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U Big Brother? WE BIG FATHER!

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posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 06:52 AM
Since 911 I came to the conclusion that governments (especially USA) are pushing new laws on spying / datamining of civilians. All under the disquise of more safety.

But who is spying, datamining on government officials & Letter agencies?
Why shouldn't we the people create an organisation for investigating / monitoring them?
Since they refuse to be transparent and lie a lot we should bring in a Big Father to monitor Big Brother on corrupcy and Illegal practice like representing wallstreet / corporations instead of the public. They all should be monitored, recorded for every move / communication / decisions they make

If the people have doubts about an event like colorado/boston/oklahoma/911/JFK etc we can demand an investigation of the government if it was doing illegal things like false flags / doing coverups by the MSM etc..

Imagine a U.N. Force who has an clausule like Martial Law but a system that can overrule Martial law by forcing a People Law. In case of abuse of Martial Law, the public can take control of the Military to force the current government to stand down and initiate a new government. Offcourse both (government and the people) can not overrule the constitution. since this is the Basic for freedom and liberty of everyone within this country.

People are being hanged / lethal injection etc for murder of 1 or a dozen persons. But it seems that people in government who do genocide get a free "get out of jail free / skip convitcion of death sentce free" card.

If government knew that people would be able to find out about lies and coverups and put them to trial, I'm sure the representatives would think twice before they make decisions which rape us from our freedom and constitutional rights.

Grrr I hate the path we as society are going: "a totlaitarian control planet" by control freaks who are horney for power while they know that eventual WE the people are the one with a collectivve power.

So lets demand a stop for all the fearmongering, lies, innocent killing and especially uselsess wars for economy (military industrial complex)

My Rant against the BIG criminals of society!
May justice serve!

posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 07:08 AM
great post and i agree.. We the people need to learn how to give a voice to our dreams and hopes in a way that cannot be ignored. We all have ideas for what is right and what is wrong and i think its time we spend our thoughts, time and effort where it counts.

I do find it difficult not to be too judgemental (against corporations or people), but even the people we want to blame are a product of our society.. and by blaming people you wont fix the problem. again; great post and some food for thought!

posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 07:11 AM

Yeah but actors will say anything... if you listen to the people who can't tell tv from reality.

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