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New job requirements

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posted on Apr, 26 2013 @ 03:10 AM

Originally posted by k1k1to
reply to post by Cornczech

for my last job

they did a polygraph

a psychological test

a neighborhood test

a drug test

a physical abilities test

a basic math and reading abilities test

and i passed all of them...

they turned me down because i had bad credit...

tell me about it

OK, so after reading all the other posts so far, in addition to having good credit, we can add the following to your list.

Must meet job requirements (of course).

Can't be over qualified.

Must be multilingual.

Must have a clean background check.

Must not be on the business black list

The younger the better, but less than middle aged for sure.

Must have 3 years experience.

Must have valid a driver's license and reliable car.

Must be able to lift 50 lbs.

Must be willing to take a pay cut and start at the bottom without benefits, regardless of last employment.

ETA: So did I miss any?

edit on 26-4-2013 by MichiganSwampBuck because: added last line

posted on Jun, 20 2013 @ 10:46 PM
reply to post by Cornczech
Last few job interviews that I went on were in my own home town. We have very crooked politics here, and a long history of vanishing public records. I was told on all 4 interviews, that they (the potential employer) was very impressed with my resume, but that they felt that I was being distracted by courthouse documents that I had in my possession. If I could be persuaded to sign affidavits that these documents were false then perhaps they could find a place in their company for me. They also wanted me to turn over the original copies to be destroyed, otherwise I might find myself unemployed in all 50 states......Imagine that! Needless to say, the answer was "NO!" and a few other choice words, and we parted ways.

So, be glad if all the employer asks you to do is learn another language. It is a annoying, and I think ridiculous because ENGLISH is a much more complex language. It is the only language on Earth that is literally made up of all the other languages. ENGLISH is the "tongues." Count the letters.......7. E1, N2, G3, L4, I5, S6, H7. If you know all the English language then you will basically know all the languages including the ancient, and obsolete ones. No other language can claim that. The English Dictionary is volumesque. Our words are spoken in syllables, or we have multiple words used to describe a single object. ENGLISH is slurred foreign languages, mixed together in the most magnificent of ways. There is no language on Earth more interesting then ENGLISH, nor more complex. If you will study linguistics, not only will you enjoy English so much more, and learn a multitude of foreign words, but you will be amused or shocked at how much English words are constantly misused by the general population, and even public figures. It's funny, and yet scarey. The majority of our public figures are basically illiterate. If one of them misuses a word then they all tend to do it.

posted on Jun, 27 2013 @ 01:29 PM

Originally posted by Night Star

Originally posted by Kody27

Originally posted by Cornczech
And I know I'll be blasted for being "racist" or whatever..but what happened to new immigrants learning ENGLISH?
edit on 4/23/2013 by Cornczech because: because I am a retarded and cannot spell

Why didn't you learn to speak Cherokee or Navajo?

I would love to myself but suck at languages. I learn many words in different languages but can never converse in them. for some reason I just don't retain the info and most people are just like me. We are now the USA and the primary language is english. Strange that it's only the spanish speakers who refuse to speak english. Why immigrate to a country if you can't learn that country's language? Why have an entire country bend over backwards to cater to you? Why force the citizens of this country to speak a foreign language in their own country just because of one group who refuses to adapt????

There are several other groups of people that speak thousands of different languages, not just Spanish.

Like I said, why didn't we just learn Cherokee and Navajo languages when we landed here?

posted on Jun, 27 2013 @ 01:56 PM
reply to post by Cornczech

Quite frankly, its all over with. Things are never going to be like they were again. The playing field has been switched, and most of us over 30 have no clue what to do about it. And we're surrounded by so many lies, exaggerations and half truths, nobody knows whats actually going on. By design of course..

Everyone is filled with anxiety, fear, frustration, prejudice and hatred. And these work places are packed with them. Like cattle in a mad farm. So even if you were able to speak Spanish..and reverse your age by 10'll still have to face this changing toxic financial landscape.

We all better start figuring out some new ways to earn a living. We better all start now before these sick corporations and toxic companies gain the legal right to brand our behinds with their logo's..

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