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A Video/Movie with a Very Powerful Message: Love is All you Need?

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posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 10:39 AM
Ok, this is my first actual thread here on ATS, so I wanted to make it something that had a Great impact.

I figured the Social Issues & Civil Unrest Forum was best for this post, considering issues regarding Homosexuality and other gender/social issues would be labelled under "Social Issues", so if this is in the wrong Forum Mods, feel free to move it.

The film in question is "Love is All you Need?", it delivers raw emotion and impact with its portrayal of life to those who get bullied or emotionally/physically/mentally beat up.

It essentially brings up a Scenario, where Homosexuality is the Norm and where Heterosexuality was shunned, and goes through the social issues presented with being a target for hate, especially with young kids or adults dealing with hate due to these problems.

Personally, for me, I see the film as a way to put oneself, especially Heterosexual folks, in the shoes of a Homosexual person. It allows one to feel the pain and issues of a Homosexual individual, much like as the film presents it, in the form of a Heterosexual in a world where Homosexuality is the norm.

It's Fairly Enlightening and Emotional to say the Least, and is definitely worth the watch. It's definitely worth the 19 minutes to say the least.

Here is the Video:

Annyways, give it a watch, state your opinion on this, and if you have anything else to say regarding this sort of presentation in the video, feel free.

Sidenote: Searched the forums to see if there was a thread relating to this video and found nothing, so Mods, if there is a thread regarding this video, do your thing.

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