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Psyops war on propaganda losing ground to the millions of aware in the general population

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posted on Apr, 25 2013 @ 09:51 PM

Originally posted by Afterthought
reply to post by AmberLeaf

Im not part of a Psyops, i just understand a lot of people arent really that clever, so use that to my advantage.
I dont make millions like some, but i do well enough

So, you get paid to post on here or are you saying you're an author?
Thanks for admitting that you share the government's opinion about people not being clever and using it to your advantage like they do.

edit on 25-4-2013 by Afterthought because: (no reason given)

Nooooo i dont get paid for posting here, but if i could...why not? Maybe you would see me agreeing more with the outlandish claims lol
And no, im not an author, just have sites exploring conspiracies, youtube channels and blogs.

There are groups of people open to exploitation, conspiracy theorists being one. The government arent the only people using peoples ignorance to their advantage.

You have opinions, i have opinions, who cares? I dont agree with all of yours, and you dont agree with all of mine, though i could change that if i thought i could make money off it haha. You realize the paid shill thing is also just a business idea?? Governments MAY pay people to sway opinion, but those people are never going to admit be more inclined to believe you were a government shill.

Its just business, like Apple selling you a slightly improved phone every six months

posted on Apr, 25 2013 @ 11:21 PM
I think most people know....they just dont want it to be true.
Theres so much strife in peoples personal lives, that they dont want to deal with the way thigs are going.....
It would involve a lot of hardship, and perhaps some very tough times, the sacrifice is too much for them to commit to. so they stay "unconvinced".....this kind of denial does have its limits though....and i think we are approaching that point.....

posted on Apr, 30 2013 @ 01:09 AM
Thank you for posting this article. Recently I have become aware of the fact that there are many more 'awake' individuals than 'they' would have you believe. I have been trying to explain this idea but have had trouble, like mentioned in the article, finding numbers. For so long, I thought the numbers were very, very low. They may have been, but today the numbers seem to be rapidly multiplying. There are millions of us, over a 100 million in the US alone. Now that we are awake, we need to let others know we are awake with them. People stay quiet out of fear, but I see people going public with their 'alternative thinking' more often now, leading me to believe the people are willing to fight and not get abused any longer. A key to being awake is not keeping it a secret. The masses, largely due to media (tv, news, magazines), are convinced that only a few people follow the so called "conspiracy theories", even if they themselves slightly believe in the possibility that it could be a plausible theory. Thanks to MSM, the world is inadvertently learning that the population of people noticing and asking questions is really rather large. The mere fact the MSM in the US is having to talk about the 'false flag' speculation and ridicule it is a clue that they are feeling threatened and desperate. They know they have pushed themselves in a corner. I know we are stronger.

posted on May, 19 2013 @ 09:54 PM
Psyops what is it used for? Who is involved and what is to gain. Would think they don't start some thing like that unless they believe they would gain some thing or win some thing. Haven't watched TV for several years other than when I was out and thats not the same as selecting you own channels. Couldn't tell ya whats going on in the country or in the rest of the world. Use to watch regulary and was interested in the news and world events. Who ever controls the information controls all of us.

posted on May, 29 2013 @ 10:08 AM

Originally posted by Prisoner60863
I feel that hope is lost for us. The powers that are in place have been there for a very long time. I think they would destroy us and start again if we ever got to far out of line. The people, even the ones that know that truth really are helpless.

Pretty much agree here. We are pretty much just punishing ourselves by digging for things. But it's so irresistible.

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