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Ann Bressington Given Proof of Socialist Greens Admitting Treason and Refuses To Expose It.

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posted on Apr, 23 2013 @ 11:56 AM
This is a transcript of the conversation I had with Ann Bressington of the Legislative Council of South Australia. I believe she is a UN PY-OP, by her refusal to expose a video interview, taken at the Western Australian Parliament at a Geo-Engineering protest on January 20th 2013. Her involvement with the OPPT movement was questioned, her responses were, you decide.

Hi guys, have just been messaging Ann Bressington who exposed AGENDA 21 who you promoted the video of, on this site. I told her I had a video interview with Senator Scott Ludlam of the Australian Greens Party. During the interview he made several admissions they are as follows.

1. He supports Anonymous, and owns a mask.
2. He supports Julian Assange and Wickileaks.
3. Acknowledges that the Genocide of Australian Aboriginals is still happening under Labour.
4. Talks about Agenda 21.
5. Acknowledges TRAPWIRE.
6. Acknowledges HAARP.
7. Admits that the Greens and Labour are working to hand over our Australian Sovereignty to a foreign
UN Government Power.

Beneath is the transcript I had with Ann Bressington, who does not seem to want to act on these admissions. Can you give this video a bump so we can get it out to the Australian Public.


Can I ask you a question that is worrying me Ann?

Of course

Iam not sure if you are aware that the Western Australia Chemtrail Protest Group had officers from the State Security Investigation Group.(videos on youtube) The reference to Falun Gong was disconcerting. The question I pose, after reading the constitutional changes to the Oath of Allegiance by removing the crown and inserting state.(Both links are on your wall) Is the OPPT a UN Py-OP intended to ensnare the truth movement? They know we cannot be stopped and our numbers will continue to grow, so by people exiting the system via courtesy notices, be a ploy to tear up the Australian Constitution and implement a Global UN Charter? Additionally what can you tell me about the SSIG with regards to their powers, can you provide me with a link? Thanks Ann.

Well first of all OPPT does not appear to be a trap to me. Some quite recent developments have occurred and the end of this system seems to be almost upon us. This is not about "one world government" by any stretch - exact opposite in fact. they are using the term NEW WORLD ORDER because they refer to the structure that has been in place as the OLD WORLD ORDER - slavery system. CN's are being distributed to the heads of government departments, heads of police departments and are being used as an educational tool along with another document explaining what it all means. Many have been received with very positive attitudes. The truth is that a lot of hierarchy KNOW what has happened. Indonesian royal family who holds 90% fo world's wealth have agreed to enforce arrest warrants issued and release wealth being held to create bridging money to tide us over for final trust access. I am not sure what SSIG is?

State Security Investigation Group

I know nothing of them.
quite frankly none of this worries me anymore MF. I am speaking personally and not as an MP but I do have a good feeling about this and have been cautious along the way.
have you been following OPPT?
If you get time have a listen to this.

Its the Old World Order coming back in, I have alot of information on the LI Family as well. When and what awakened your mind? I note that you stated in your video that you heard of Agenda 21 back in 2008. Why so long to join the Movement? We have to ask these questions Ann, its nothing personal. I have looked into it, but my intuition is guiding my judgment. Further more do you think you could raise the admissions Senator Scott Ludlam made when I interviewed him back in January, maybe you can expose him in question time. He made many admissions, suprised he gave the interview. The main one that he makes is that the Greens and Labour are working towards handing over our sovereignty to a foreign power. I have him on video. That is an admission of Treason. Can you bring this up in the Legislative Assembly? SSIG are a division of the secret police monitoring domestic terrorism.

First MF it did not take me "this long" to put it altogether. I was talking about Agenda 21 in parliament hoping it would get picked up by livestream media. Not a murmur. I am a firm believer in "timing" and when I made my speech the Time WAS RIGHT. I had been having meetings with farmers for a long time trying to get them to understand what was driving the environmental movement and the laws being implemented that was driving them off their farms. I was doing my best to expose this for a long time without any cooperation from lamestream media. I got a few interviews on our local radio station and then it got too hot to handle. The # that has reigned down on me since that speech has been unbelievable, but I have laughed it off and kept it up. Had to close my FB page because it was hacked. Media has hammered me in SA as a conspiracy theorist blah blah. I am not in the legislative Assembly - I am an Independent in the Legislative Council for South Australia - no jurisdiction over federal politics. I don't mind being asked questions to clear things up. I do not agree that it is the old world order coming back in probos martials have been instructed to bring in powers that were. It is NOT THE LI family it is the SINO family of Indonesia - oldest dynasty of Indonesia.

MF you have not answered the question I asked. I have an admission from a Senator that they are handing over our sovereignty to a foreign power, will you raise the issue within your circles. Tavistock trained responses to your opportunity to expose this, will silence them. Its an admission of Treason that will expose the truth. I will send you documents through TOR to verify that the LI family received trillions of dollars, signed by George W Bush just before leaving office in 2008 during the bank I have alot more of this footage taken from the weekend as we are looking at the worst HAARP activity with chemtrails we have ever seen. I live aproximately 1 mile from Fleet Base West Navy Base. All HAARP activity seems to be emitting from there. This is my first email to you guys, I know you are busy, but their are alot of Australians who access your site. We were investigated by the SSIG (State Security Intelligence Group) at our arrival at Parliament House Western Australia, I have footage of this, they liken us to Falun Gong. Please send me an email reply, so I know that iam not just wasting my time. I have alot of footage.http...://

posted on Apr, 23 2013 @ 12:06 PM
Straight after this conversation, I was kicked off Facebook chat and, couldn't retrieve messages as it stated they were irretrievable. My Internet Provider also kicked me offline. These were the final two comments of the conversation before they disappeared.bailouts.

Ann Bressington
I will be more than happy to raise any issues in my circles if I get the documents you speak of. MF I was not dodging a question I thought you were confused with where I was and in what capacity. I do not dispute the trillions that the LI family got from GWB I was talking about SWISSINDO and the deal that has apparently been struck

Mavendetta Firstmonkey
You raise the admission from Ludlam and you get them and much more.

posted on Apr, 23 2013 @ 12:47 PM
they get big bonus checks from the gold collar criminal crowd - when the give up the countries sovereignty to the UN
watch for blue helmets coming to street near you.

posted on Apr, 23 2013 @ 12:56 PM

Originally posted by jibajaba
they get big bonus checks from the gold collar criminal crowd - when the give up the countries sovereignty to the UN
watch for blue helmets coming to street near you.

Clearly you have never worked with the UN. The UN has about as much power as a you do at taking the sovereighty of countries.

posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 01:54 AM

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