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Title Says: "Americans 'snapping' by the millions"...As in death

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posted on Apr, 23 2013 @ 02:40 PM
reply to post by GoShredAK
Looking forward to your story. Please U2U me a link when you finally get it posted if you don't mind!

posted on Apr, 23 2013 @ 05:42 PM
Peter Breggin knows about anti-depressants, suicide, and people "snapping". He knew about this stuff a long time ago. It took him years to get a congressional hearing.

posted on Apr, 23 2013 @ 08:03 PM
here. watch this, this should enlighten you like it did me. you should have a good understanding on this issue after this documentary.

posted on Apr, 23 2013 @ 08:13 PM
reply to post by mactheaxe

Thought I would post the vid for you and as another thread I posted said, the psychotropic drugs charade started with the 1967 meeting

posted on Apr, 23 2013 @ 08:35 PM
I think the idea of "happiness" should be taken in to account. Exactly what does it mean to be "happy"? Therapists have tried to define it, but I think they have failed miserably. There are so many distractions and addictions now, such as tv, video games, internet, drugs, porn, etc. These things are easily accessible for most and create a false sense of "happiness". I think too many people think that the way these things make them feel should be the norm, that they should feel this way all the time, which is simply not reality. They think these things make them feel "happy", and that is what happiness should feel like. Couple that with the fact that too many people rely on instant gratification, and you have a real problem.

posted on Apr, 23 2013 @ 09:29 PM
Times are hard. Sometimes I wonder if any wheeling dealing politicians & business people who contributes to the downward spiral ever consider their greed contributes to the demise of others? Foreclosures seem to be a huge factor in people taking desperate actions.

So you can blame it on mental health drugs if you want, but as a person with a mental illness I can attest that $$$ problems are a key factor is stress levels.

People who believe they financially lost everything lose it mentally. Watch for much much more of this to come.

posted on Apr, 23 2013 @ 09:41 PM
Hey thanks! I will for sure....I'm looking forward to writing everything down because I've had a lot of expieriences and one hell of a life so far........I'm gonna start writing a rough draft tonight....anyway just a little preview........

Three years ago I nearly lost my wife and son during his birth.

He had to be delivered by emergency c-section.

By the grace of God everything went as good as it possibly could......any way that messed me up, and I already had daily anxiety (very physical, i literally thought my heart was failing, which created a wide array of awful physical symptoms, mainly centered around my heart)and occasional panic attacks.

It only got worse......I had zero knowledge of antidepressants or benzos, so after a few doctors (it only took a few minutes of their time) I was convinced I was bi-polar, with panic disorder, and depressed.

They gave me a bunch of stuff but for now ill speak of messed me up so bad, I was completely, utterly physically dependent, the withdrawals were hellacious..........I made it through though, on my own, against doctors recommendation (and boy did they try)..........well I'm only scratching the surface here....ill take my time and write it all out before I come back.....

Also, I'm not sure what u2u means or really how to operate this site properly, I'm a pretty hardcore noob but I love ATS an have been lurking for a couple years.

Sorry for the weird format everybody, again I'm on my phone and trying to type this out quickly)
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posted on Apr, 23 2013 @ 11:12 PM
]reply to post by GoShredAK

Also, I'm not sure what u2u means

U2U is the messaging system. If you want to send a message to someone go to their avatar and hold the cursor on "member" there will be a drop down list with "message" on it, just click that and you are on your way. If someone sends you a message you will see the word MESSAGE in yellow (I think) at the bottom of your screen, click on that to see your message.

Misread your post. Glad that things worked out with the wife and baby. I am bi-polar and have lived with it for many years. I can totally see how that stress would throw you into a messed up mental place. It was situational and not permanent.

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posted on Apr, 23 2013 @ 11:22 PM
I don't need antidepressants, I need more smoked fish and Bratwurst. I don't need Beta Blockers, I need either milk, eggs, or more meat in my diet. I don't need ADHD drugs, I need coffee with donuts or Cinnamon toast.

When we changed our diets to Healthier lifestyles, we disregarded what our ancestors knew. Now we need to take pills. Study the good and the bad in everything. Don't automatically believe those who profit from us being sick.

posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 12:32 AM
reply to post by sad_eyed_lady

Thanks, i appreciate you sharing the info. it was situational, but a huge part in my eliminating panic attacks and bad physical anxiety was healthy diet and exercise.

I was doing a lot of surfing back then, and at first I would paddle out and be so anxious and so convinced my heart was about to stop, that id have to paddle back to shore.

Eventually all the negativity disappeared

Now it all seems like a distant nightmare, these days I have my family back together, take zero drugs, and have complete control over the anxiety that used to rule me.....
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posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 01:13 AM

Originally posted by WilsonWilson
40% of europeans plagued by mental illness?
that is a ridiculous figure.

I agree it should be much higher....ever hang with Europeans?

posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 07:35 AM

Originally posted by BrokenCirclesAll Of The ↑Above = [color=72C969]Money

As sad as it is, it's always been like that. Life is 90% maintenance and survival, 10% free time. Currency has existed as long as the modern civilization has, in one form or another, and people have always stressed over it, be it squirrel skins or numbers on your screen. People have actually worked longer days in the past.. but that is not to say they were more stressed.

I think that the main problem comes from that people are treated like robots — and when they become useless, they're get thrown into the waste bin.

It's always about the individual and the world we create around us. Try to make wise decisions and don't go with the masses.

posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 08:07 AM
reply to post by 727Sky

"Americans 'snapping' by the millions"

Should we be surprised?

You have to have a good view of it all... in a position to see and understand what was, what is and what appears likely to be. From there, you just have to overlay all three to begin to understand 'why'.

War. The US has been in its war on terror since late 2001 which makes it longer than even Vietnam. Moreover, there's nobody trying to end it. There are no marches on Washington to convince those in the marbled halls of power to seek either victory or ending.

Life/Economy. This nation depends on jobs to keep people working and regardless of the fact that everyone hates them; paying taxes. Since the globalist agenda saw our national industrial plant move to China (and elsewhere), jobs that once supported what was known as the 'middle class' have all but disappeared. Without those jobs keeping people fed and housed and paying taxes that are the income (revenue) of this nation, the economy has crashed and millions and millions can't find a decent job.

Decline of Culture. Today's culture is one built not on family but on cold daycare centers where children are raised without the benefit of gaining a moral compass. Instead of Mom and Dad, they get officially approved doctrines, spend their time playing bloody-violent video games and watching trash TV. The result is young adults who reach the age of majority without a single shred of understanding what it means to hold that position.

Leadership (or the lack thereof). The last two presidential administrations have not only destroyed America's reputation overseas, but they have wrecked it here at home. Both left and right have produced extremist administrations while the media foments discontent in the form of political polarization. The outcome is that we are now the proverbial 'house divided unto itself' and we are now also falling into ruin. Our neighbors are judged on political issues and if they voted for the 'other guy'... well, we might we consider them our enemies, not fellow Americans.

Distrust. Questioning the motives of our national government is no longer the pastime of just 'conspiracy theorists'. The average American citizen today no longer accepts most anything coming out of Washington at face value. From JFK to 9.11 to the Patriot Act and the behavior of agencies like the TSA; decades of things like this have left many quietly in doubt. This currently silent but undeniably present disturbance, is festering just under the surface.

So, yeah. People are snapping and it's not just suicides.

Our government's solution so far has been to replace resolve and determination with 'hope', attack the 2nd Amendment and increase what they call 'security'... for your safety.

I don't see the 'snapping' getting better anytime soon.


posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 03:47 PM
suck it up

posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 08:33 PM
I would like to open by offering an opinion I have regarding the mood and suicide rates among US soldiers, although I may be wrong about my ideas. I think that the in previous wars, where there was an enemy with an army to fight against, things were a bit different. The fact that the troops overseas are not really fighting a worthy adversary, an army, and do not know who their enemies are, really adds to the stress level and potential psychiatric disorders. Like I said, I may be wrong, but it seems to me that this may have something to do with it. It is interesting that the same thing happened to a degree with those who fought in Vietnam.

You had many encounters that were not against an actual army, but against guerilla fighters, and you did not necessarily know who your enemy was. I think this type of warfare has a lot to do with the psychiatric problems developed by soldiers and marines. I am not certain that these disorders or problems were experienced during and after all past wars, and if my idea is correct, this should not be the case.

Another large part of the problem may have to do with the willingness of doctors to think that any psychiatric problem requires medication. They do not even know how these medicines work for the most part, and the companies making the drugs are mainly concerned with profits. Or are too concerned with profits, and are willing to let the public take the brunt of the downsides. I really do not think they truly think their products are helping people. Personally I have a feeling that most psychiatric disorders, although not all, are caused by conflicts in the subconscious and conscious mind. I also adamantly believe that these problems can be solved through psychiatric therapy, without the use of drugs. But there are too many psychiatrists who do not truly do what they should, and even if they use this kind of therapy they still prescribe drugs that they should not be prescribing.

They prescribe drugs because they suck at their jobs. They should be able to help these patients without medicating them in most instances. If you look back through cases of really good psychiatrists from decades ago, before mind altering drugs were being handed out like candy, you will find that people were truly being helped because the doctors understood the origin of the problem. My personal favorite psychiatrist from these days was a man named Scott Peck. He has written some great books on mental health as well, but like I said, this was before the racket of the pharmaceutical industry.

posted on Apr, 25 2013 @ 01:14 AM
reply to post by 727Sky

Thanks for sharing. The numbers most certainly give back up to the level of deception msm has.
Mass manipulation is being used to trick everyone into thinking that everyone agrees with the politician which results faux socio-political war. A fake divide and conquer if you will. The percent of people who are "with the program" is much, much smaller than, and maybe only a fraction of, the percent of the people who disagree or vice versa. Social engineering at work. (for example: msm claims 75% agree when in reality 5% agree) The numbers shared by the OP tell a different story than the news, magazines, articles, bloggers, etc would have you believe. (please pardon my lack of clarity, its late and I really shouldn't make comments when my brain is shutting down)

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