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Mass protest actions in Turkey

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posted on Apr, 23 2013 @ 07:30 AM
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It looks like NATO Patriot missile systems split Turkish society. Recently the cleavage has become more sharply defined. Growing dissatisfaction with foreign military presence in Turkey leads to social unrest.

Particularly something serious might happen tomorrow. Mass protest actions against Patriot missiles and possible NATO military intervention in Syria are planned. According to Turkish media and information obtained from social networks these actions will be carried out on April 23.

Turkey tries to prove itself as a part of the Western world. However a large amount of population does not want Turkey to be used in promoting interests of Washington and Brussels in the Middle East. Public discontent that resulted in protest actions against the deployment of Patriot missiles that we’ve witnessed in recent months clearly show that.

Now the situation is becoming even more tense. Early this week Turkish patriotic movement called Turkey Youth Union has carried out a large-scale hacker attack on Turkish mass media. Activists from Turkey Youth Union are known for beating German soldiers and other anti-NATO protest actions. This time they placed their banners on the main pages of Turkish media resources websites. Here’s one for example:

According to Turkish media and social networks hackers also attacked fax machines of Turkish citizens including politicians and other public figures urging them to join protest marches planned on April 23.

Here’s the copy of one of the fax messages released on the official website of Turkey Youth Union.

More info about the event (in Turkish)

I would not recommend you visit Turkey in the near future. It’s not safe in there for Americans and Europeans nowadays. A lot of people in Turkey don’t like us there and it seems they are ready to take violent actions.

posted on Apr, 23 2013 @ 08:00 AM
Could somebody please explain to me why German soldiers have to stand guard at the Turkish border with Syria? Is there some old and deep tenseness between these two countries?

Because - there seems to be no problem with invading airplanes or such.
Only some grenades crossing the border, obviously by failure of aiming accuracy.
And those can't be intercepted by Patriots, anyway..

So, why are we paying our soldiers triple their pay for foreign missions when there is no need for them?

posted on Apr, 23 2013 @ 08:03 AM
The government over in Turkey haven't been very popular for a long time especially concerning Syria who they see as pretty much brothers. This doesn't surprise me one bit either, it's pretty much just another insult to the first point I brought up except now the Turks have foreign hardware moving around their country.

posted on Apr, 23 2013 @ 08:12 AM
reply to post by mikado23

I can't honestly remember a time it was ever "safe" for an American to visit Turkey....

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