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Sirius Film: Please Do Not Post Links To Pirated Material!

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posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 09:02 PM
It's definitely not worth paying for

the whole beginning is hoaxed already proven scam reports of UFO sightings and theories

then at the very end is the pay off of the mini me alien skeleton which is just a taxidermy monkey skeleton.

the taxidermy is good and would be a goof sitting in a Ripley's Believe it or not museum in St. Augustine, FL.
but that's about it..

it's definitely like 1 hour of filler while teasing about this skeleton then the last few mins they show off skeleton, some "expert" claims dna doesn't match anything he's ever seen must be alien!

So you get a few last minute Herp Derp moments of this

And the credits roll


posted on Apr, 25 2013 @ 05:40 AM

Originally posted by Majic
Owning It

Originally posted by mykingdomforthetruth

then cispa sopa pipa the government and the corporation .. already owns your ass bend over ats and take your compliance training like a good little website.

Not a very fair, or polite, way to put it. We don't support piracy or other illegal activity on ATS. It's nothing new.

Don't like it? Then organize and campaign to change the law. Nobody's stopping you. We don't make the laws, we just get busted if we break them.

Disagree with ATS policy? That's fine, but being rude about it won't change anything.

Ats policy or actual law ? If it where actual law then sites like piratebay wouldn´t exist at all as all they do is host links between users who file share ´´Dude you finished with that dvd can i copy it?´´ ´´No its copyrighted´´ Do you know how dumb that sounds ? ,most of Ats users file share everyday myself included it´s mostly not illegal accept for cases like copyright that most users really couldn´t care a less about and hosting links between them is not illegal copyrighted or not because its a link not the actual material. Now if you bought Sirius and started distributing it yourself that would be illegal but if a user bought it uploads it somewhere else and posts a link here whats illegal about you allowing the link to sit on your forum ? Like torrent sites allow torrents to sit the crime is being commited by the user not the site therefore you not allowing links to sit on your forum is nothing more than compliance it would be a different story if the vid was embedded ... Am I right in making assumption ??
and sorry about going off topic here it wont happen again but if I owned Ats I would tell the government to do 1 and jump through every hoop I could for internet freedoms

edit on 25-4-2013 by mykingdomforthetruth because: Spelling natzi in me PS please don´t ban me :´-/ love Ats don´t wanna leave !

posted on Apr, 25 2013 @ 05:52 AM

Originally posted by GR1ill3d
...This is about linking to sites that may host copyrighted material which is a violation of ATS rules.

I understand that fully. However, I felt the need to state my opinion since this thread is about the Sirius movie. (Even though it's about copyright infringement and not the actual movie.) So I was kinda on topic.

I own a couple of forums too, and the worst thing that I deal with (besides spam) is people posting links to eBooks, movies and music. Even if they don't realize it's copyright infringement. So I know where the ATS is coming from in regards to that.

posted on Apr, 25 2013 @ 06:06 AM
The Moral Story

reply to post by mykingdomforthetruth

The actual legality of posting links to pirated material is debatable, since they are, after all, just links, but that's not really the issue in regard to our terms & conditions.

It's rather that we don't support illegal activity and do not permit our forums to be used to support it either. That's not why ATS was founded, not what it's for, and there's simply no reason to expose ATS or its membership to any form of legal jeopardy for something like that anyway.

We also don't permit links to sites that feature warez, hacked password files, credit card numbers, security exploit tools or other things used to commit crimes. We also don't permit discussion of mind-altering drug use, even for legal or "semi-legal" drugs, shocking images containing mutilation or gore, pornography, legal or otherwise, or anything of an explicit sexual nature.

So it's not just about laws or "compliance", but ethics and suitability. We don't want that stuff here, legal or not.

In the case of copyrighted material, you have expressed the opinion that it should be free for anyone who wants it. That's your opinion. International copyright laws and lawyers who make their living squeezing settlement money out of people who violate those laws have a different opinion.

If those laws were to change, and in a way that didn't condemn people who try to make a living creating art, music or literature to getting screwed out of an income, then maybe things would be different.

Maybe someday they will be.

posted on Apr, 25 2013 @ 12:33 PM
Just to clarify,

If I produce a 2 hour film with any sort of content in it,

declare "full disclosure inside",
film absolutely nothing related to how I advertised the film AND disprove my own "teaser fetus thing"

The ATS mods will help make sure that it costs $10 to find out I'm a liar and scammer who specifically targets sites like ATS because of the implied interest.

My summer is planned!

posted on Apr, 25 2013 @ 03:33 PM
It's ironic that Greer himself has been accused of copyright theft in the past regarding the UFO Research Coalition's document Best Available Evidence, for the most part authored by Don Berliner. It is said that Greer replaced the original cover of the document, removed all references to its origin except Berliner, and named himself and CSETI as being responsible for its concept.

"Greer's pirated version of the document retained the name of the true author -- Don Berliner -- to avoid accusations of plagiarism. Berliner states emphatically that he received no input from Greer or any of his associates at any stage of the planning and writing of the document. In particular, Greer's claim that his 'Starlight Team' selected the cases summarized in the document is completely empty, as Berliner insists he, alone, chose the cases for the document. And he finds the implication that he worked with Greer and CSETI to be highly insulting, and damaging to his reputation as a professional writer."

Further, Greer, in his rebuttal of the allegations of piracy, bemoans the use of copyright on important UFO material.

Greer's piracy

posted on Apr, 25 2013 @ 09:44 PM
it's enough to know it's very very simple to find

heck it keeps being reuploaded to youtube....

also use google's own search engine that way no link required.

and yes it's a scam

posted on Apr, 25 2013 @ 09:59 PM
Sorry but .. if it lands on the net .. and people get it for free...

Its free

The internet is for the people..not greedy scumbags. If you dont want your stuff pirated.. then dont put it on the interwebs

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