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life story, as a top secret worker.

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posted on Nov, 12 2013 @ 11:36 AM

reply to post by geobro

What made you come to the conclusion I was hearing voices or talking to myself?

Ever consider it might have been a diversion?

read "ultras" last comment.

My guess is that since they are targeting the mind and thoughts of the populace, that they don't want us reaching our true intellectual capacity. The question is: why?

If he actually worked and was paid to do what he states.... he would not have questions with a high level of security clearance.
He states he is "guessing" at a motive he is trying to understand.

Seriously? Does an infantryman know what the general is doing? Does a captain know what a general is doing? The idea that everyone in a compartmentalized system knows everything defies the point of compartmentalization. He's guessing motive, not guessing what they are doing - there is a difference.

and then there is this....

"If you can read between my lines, I think JFK learnt some stuff about this, and found himself dead as a result."

learnt? Ok... I can understand mspellining due to internet and thinking faster than you type.
thinks like that happen....

One, it has been said MANY times on this site that picking on spelling or colloquial phrasing is the not debunking. Two, it has been said before, he is altering certain phrases on purpose - again doesn't mean he's lying, only means he's doing what he said he was doing.

But I know how to read people and see the lines between for real.

Of course our government has experimented with "mind control" It is not really a big secret.

He never said it was secret.

it's not like he is leaking Top Secret Information for the first time.

He is just a kiddo trying to make sense out of the world and asking questions.

But he is clearly not "in the know"

That is all.

I'm not saying he is telling the truth, but your attempts to debunk are incomplete at best.

posted on Nov, 12 2013 @ 11:42 AM


What does the elephant mean to you?
So much money, so much energy, so much man power to control something they clearly think no better then a cow.
So as one who has a hand on the elephant - what do you make of the effort?

Occam's razor would suggest that they are simply: sociopathic control freaks, perhaps afraid of losing control/power, or in an unending cycle or desire to maintain it. (Just humans being their retarded selves.)

I'm smart enough to see some of the games they play though, there is a reason why you can't enter or leave a country without a passport, the lie you are sold is that it has to do with immigration laws, this is not entirely the full story.

But an Isaac Newton type person would look deeper. Perhaps there is a deeper reason for it all.
My guess is that since they are targeting the mind and thoughts of the populace, that they don't want us reaching our true intellectual capacity. The question is: why?

Let's take a step deeper into the rabbit hole, perhaps they are trying to protect us from ourselves, maybe they know that humans tend to self-annihilate after a level of advancement, without a corresponding mindset change; maybe even a DNA change is required.

If you can read between my lines, I think JFK learnt some stuff about this, and found himself dead as a result.

This could be the elephant, says the blindman.
He learnt something about them.

I can state without hesitation there is no inherent human trait to destroy themselves or the planet. The traits that are created by your, ahem, work, are not inherent in us. While those who pay your salary do want to keep control, as they were promised, the effort is for a much greater, grander, sequence. One key point, often seen, never truly understood, is that those who sell out their own people are always the first to go when the process of control is complete. They are never given a reward for their efforts as they have proven themselves to be unfaithful at the core. There is a cadre for whom this will be abundantly clear.

I have always wondered if those who are part of the plan to cage the human population through perception restriction knew what they were doing, while doing it that is. I see now, the effort to compartmentalize has another component to it.

posted on Nov, 12 2013 @ 01:02 PM
reply to post by ProjectUltra2013

That's for sure New Mexico...slight possibility it's in Texas or Arizona but I'm pretty sure it's New Mexico. Probably Los Alamos area seeing how the hills/canyon type areas. If your down in the White Sands area it's much flatter and less of that green look.

posted on Nov, 12 2013 @ 01:53 PM
reply to post by RickyD

I posted on pg. 5 the exact location of those pictures, re: the OP's "streetview" images. It's definitely not New Mexico.


posted on Nov, 12 2013 @ 04:15 PM
reply to post by ProjectUltra2013

Actually, you haven't told us anything that we don't already know.
Interesting thread nonetheless

posted on Nov, 12 2013 @ 11:14 PM

Mostly the original thread starter. Who seems to have no idea how things work.
The kid seems to be living in a fantasy.
ProjectUltra2013 story is full of holes.

To suggest the possibility of holes is to suggest that the ongoing mind control I was involved in is not real.
I know what I've done and seen, nothing you say will change my mind, but you *might* be able to persuade others into believing that their own government doesn't have a hand in this, and a hidden agenda behind it.

What is a government?
It's just a bunch of people running things,
and people aren't perfect, therefore the government has flaws in it.

Water is wet, fire is hot, and humanity has a vast darkside to it.
This is why police exist, but even that has flaws; who watches the watchers; who polices the police?

This is of course common-sense for most people, I would hope.

he would not have questions with a high level of security clearance.

There is a difference between clearance and need-to-know.
Most people who work on such things often don't have the full picture, they only see their piece of the puzzle.
For someone who claims they know how things work better than I there seems to be some gaps in your own statements, unless you are testing me. This is a: you-know-I-should-know-you-know game?

posted on Nov, 13 2013 @ 01:46 AM

reply to post by guardian0111

those unaware of the so called 'credibility' of StargateSG7 need to look no further:
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Just a response to a somewhat snide remark regarding credibility...MINE or anyone else's on ATS...


I thought you KNEW I'm just a disinfo agent for the powers that be....


that in fact, I work in a warehouse packing VHS tapes of 1970's era XXX videos to
to 3rd world countries....


that I'm an old fogie dissin ya young folks who'll believe ALMOST ANYTHING i say...


That in fact I actually DO KNOW assembler rather intimately but chose to mildly let the
resident coder keep his jollys...AND that I in fact DID design that PIC controller he's currently
working on and that I design, code and build 3D stacked CPU's for Artificial Intelligence systems....


I'm a Canadian spook who works for large intelligence agencies in BOTH the U.S. and CANADA....


I am just a 3rd year college B.Comm major from New York having a laugh at y'all on ATS !!!!!


You tell me!

Because on the Internet, I could be a bored 45 year old stay-at-home
mother of three pretending to be some bigshot and you'd NEVER know it!!!!

DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING I or ANYONE SAYS with 100% certainty cuz
this AIN'T real's just Memorex for bits and bytes!

posted on Nov, 13 2013 @ 03:40 AM
reply to post by crankyoldman

If you say so cupcake.

posted on Nov, 13 2013 @ 03:48 AM
reply to post by ProjectUltra2013

If you had all the answers... You would already know how "chain of command works"

No one is chasing after you cupcake.

Enjoy your life hiding out in your imaginary Faraday Cage.

That is all.....

posted on Nov, 29 2013 @ 02:11 AM
reply to post by ProjectUltra2013


Oh ProjectUltra2013 !!!! Where Art Thou?

We haven't seen ye on this site in a while!

Come back to us to further enlighten us with a tidbit of info for us.

I'd like to know whether you've been moved to Colorado yet
after your recent base closure and how's all that pulsed
microwave work goin' fer ya so far?

Have ye seen me latest SRED...pretty good yes?

That was just the short version....wait'll yer boys see the long-form version!

it has some REAL goodies in it!


Soooooooo, where is that electro-magneto-plasmadynamic optical-stealth coated triangular craft
currently based now???

p.s. Some RECENT photos of that new LMCO deltoid and the Northrup Grumman SB-xxx would be nice !!!!!

posted on Jan, 1 2014 @ 06:06 AM
Sorry I was busy killing Kim Jong's uncle, I cooked him from the inside out, but I'm back now.

There was no time left.
Any questions?

posted on Jan, 1 2014 @ 08:00 AM

Sorry I was busy killing Kim Jong's uncle, I cooked him from the inside out, but I'm back now.

There was no time left.
Any questions?

And they said you'd been run over by an escalator.

posted on Jan, 13 2014 @ 01:32 AM
I got up inside his head, and Kim thought he was betraying but it was actually my mind-control.
Kim finished the job, none the wiser.

posted on Jan, 13 2014 @ 02:10 AM
I really owe the world an apology for what I have done in the years past.

I'm just a lost soul now, I've hurt so many people in so many countless ways. I've raped and pillaged so many peoples lives, it numbers in the hundreds of millions.

If you find yourself: tired, homeless, manipulated, weakened immune system, poor health, having crazy thoughts or visions, or otherwise dysfunctional; or if you know someone who is, then there is a good chance you can blame me directly for it.

But the thing is, I can't stop doing what I do best. and neither will the "they" or the facility(s).

I was really hoping someone would have put me in jail by now, or just offed me.

On that note, I searched google using various keywords and apparently two other people in 2013 have also leaked a small amount of info about the facility. This is the first occurrence of this in all the decades of its operation.
I wonder how long it will stay up for?

posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 01:25 PM
reply to post by sulaw


posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 02:12 PM


Originally posted by 74Templar
Go ahead, spill it... :p


They are running a psy-op at this facility. They were looking for people who have abilities; specifically, the ability to control other people, remotely. Remotely, is the keyword here.

"Psychologically controlling people, remotely." is the illegal acts they are performing there.
Their targets in many cases, are their own citizens.

That's one of the primary reasons they hired me.

I was working there for about 25 years as of 2013. It's surprisingly effective and profitable. Enough to pay for my silence for a very very long time. But the other week I finally had enough of it all after too many deaths occurred, both targets and employees.

Now it is your turn to deny all of this, like the citizens of North Korea do.

Ive been a part of a program kind of like what hes talking about... the Cispus learning center in randal Washington was formally camp Waskowitz.. and they experiemtned on us in the 3rd grade.. Gave us some darrivative of D M T and from the research ive done and talking too someone who actually worked in the program he had details he COULD HAVE NOT KNOWN HAD HE NOT BEEN THERE and the name of the general in charge of all of this.
The cispus learning center was a front recruitment program for the special school of the america's.

I believe what he is saying has merit.. seeing as how #ty he feels about what he does. and me myself having experienced such programs...
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posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 02:18 PM

On a totally unrelated note.

Over the years I have made some "friends" with connections to black-project psychics; out of the blue they just told me today that "something has gone horribly wrong" and that "our timeline has shifted". They are all freaking out big time!

What nasty device has the TPTB activated today? This SERIOUSLY doesn't sound good at ALL!
They are up to something big!

Just thought I'd pass along their message.

and just to reiterate, this is something totally unrelated to the rest of this thread; but this has me far more freaked out than anything else at the moment.

The chani project entity spoke about "the time collide" this sounds a bit like that does it not?

posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 02:38 PM

reply to post by ProjectUltra2013

Fair enough response…. but…
what about these?

Originally posted by ProjectUltra2013
The whole place screams: GO AWAY!

It is kept under Ultra-Black control, so you will not find a single reference to it anywhere on the internet.
It has no name, by design.

Why NOW is that image now missing from your above post there? Did you delete it for some reason?

Ive been reading the whole thread its there.. This guy does not sound like a fraud too me..

posted on Jan, 25 2014 @ 03:16 PM

I can tell you guys about my experiences there... i can prove what school i was in and everything. Im backing this guy up 100% cuz ive BEEN there. And yes they DID # too us..

And im going to say right off the bat the trolling should stop here..
what things i remember about this place are horrifying... please.

Ive stared down a barrel of a gun 4 times.. ive layed in a freshly dug hole before with a gun too my head.... ive yet too ever... "freak out or loose my cool" but when i think about this place... even right now.. i am shaking all over and my heart is through the roof..

nooooo no. This # here is not a joke... Ultra thank you for coming forward with this.
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posted on Jan, 28 2014 @ 12:04 AM
Here is another photo, this wasn't taken by me, someone else took it, but I recognize it even though it has been blurred.

They do this so that people will break their legs if they try to enter over the barbed fence.

I would not be surprised if Area 51 / S4 uses this exact same technique

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