nor seeing it.

In essence, a sense of superiority...gosh, without some glimmer of delusion imagine all the things that would have never been discovered.
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posted on May, 9 2013 @ 10:02 AM
Dude...the rise of the fourth Reich is allready here in started at the end of WWII when we turned a blind eye to the Nazi's that we harvested for our nuclear, and rocket tech...
I dont think people really realize how much we are like the Reich....except for all of that extermination and master race crap.

Look closely at our military and its tactics its modeled after the german war machine completely

posted on May, 9 2013 @ 12:09 PM

Originally posted by Romeo1

Look closely at our military and its tactics its modeled after the german war machine completely

How is that?

posted on May, 12 2013 @ 03:32 PM
Reich Britannia, Britannia rules the way, never never get in Brtias way

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