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Somalia appeals for assistance in building its security forces

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posted on Apr, 22 2013 @ 03:24 PM

In 2012 Somalia began the formation of a new government based on what it termed as a six pillar plan with the creation of a strong security front on top of its agenda.

The president of Somalia Hassan sheikh Mohamoud, however, says that a delay in establishing this security front in his country has paved the way for illicit trade and criminal activities that are not only slowing the growth of the economy but also costing Somali lives.

President Mohamud made the remarks at a high level forum in Ethiopia where the challenge of Organized crime was being discussed by heads of state.

President Mohamud says Somalia is currently experiencing daily instances of crime, which are not only restricted to piracy and terrorism but also extend to illegal toxic fishing, waste dumping and a huge destruction of forest for charcoal production and export.

Criminal activities in Somalia thrive because other African countries either provide the market or sustain supply of the illicit trade. As such Somalia has appealed to other African countries to tighten the security enforcement in their own territories.

According to the latest report by the African Union Mission in Somalia, nearly 400 Somali troops have been trained in Mogadishu and Uganda so far. AMISOM, in collaboration with international partners, is making arrangements to shift most of the training for the Somali National Army to the newly refurbished Jazira Training camp in Mogadishu.

As the Somali government awaits the establishment of its security forces, it plans to tackle criminal activities, through re engagement of young former criminals such as pirates in vocational training. It also plans to educate them on the need to abide by national and international laws. However, the Somali president says the faster the country establishes its security forces the better it will be for a total eradication of criminal activities.

posted on Apr, 22 2013 @ 03:35 PM
LOL maybe they should do something about the piracy then maybe countries would be willing to help them out, that joker will probably get car bombed sometime in the near future anyway.

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