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On another war, and one aircraft.

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posted on Nov, 4 2004 @ 12:47 AM
Well, this isn't really a prediction.

I just think that soon, maybe two years from now, maybe less, the Bush administration is going to move into Iran, Syria, and probably also Lybia. Not all at once though. Something may happen soon that will 'force' the administration to move into one of those countries, and will spark skirmishes with the others (probably a few more also). Due to this action, the US will have a falling out with Saudi Arabia (eventually), and then the good stuff will start. I think we can all imagine what a war with the Saudis would entail. I don't know, just seems like its possible now.

On a totally different note, I beleive the F-117 Stealth aircraft has been flying out of earths atmosphere. I just think that it is designed for that purpose. The flat bottom for re-entry, the lack of any external appendages (that would burn off), the black color to foil backyard astronomers, the classified materials in the aircraft 'skin', and its classified flight ceiling. Now to get really wild, where does it go in space? Why did america just quit going to the moon, never to speak of it again? And why does it burn when i pee?

Heh, anyways, not to sound like a nutjob or anything, but I was just thinking about those things, and seen that I could share my off-base 'predictions' with people would could maybe get a laugh out of them, or maybe think about something different.



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