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Run for peace,run for Boston

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posted on Apr, 27 2013 @ 02:47 PM

"A nation can heal when and only when all her hearts will beat as one heart with love, for peace."

I have read somewhere this title and I guess that someone somewhere will organize a marathon in the memory of those who has lost their innocent lives in those fatidic and vicious attacks.

Well the only think I understood was the title because the rest was written in an unknown language.

I think it is a beautiful gesture to organise such an event,to honor the heroes because indeed they are heroes.

I guess that a nation ca heal only when will beat as one heart and that heart will live with no fear for the future.

Because fear is the destructive essence of the devil.

By making you living in fear.

Also hate is coming along with fear in such cases.

And hate makes the hearts not to beat as one heart....for peace...for future.

That is why in my humble opinion it is important that an entire nation should "run for peace,run for Boston".

I mean to choose a day when in each city people organize a marathon for peace,to show there is no fear,to smile beat as one heart ,to show to the world a nation is more than guns,to forgive but in this way not to forget.

Because indeed heroes can be celebrated with joy to show to the world that a nation can rebirth Today for Tomorrow.

To show to the world that a nation can be what once was and no sacrifice is in vain.

Indeed the criminals should recieve what they deserve but in the same time they should be treated accordingly with their actions without hate , because the key is to not speak their names Ever.

If those innocents who lost their lives sat in front of guns with their innocent hearts,then...a nation can beat again as one heart.

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