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Brazilian Ministry of Defense - Official Meeting With UFO Researchers.

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posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 02:46 PM
reply to post by karl 12
Great thread, Karl12.

This guy is the unsung hero and the person who headed up the investigation into the Colares Flap. Unfortunately, he died mysteriously, and it was later claimed "suicide" by the Brazilian authorities.

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 09:59 PM

Originally posted by Jaellma
This guy is the unsung hero and the person who headed up the investigation into the Colares Flap. Unfortunately, he died mysteriously, and it was later claimed "suicide" by the Brazilian authorities.

as for the reason of his suicide it is not known, might be something unrelated to the colares though.

he was the boots-on-the-ground in that area along with his teammates, so i am curious to hear the opinion on Colares Flap from his subordinates too..

Even as military observing team (and unarmed) , they also got a bit personal encounter with the phenomena. A massive disc suddenly appeared above their observation post and hover there for a time.. its like the phenomena knew these military types are powerless against them and showed it to them.

A former intelligence officer who led an official investigation of UFOs said he and his team photographed “many flying saucers” and admitted he was once badly frightened when a huge UFO hovered just a hundred meters above him and his men. “

I was terrified,” he said. “At that moment I didn’t know what would happen. They could have abducted us. They could have done anything they wanted to with us.” We were talking to Uyrange Hollanda, a retired Brazilian Air Force lieutenant colonel, whom we interviewed for two days at his home in Cabo Frio, Brazil in August 1997. “It was about seven o'clock, just after sunset,”

Hollanda (right) said. “We never saw anything approaching. Suddenly a big disc-shaped object thirty meters in diameter and fifty meters high was hovering exactly above us! “It made a noise like an air conditioner, and in the midst of that we could hear a sound like a bicycle sprocket when you pedal backwards. “It was emitting a yellow glow that would grow and dim, grow and dim, every two or three seconds for about five times.

As we watched we could see small yellow and orange lights in the middle of it. After the fifth time, the lights turned light blue, dimmed and then it disappeared with incredible speed toward the sea.”

The astonishing close encounter occurred near the village of Baía do Sol, about twenty-five kilometers north of Belém, one night in November 1977 during a long series of UFO sightings in thirty villages at the mouth of the Amazon River.

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Hollanda also described UFO harrasing fishermen around the area

Fishermen from Colares also saw UFOs going into and out of the water of the bay and sometimes they saw blue lights moving around underwater. “They told me about these sightings, but I did not believe them,” said Hollanda, who was a captain at the time of the sightings.

“Once I was sleeping and the sergeants came and told me they had photographed a flying saucer diving into the water near a boat. I waited for the fisherman to come to shore and he told me that happened. He said he was afraid. “Several weeks later I saw a light near a fishing boat. The light was blue. It circled the boat once or twice about three hundred meters away and then it dived into the water.

“The boat was about eight hundred meters off shore. I could see the sail of the boat in the light from the UFO. I saw it. It really happened. I started to believe the fishermen were telling the truth.

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posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 10:09 PM

Originally posted by karl 12
UFO Document Release:

It's said that discussion was focused on access to military documents regarding UFO investigations and although the Brazilian government has already released over 4000 documents 'some of the files regarding the more famous cases have yet to be declassified'.

IIRC In his 'CONFRONTATION' book, Jacques Vallee mentions that when he visited brazil (and colares area), he also got invited to the military base there and his team had a briefing related to the UFO. Mr. Vallee mentioned that the military didnt plan to release all colares related documents for a special reason, and Mr. Vallee said he understood the reason as to why the military withhold the rest of colares info. (in my opinion it was documents related to more scarier part of the colares flap, including attacks to people and to pilots)

Here's few of the colares flap data related to pilots

771123/09:30 – Colares – Ivaldo Viegas Pantoja, 34, high school, commercial pilot, Taxi Aero Novacks, resident of Belém – “Airship” clear gray color, like dull metal, 30 meters high (altitude of plane 60 meters), speed about 100 Km/h, 3,000 meters away, about 1.50 meters in size, moving SE/E. Witness was flying a Cessna 206, taking off from Soure (on Marajó Island across the bay) for Colares… [Note: This was one of the few daytime sightings. Pantoja said in 1999 he was so frightened that he returned to Soure and stayed there until he was calm enough to fly to Colares

781106/14:30 – City of Amapá – José Rodrigues dos Santos, 38, commercial pilot, high school, resident of Belém – UFO, clear gray tending to clear blue, shiny metallic, shining blue and red on the bottom; oval-shaped… apparent size 6 meters; varying speed; 1,500 meters high at a distance of 100 meters; SE/NW, flying toward the plane, veering sharply and coming alongside plane, maintaining position 100 meters away for a few seconds, then in front of the plane, then ascending vertically… Witness (a commercial pilot) has long professional experience (PLA 7125), being the first case of this kind that has occurred in more than 20 years of aviation, the near collision causing momentary emotional disturbance that later led him to see a doctor. During the first pass (by the UFO) plane was on automatic pilot (120 degrees at 1,500 meters, speed of 315 Km/h) caused strong turbulence, causing plane to lose altitude… UFO left behind bluish slipstream when is accelerated and climbed.

780429/19:00 – Baía do Gurupí, beach of Caracará-Marabá (Vizeu) – José de Ribamar Viana da Costa, 36, high school, commercial pilot, Taxi Aero Marabá, Belém – Reddish-yellow light over the ocean at angle of 45 degrees, moving SE/NW, very bright; focused three bright blue lights on the water, reflecting on the surface of the sea; remaining for some time stationary, then moving away to the west at great speed.

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posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 10:20 PM
Another Interesting Fact on Colares military operation : Ordinary Films do not register the UFO Phenomena, They need SPECIAL FILTERS and FILMS to photograph the UFO. So the UFO Phenomena was visible to naked eye and special filters but not visible to ordinary lens and film negative.. Anyone know what kind of EM effect is this ?


My problem was that I saw lights almost every night, and we photographed them but the negatives didn’t show anything. I had no proof of the flying saucers, only my visual information.” Generally, the team members would spend a week in one village or another – moving from Colares to Mosqueiro to Baía do Sol to Benevides, Santo Antônio do Tauá, Vigia and many other villages, as well as farm areas, and return to Belém on weekends.

They often saw flying saucers themselves and photographed many of them, then kept detailed notes and sketches on altitude, movement, direction, color, shape and anything else they believed important. In the daytime they would type up their reports.

They interviewed people who had seen UFOs and had been burned by them, again making written records of what people told them. “We were to photograph everything we could. But I spent two months without any (photographic) results.


Many times during the two months, I saw very bright lights, blue lights, yellow lights, but I didn’t see one object. I saw lights but no shape. “When we saw a big ball of light we photographed , I was sure when I came back to headquarters that we had a picture of a big light, but nothing showed on the negatives.

“Then I asked for filters and special film, infrared and ultraviolet. The results were much better, and then we identified many other forms, many other shapes.” Once they started getting results, they were able to get good photos of UFOs, he said. "We took about three hundred photos and we photographed eight dif­ferent shapes of UFOs,” he said in a 1981 off-the-record interview, sketching them on a legal pad (left and below).

The first was a disc with win­dows.
The second was rectangular, like a barrel on its side.
The third was a trapezoid, or like a pyramid with its top cut off.
The fourth was like a Boeing (737).
The fifth was triangular or like an arrowhead. They flew very high in the sky and very fast. They were also seen leaving the water.
The sixth was domed.
The seventh was pointed on the top and bottom and was black on top and white on the bottom.
The eighth was like a ball with three sticks coming out the back, with lights on the sticks.” I

In Cabo Frio in 1997, Hollanda said they had actually seen a ninth shape – a huge mother ship (below). “It was maybe a hundred meters long with windows in it. This was near Baía do Sol. And little ones (flying saucers) would come out of it and later go back in, three, four, five, six sometimes. We photographed this several nights.”

posted on Apr, 29 2013 @ 10:40 AM
The Varginha case shows the Brazil authorities are not that open about it as this thread tries to show they are.

posted on Apr, 30 2013 @ 07:26 PM

Originally posted by Basqiat
The Varginha case shows the Brazil authorities are not that open about it as this thread tries to show they are.

varginha case was proven to be hoax

posted on Apr, 30 2013 @ 07:44 PM
I must say that this is one of the finer UFO threads I have seen here in quite some time. Thanks for all the hard work, guys!

This one and the rare documentary thread up and running right now have given me lots of cool stuff to look at. A lot is already well known, but there are some great tidbits here I was not familiar with. Well done.

posted on Apr, 30 2013 @ 08:46 PM

Originally posted by milomilo

Originally posted by Basqiat
The Varginha case shows the Brazil authorities are not that open about it as this thread tries to show they are.

varginha case was proven to be hoax

Was it? I must've missed that meeting, don't suppose you have any links?

posted on May, 1 2013 @ 08:43 PM

Originally posted by Zcustosmorum

Originally posted by milomilo

Originally posted by Basqiat
The Varginha case shows the Brazil authorities are not that open about it as this thread tries to show they are.

varginha case was proven to be hoax

Was it? I must've missed that meeting, don't suppose you have any links?

you can google them. bear in mind that the ones who debunk varginha case are UFO researchers and not unbeliever debunker/skeptic like phillip klass

posted on May, 2 2013 @ 01:42 AM

Originally posted by karl 12

The meeting was held at the Ministry of Defense headquarters on April 18th and was attended by representatives from the Brazilian Air Force, Army and Navy -Researcher Fernando Aragon described it as 'a date that will go down in history of Ufology' and it's said the meeting came about as a direct response to the 'Foz do Iguaçu' Ministry of Defence letter -a document issued by the Brazilian Committee of UFO researchers during the 4th World UFO Forum which was signed by over 30 speakers from a dozen countries and nearly 600 people from the audience.

Foz Do Iguacu Letter (pdf)
Brazilian Government Website


i wish there's an english version of the documents...

posted on May, 8 2013 @ 10:16 AM
Appreciate the replies and haven't got any time at the mo but here's a recent interview with AJ Gevaerd from the Citizens UFO Hearing about the MOD meeting, he also mentions the UFO incidents in Colares.


posted on Jul, 18 2013 @ 10:45 AM
A. J. Gevaerd interviews Brigadier José Carlos Pereira, Brazilian Air Force (Ret.), the former commanding general of Air Operations and Comdabra, the Brazilian Aerospace Defence Command - sourced by RealTVUFOs:

'It's time to end the secrecy over UFOs'

Part 1

Part 2

posted on Sep, 15 2013 @ 04:03 PM

Files released recently about another case of UFOs feed further speculation of ufologists."In conclusion the observed facts contained in almost all presentations, this command is of the opinion that phenomena are solid and reflect somehow intelligence, the ability to track and maintain distance from the observer, but also fly in formation, not necessarily manned "reports the final considerations of a report recently released by the Air Force on UFO Official Night, became known as the appearance of dozens of foreign objects on radar of air traffic controllers in May 1986..


Possible government document about the case:


posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 08:50 AM
Looks like that document was a real one and was released by the Brazilian Government in the '80's package' under the title ‘Occurrence Report’ -it was written by the then acting commander of the Brazilian Air Command of Air Defense (COMDA) and what it has to say is pretty interesting to say the least.

Among the important files just released in the 80s package, there it is a certain ‘Occurrence Report’, dated June 02, 1986, just a few days after the ‘invasion’ by 21 UFOs of the most developed areas in the country. It has 8 pages and is signed by Air Brigadier Jose Pessoa Cavalcanti de Albuquerque, acting commander of the Brazilian Air Command of Air Defense (COMDA). Now, what this report contains is very interesting, and I quote its Final Considerations part:

1. Based on the analysis of above-reported events, it is this Command’s opinion that, according to the information from the controllers, pilots and previously elaborated reports from I Cindacta (Air Traffic Control and Aerial Defense Center), that there are some points of coincidence regarding radar echoes, accelerations, illumination, velocities and behavior, either by technical detection or by visual contact.

2. Some of those coinciding points that we can name are those phenomena which exhibited certain constant characteristics, as follows:

a. Produced radar echoes, not only on the Air Defense System, but also on the intercepting airplanes simultaneously, with visual comparisons by the pilots.

b. Change in velocity, from subsonic to supersonic, besides hovering capability.

c. Varied altitude, from below FL-050 to altitudes above FL-400.

d. Occasionally seen as white, green and yellow lights, and sometimes no luminous indication.

e. Sudden acceleration and deceleration

And there is more. In the Item 3 of the Final Considerations part, the Occurrence Report says clearly that ‘the phenomenon (UFOs) is solid and reflects intelligence’. See it in full:

3. As a conclusion of the observed constant facts in almost all presentations, it is the opinion of this Command that the phenomenon is solid and reflects intelligence by its capacity to follow and sustain distance from the observers, as well as to fly in formation, and are not necessarily manned craft.

NICAP Case Directory

posted on Dec, 4 2013 @ 05:51 PM
Very relevant video from the 'Need To Know' series discussing official Brazilian UFO research, government UFO documents and specific cases:

The next episode in our series covers Brazil's UFO investigations. The government of Brazil has openly acknowledged the topic since the 1950's and has released a number of UFO files from their investigations. From 1969 up until 1972 Brazil had an official UFO research organization called The System for the Investigation of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (SIOANI). It'd investigation were open to the public, and they would often work with civilian UFO researchers. However, when the US closed their UFO investigation program, Project Blue Book, the Brazilians soon followed their lead and closed SOIANI in 1972.

posted on Dec, 4 2013 @ 07:34 PM


Originally posted by bigfootgurl
South America seems to be ahead of the curve with this stuff as far as official investigations go.

Chile, for example, has CEFAA as it's official UFO investigatory agency. The U.S. could take a lesson from this, in my opinion.

Unless the US is already dealing with aliens directly so they already know everything.

Exactly, not only that but many of their files that will stay classified are ones where they have made deals with us. Deals where we took possession of live alien crash victims etc. Of course there is no proof of these stories but knowing how our military and government works i tend to believe it. Lol

The Bot

posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 09:22 PM

originally posted by: Jaellma
reply to post by karl 12
Great thread, Karl12.

This guy is the unsung hero and the person who headed up the investigation into the Colares Flap. Unfortunately, he died mysteriously, and it was later claimed "suicide" by the Brazilian authorities.

Jaellma, that truly is a fascinating interview (assuming he's telling the truth that is) - the video link you posted has been removed from Youtube so here's another link - it's the only copy I could find of the full version with English subtitles so if anyone's in a position to download it for future use it really would be appreciated.

posted on Jul, 25 2014 @ 09:34 PM
I wish I could be excited about this stuff. I used to be. I don't know what killed it for me but I suspect it is because I fear the truth more than I welcome it. I am not afraid of the truth about aliens or UFO' s, I am afraid of the truth about humans. The people that lied and died over the information... Something so grand that has been experienced all over the planet and yet no general understanding about what is true about it. Either the stories are NOT true or we are living a truly diabolical existence. The latter does not excite me.

posted on Aug, 28 2014 @ 12:12 AM

originally posted by: MALBOSIA

I wish I could be excited about this stuff. I used to be. I don't know what killed it for me but I suspect it is because I fear the truth more than I welcome it..

Well kudos points for being honest Malbosia and I expect quite a few other folks feel the same way -whatever's going on when it comes to the UFO subject at least some South American countries are being far more honest and open with their citizens about official research than their Western counterparts and I suppose that can only be a good thing.

Excited or not, there's a great link below containing pdf files of folders disclosed by the Brazilian Ministry of Defense 'confirming activities of unidentified flying objects in Brazilian territory' that' really is well worth a read on a rainy day.


Military reports addressed to Brig. Gervasio Duncan and Gen. Moacyr Uchoa
describing UFOs flight and landing in the states of Rio Grande do Sul and
Rio de Janeiro, including a UFO chasing aircraft and sightings of 2-meter
tall beings beside their spacecraft in the city of Belo Horizonte (MG).
Report from the Division of Security Information of the 2nd Air Zone Command
on the spotting of UFOs by radars in the region of Varginha (MG). It also
contains an official report sent to the Air Force Command on the sighting of
a large flying saucer with several windows over Presidente Dutra highway.

Newspaper clippings reporting UFO sightings followed up by military and
police forces at the time. One case describes how two UFOs chased a bus
carrying 34 students onboard. Military telegrams including one from the Air
Base in Rio de Janeiro informing a UFO sighting at Morro da Onsa - the
landing site was spotted by a FAB aircraft. A document from the Division for
Flight Protection on the 3rd Air Zone describing UFO sightings in June 1972
as a "swarm of fish". Letters and instructions.

This one contains documents generated by several civil associations
throughout the country which clearly indicates the government surveillance
on researchers' activities. Among those pages are bulletins from Sociedade
Pelotense containing researches on animal mutilations, correspondence
exchanged by the Air Force and Gen. Moacyr Uchoa, and also a summary of
David Jacobs' book, The UFO Controversy in America. Strangely enough, it
also contains an Italian citizen's statement reporting a UFO occurrence
caught by movie camera in 1975 - the movie would have been sent to the USA.

Includes a protocol by Salvador Air Base undersigned by several brigadiers
reporting occurrences in which military reported sightings of large UFOs
followed by smaller ones. Air traffic controller and other seven witnesses
claim to have seen a large UFO that would be the "mother ship". Also letters
exchanged by Brazilian and foreign civil ufologists with Air Force military.
Among these, there is one request from researcher Bob Pratt concerning UFO
incidents in USA territory. There are also reports on sightings that
triggered Operacao Prato.

This is the folder which contains more information including reports on
several sightings all over the country. Reports from Operacao Prato account
for most of the material in the folder amounting to 170 report pages and 126
mission pictures. The most important cases are there and include maps,
diagrams and other sketches of varied UFOs and mother ships. Materials
describe UFO trajectories, geographical coordinates, view angles, time, and
physical effects caused by UFOs on soil and people when there were direct

Reports from a serious occurrence registered by the I Integrate Center for
Air Defense and Air Traffic Control (Cindacta) on the night of June 20th,
1978. A multicolored UFO performed maneuvers at high speed causing panic.
The object showed intelligent behavior and ability to vanish from one spot
to reappear in another. The chief of police and 20 of his men were witnesses
to that. There is also a transcription of talks between radar operators and
three civilian aircraft over a UFO sighting among Campinas, Marilia,
Pirasununga and Brasilia cities.



posted on Aug, 28 2014 @ 07:53 AM
a reply to: karl 12

very good thread! lots of info i was not aware of. you know your stuff karl12.

i have just finished reading the COMETA report by the french scientists from 1991 i think. it was interesting. im sure you are aware of it.

can you or anyone else tell me how to flag this thread?


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