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The liberals' attacks on Kerry for losing begin...

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posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 11:04 PM
There were a few posters on ATS yesterday and today asking, "How long until the liberals attack Kerry for losing?" or "How long until the Democrats/liberals begin fighting amongst themselves over this devastating defeat?"

Well, it seems that The Progressive Magazine has thrown the first rock:

"John Kerry gave a lousy, reprehensible concession speech... what was reprehensible about it was Kerry's insistence that his supporters cave.

And I'm not even talking about the question of whether to challenge the Ohio tally. I'm referring to Kerry's command that we act like good little boys and girls and eat our spinach and work with George Bush.

Amazingly and nonsensically, Kerry said, "In an American election, there are no losers, because whether or not our candidates are successful, the next morning we all wake up as Americans." What does that mean?

You lost, John. We all lost. Huge. And your fatuousness cannot hide that fact.

Kerry continued his lecture. As Americans, he said, his supporters have an "obligation. We are required now to work together for the good of our country. In the days ahead, we must find common cause, we must join in the common effort, without remorse or recrimination, without anger or rancor." Hell no!

...How dare you demand that we join up with Bush! How dare you demand that we support his war in Iraq!"

posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 11:41 PM
i'm hard pressed to recall a speech as good as kerry's concession speech. he was humble, gracious, and i felt like i was seeing john kerry the man for the first time. to hell with the Progressive Magazine for being so ridiculous and childish. let them carry on in the ways of whining and complaining. the rest of us will work to better our country.

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