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The Devil's Greatest Trick

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posted on Apr, 23 2013 @ 07:14 PM
My premise is simple: there is no conspiracy. Bold, perhaps, but the evidence is literally everywhere. It yells to us every day in the news. As much as we can't hide from "them", they can't hide from us, either, and it's all there. Yes, they come for us in the night, but hardly under cover of darkness. No action goes unreported and we know it. Widely reported incidents, top stories, from umpteen news sources both independent and corporate, every action picked apart by newsmen and journalists, twits and bloggers across the mainstream and underground from every angle until the stark ugliness of the deeds is laid bare and bloody before us.

The "them" is the government, not just the United States government but every government, and and though they are not out to get us specifically as individuals (most of the time) with nefarious intent, their rampant, pervasive, and obvious corruption has the same effect.

Who has the most money wins.

Not who has the best ideas, the cleanest intentions, the best track record, and especially not for anything even remotely close to ideals or ethics...

None of that, just money. Money wins. Money! Stupid bits of paper and cheap metal and of data with no meaning outside the ones we give them. Money which cannot buy happiness, which cannot buy time. Really? For that? We and our elected officials have gotten so sorry that money is the most important thing? We glumly accept or even truly believe that profits come before everything else in life, up to the point of killing ourselves to achieve that... and usually for some other person who's already rich? Seriously? In real life we do this?

The question is only partly rhetorical. It seems so ridiculous, I can't fathom how people could think about it and still do what they do.

It's nothing new to me, I just get angry from time to time. Angry that two dumb younguns can blow up a marathon race and a chemical company can blow up a town, both in the same week, but the chemical company gets away with it. I'm not saying don't hang that poor boy; I'm saying, hang the chemical company guy too. He knew what he was doing.

It's really all about context.

You read News Article 1. You read News Article 2. You watch News Story A. You watch News Story B. You don't put them together. Rinse and repeat.

"Oh, but he's such a good guy," doesn't help either. We have a really sore case of that as a species, too. We are too trusting. For the record, there ain't a good guy alive responsible for more jiggery pokery in the mid-east, or bribing officials or being bribed (ahem, "lobbied"), or being a blatant racist, etc etc etc. I'm thinking of examples as I describe the deed. Bush, Obama, every lobbyist ever, just seriously google "known racist politicians" because the list is long. They aren't good guys. They're messed up broken evil-doing badguys, and we let them rule us.

We allow this. For "order", even though there is always order, government or not. We assemble ourselves quite well when left to our own devices. Anarchy only means what you think it does because it scared the right people.

We the people, on the other hand, have been scared by so many things, scared into believing that we need the government, because society would otherwise devolve into lawlessness and violence, we've been told. Any time something horrific happens, we all hear about rioting or the possibility of rioting. Well, yes, that's a possibility when the **** hits the fan in real life. Individual people, though, are generally harmless, and groups are hardly worse. A placid group is the norm. We self-regulate when the pressure isn't on. We could do without people controlling us, without government, without big business.

But such ideas have been villified as pointless and useless by the media, because they are threatening. They are threatening to the people who do sit at the top of so much, and who control so much. Hippie garbage, lawless, violent, stupid, destructive, immoral, they say.

So we're hardly free. We are oppressed worldwide, we the underlings, some of us moreso than others, but certainly we are all oppressed. Fear, poverty, war, and worse, and then on top of it all, we're frequently and willfully stirred up to hate each other by people who serve their own interests by such manipulation.

To get us to watch more, buy more, volunteer for wars, hurt each other, exploit each other, do as we're told, just do our jobs; consume, and be consumed, as somewhat unwitting parts of this disgusting machine.

But is it a conspiracy? No. Conspiracy implies unbroken secrecy. Conspiracy implies collusion. There are surely many real conspiracies in amongst this nonsense, but they are incidental. This is, from the perspective of the politicians and the super-wealthy, a very lucrative alignment of interests. But it is hardly secret, and it is more of a perfect storm than it is a master plan. Half accident, half intent. Not a conspiracy.

You'll note that in global society, there is a point up the tower of wealth at which the person is completely immune from scrutiny between hostile political interests. That is only partially coincidental. It is easy to evade the law when your consulting firm and the senator you bought last election cycle write the actual laws. That's why gigantic multinational corporations with a track record of exploitation spend so damn much time lobbying. They want thirteen cent an hour labor in China, they want their product to be the only one you have access to, they want you to work for barely enough to live on doing relatively menial crap for richer people until the day you die. It's convenient. It makes them lots of money. And the more money they have, the more power they can buy, which, in turn, increases how much money they make. Compounding the matter is that they have arranged the law to protect themselves. We, however, are not allowed to fight back, even nonviolently.

It's not new, either. This has been ongoing for generations. Our ability to trust a crazy stranger with a history of pointing metaphorical (and once or twice literal) guns at people's heads is truly astounding. This is not a recent ailment, either.

Europe had it bad for quite a while, under the monarchies and oligarchies of the nobles and royalty, and the accompanying theocratic background from the Catholic Church, throughout most of the second millennium. The relationship between royalty and Church was symbiotic. One reinforced the other in political and monetary aspects. It keeps going after that, but at that point the monarchs become "elected officials" and the church was replaced by simple economics.

You can't say Dick Cheney didn't think about his Halliburton portfolio when he and President Bush were drumming up support for a war in Iraq. And god only knows how much was looted for patrons and churches during the Crusades.

And yet, we let it slide. Century upon century we let it slide. They convince us to let it slide.

And you let it slide, and I let it slide. We let it slide. And we sit around now talking about it and writing on the internet about it and preaching to the choir about it and pretending that changing our facebook picture does something to help the situation. And voting... for the people with the most money behind them.

No direct action. Just talk. And then we run off to support the people we think will hurt us slightly less. You and I and everyone we know perpetuate this mess.

So why are we even here?

posted on Apr, 23 2013 @ 07:56 PM
Thank you lycosa. There was no trick to the Devil's conquest, only one
requirement-- because he is after all the lord of this world. Just fall down
and worship him instead of the Other Guy and he'll give you anything you
want. Trouble is he's the destroyer, and the Creator has to watch until
almost everybody and everything is chewed up: especially us pesky aware.

posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 01:06 AM

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posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 01:31 AM
As a human underling.....I suppose your monologue would resonate with many - possibly the 99%. Said but true. The devil is in the details and our congress are fellow cherubs.

When all else fails - Hope is all we can have left. With that I can hope the our plutocracy will one day SOON come to an end. What the top fortune 100 companies are able to do is to have elbows rubbing with our corrupt system as well finding all the loop holes that only fortune 500 know. Needless to say, our deductions of Social Security and medicare are based on lie. They rob the coffers for stupid grants to learn the mating of snails and bridges to no where. TPTB are telling us that "entitlements" have to be revamped (or eliminated as we know it) but they will still deduct from our paychecks the allocations which will probably be your company for having a job.

I have a 4yo and 21yo. My oldest blows money on stuff and doesn't save a dime while her 8th grade educated boyfriend mooches off of her father; and waiting for her car to finally loose its last breath (because her and bf trashed it while trashing the brains and lungs. It seems when the fiat dollar is assassinated or the printer runs our of ink, the sheep will wonder around looking for their Shepard but realize there is a wolf (the gov) in sheep's clothing that will be the demise of them all.

You think Virgin Global will give us a ride to the dark side of the moon to see a new paradise or maybe to Mars since we all know the truth is being held from us there.....they believe that we are all idiots. Fortunately we are no and hope their day of reckoning will come soon.

posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 03:56 AM
reply to post by mcsandy

You have not even seen the worst of it yet. It is just building up to the final bang. Even in martial law, You still won't see it. Not just yet. But the invasion coming, is orchistrated and in part by the illuminati.

Why do you think they anal probe you at air ports? And the govs obsession with RFID chips. Its because they are reptillians. And their obsession with the occalt and satanism

^ this.

Is because the reptillians are from here.

I believe they are some type of master grey race. The pleiadians themselves with the purest blood have pale skin. But their underling come in many shapes and sizes. Why do you think greys are so into hybrids? And why do you think the pleiadians have ships here? Supposedly to kill the reptillians hiding here?... but birds are decendents of feathered lizards called dinosaurs. Angels that look human with wings and such was never mentioned in the bible. That is completely made up. So we have lizards who control the vatican. Okay. Well that explains all the depictions of angels looking all cupid like when that is completely wrong.
Obviously religion has been messed with way to horribly. And no where in the bible does it say reincarnation isn't real.

But if people actually read the bible themselves they would know. That a baptism is just a reprisentation of coming out of the womb again surrounded by water. It does say that people are filled with the holy spirit and are reborn again, but it makes 2 seperate distinctions. One, after death and one when they take in the body of christ. Which means body of the warrior. Christ or christopher literally means Warrior of god.
So when you take in this christ body. You accend. This will not happen until the seals are opened. When they are opened the knowledge may be passed and also the power may be embodied into others. Now what about purgatory? Well thats basically where ghosts chill. It never said anything about no one being reborn, infact it mentions it over and over that people are reborn through the holy spirit ( dark matter dark energy) the father is a seperate being all together ether known as Yahweh or Anubis Then we have the son, who is krishna kris chris kronos they are all the same. He is a good guy and all, but he is also a harbinger of death. So kinda don't forget that. Anyways, Those that do pass under and become the legion of the lord become free from death. The bible makes references to this.

So how can all this be possible? Well simply. Because this is all an egyptian story. These halls are real and heaven is real. And you don't have to die to get to heaven. Heaven is in earth. But the seals need to be unlocked first. And the heros must pass through the halls of judgment. Where they will be annointed.

From there they can chose to devour or burn whom they please. They also may see into any man and woman and know their evils. If they see good men and woman, they will be spared.

The more valient men and woman found under the draft and purification will have a chance to walk the halls of judgement themselves. IF they become chosen warriors of god, True angels. The ranks of heaven will be restored. Atlantis will be realized once again. And wisdom and justice will reign as ruler. As it should always be.

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posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 09:02 AM

Originally posted by DocHolidaze

Thanks Doc. One of the two best things Kevin's ever done.
the monologue near the end of Se7en still freaks me out for
the truth of the status quo now. "It's" presently "so common..".

posted on Apr, 25 2013 @ 07:35 PM

Originally posted by derfreebie

Originally posted by DocHolidaze

Thanks Doc. One of the two best things Kevin's ever done.
the monologue near the end of Se7en still freaks me out for
the truth of the status quo now. "It's" presently "so common..".

Hear hear.

posted on Apr, 25 2013 @ 08:11 PM
Satan is the Great Deceiver, the Father of Lies and his greatest trick (deception) is to convince most of the world that he does not exist.....but he does.

posted on Apr, 25 2013 @ 08:20 PM
IMHO the devils greatest trick is conning the world into thinking there is a savior, so that people will think they are off the hook for not dealing with the reality of consquence..some one else died for THEIR sins?!
but then the devil is the prince of deception, especially if its self delusion...
delusions like free "debt based money"

oh the anagram for jesus christ there are not to many complete ones:
Rich Jests US

posted on Apr, 25 2013 @ 08:24 PM
God is to Gold what Satan is to Fiat Money....where you can use it and spend it but it wont be worth anything in the long run.


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