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Liberals Explain

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posted on Nov, 4 2004 @ 02:47 AM
Okay I have been talking to some leftist freinds and here is their explanation of 2004 election defeat or Bush's victory.

Evangical evil doers caused it
It was about anti- gay marrige
Pro life...
Kerry hasn't lost it yet
Edward was lazy
Republican ran fear tactics
Clinton conspiracy
Florida 2000
War time President
Bush lied
Average Americans don't know the truth about Iraq
Pollsters misslead
John Kerry wasn't vocal enough
Wrong candidate
Southern voting block
It was Dean maniacs
Stupid Michael Morre
Minorities defranchised
Voter fraud
Blacks chose die from vote or die
Hispanics are ignorant
College students were irresponsibel and didn't turn out.
Bush has declared himself the Messiah
Karl Rove is Satan
Americans actually are liberal, just they didn't vote for them
Americans were misslead
Americans are idiots

Everything and anything except for the fact liberal idealogy is at the wrong side with the vast majority of Americans.

I am sure you have meet freinds like mine, so please add your favorite explanation

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