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So, I sprained my ankle (2n degree)...

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posted on Apr, 26 2013 @ 04:22 AM
Hi guys, I sprained my ankle week ago, I immediately went to emergency room, they did X-ray, nothing was broken. However, I was diagnosed with second degree ankle sprain. They put acetate (octan) cream and bandaged it. The ankle was very swollen, and there was no bruising present at that time. Next day, I kept putting ice on it, then not at all for couple of days. Few days ago, maybe 3, I started icing it again. I keep my leg elevated, even when sleeping.
I started taking liposomal vitamin C daily, 2 times a day, B complex once a day, and MSM 2 times a day to speed up the healing. I am unable to step on my left foot, where the injury occured. When I put it above ground when standing, I feel pressure and strong burning pain in my ankle. Yesterday, bruise appeared, it supposedly is part of the healing, which is step forward.
I got it bandaged today, they put acetate (octan) cream again, and also elastic bandage on top.
I have few questions:
1. How long does it take for 2nd degree ankle sprain to heal?
2. It happened approximately on August 18-19 at night, according to doctor, the healing time is 3-4 weeks, that means that according to him, it should be healed by half of May however, according to the internet it is 3-8 weeks, and also rehab is recommended. Which one is more correct? I am going abroad on June 8-9 for work for 3 months, will I be completely healed by then with fully functional ankle?
3. Is there anything else you'd recommend me to take, to speed up the healing?

Thank you
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posted on Apr, 26 2013 @ 04:45 AM
reply to post by Farnhold

I sorry to hear you hurt yourself.

I had a snow accident just after christmas, did my tendons round my hip, my knee and ankle.

4 months on, and it is still sore. When its a tendon it seems to take longer to heal than a bone break, and no guarantees it heals properly in the end.
I have gotten physio therapy on the injuries, I stay of the leg as much as I can. I also take a seaweed natural anti inflammatory which seems to work really well and reduce swelling.

Good luck stay off your leg and rest up .

posted on Apr, 26 2013 @ 06:57 AM
reply to post by Farnhold

August 18th to 19th? I think you might have mistaken the month

But back to the topic, about a month ago middle of march, exactly the same thing happened to me on an ankle that i had already badly sprained a couple of years ago.

The ankle swell up straight away to almost the size of a tennis ball and i didn't go to the ER as i knew what it was and apart from strapping it up and taking rest i wouldn't be able to do much else.

As i am a fairly active person i just strapped up my foot to stop it from moving and got along with everyday life. (even if i was supposed to rest it), including driving roughly 5000 kms in the same week (which hurt, but i had no choice as it was for my work). Although on an evening the anti inflammatory cream came out after my bath.

A week later my whole ankle and foot went black (right down to the toes), but 15 days later everything was back to normal again...

The healing period basically depends on how you rest your foot and how you as person with healing in general.

However, don't forget, that once you have sprained that ankle, it will always be more fragile in the future.

Hope this helps?

Kindest respects


posted on Apr, 27 2013 @ 01:52 PM
Did you mean April, not August??
Sprains do take awhile to heal.

I used to sprain mine VERY often....and at that time I worked in a garden one ankle was always taped for support to prevent further injury.

I agree with the poster who said once sprained, it is always more fragile.

In my case, I have fallen arches, that contributes to the problem as I am always off center.
I either wear braces I got from the doctor....or these, available online, like Amazon:
ankle brace

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