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The Coming Martial Law and Destruction of Religion

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posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 02:37 PM

Originally posted by SubAce

Originally posted by imagineering
OP, I've said it before and Ill say it again. No matter what, as soon as anyone sees or recognizes that you are a Jehovah's Witness you r thread will be derailed by off topic complaints, pokes and prodding's, apostates and people who have alternate agenda's and who have ZERO regard for what the truth is.
A post by a Jehovah's Witness can expect:
Personal Insults.
Hypocritical finger pointing.
Total derailment.
The spurning on of extremist, who are like Pharisee's in their view.

Keep your focus on your ministry the way it was admonished. Door to door.
The spirit of the "world" permeates this site.

Thank you for the comment.

I realize this. But have you ever thought. This is what happens when people in the door-to-door ministry receive the kingdom truth as well.

Remember the war that Satan is waging right now is with God's chosen ones. When anyone is exposed to the truth Satan and his demons are on top of things to try and squish the seed of truth that is planted. Here we can see it in action more directly as he uses people to spread lies and hate about us. Since you are able to see it it may frustrate you.

But when you preach to someone at work or on the streets or at their door the same thing happens. Satan will find someone to try and drown the seed of truth before it can set root and start to grow. We just can't see it at that time.

It doesn't matter where the seed is sown, once someone has read the truth it is in their heart, and Satan is scared of that because he does not know where it may grow. And we have no control over it as well. Jehovah will make it grow if he so desires. And who are we to try and force someone to understand the truth?

Just as the quote I mentioned above to the poser that keeps coming to my threads to derail them with his continual visceral attacks and slander against us:

(2 Peter 2:18) . . .they utter swelling expressions of no profit, and by the desires of the flesh and by loose habits they entice those who are just escaping from people who conduct themselves in error.

His expressions are of no profit, and they are because of the desires the flesh as God's word reveals. And he uses these lies to try and "entice those who are just escaping from people who conduct themselves in error."

Satan uses these weak-minded minions to try and smolder the seed of truth from those who are in the world and are just learning who God is.

I do not have a lot of time, and do not post often on this site. Perhaps I should do so less.

But these posers who come and try to derail the thread with ad homim attacks and slander prove all the more the truth we have as Jesus stated:

(Matthew 5:11, 12) . . .“Happy are YOU when people reproach YOU and persecute YOU and lyingly say every sort of wicked thing against YOU for my sake. 12 Rejoice and leap for joy, since YOUR reward is great in the heavens; for in that way they persecuted the prophets prior to YOU.

I take the attacks as proof of both God's approval, and of Satan's hatred for another seed of truth perhaps having been implanted in the heart of someone somewhere somehow.

He cannot prevent the truth from spreading. People with humble and meek hearts will hear the truth and they will know it. Jesus said these things:

(John 10:4) When he has got all his own out, he goes before them, and the sheep follow him, because they know his voice.

And again in another place (if you remember):

(Matthew 16:17) . . .In response Jesus said to him: “Happy you are, Simon son of Jo′nah, because flesh and blood did not reveal [it] to you, but my Father who is in the heavens did.
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Im actually surprised by your approach here.
Assuming that I lack knowledge and you begin to try to teach me. I know what the congregation admonishes and certainly is to not post any ministry objective on websites like this. This is no different then a borther "thinking" he has a right to post on an apostate website. Would you post there? No? Why? The same principles go for here as well, why? Because apostates are definitley on ATS. So yes you palnt a seed but it now has the improper follow up, and certainly not a follow up we are trained for.
You post here, and what follows? Those who are in darkness spiritually and those who are in it at will are the ones who will follow up on it, so now your thread has spurned on the attachment of apostate material, now the light of the truth you wish to reveal is now made skewed.
In the ministry via door to door,telephone, letter writing and casual there are very limited oppertunities for such dark interruptions. Do me a favor and go tell your elders you are posting on a blog site where apostates roam. Ive been there and done that and it bit me in the butt.

posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 06:10 PM
Well recent events in Boston give us all pause for thought on "sheltering" if martial law goes down. And what can happen to innocent people, we saw the clips.
These domestic terrorists were inspired by radical idea's from religion, sooner or later the governments are going to want to control it more than they do today, to stop it.

The moment Jesus told his apostles not use their swords in his defense indicted a major change from earlier times. There is justification for going after all religions that have not strictly upheld that ideology in furthering the goals of basic security.

It WILL happen it's not IF but rather WHEN ?

posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 10:59 PM
Reply to SubAce, by EstimatedProphet the Cleric and Scribe of The Most High, God Almighty;

Did you not know that your religious system and/or some of your religious beliefs are just as false as all the other worldly religions of man?

Charles Taze Russell was a member of the “Freemasonry Secret Societies” of the global illuminati powers in those days, and the watchtower gang who are so-called “elders” of this cult are all secretly Satanic worshipers and masons of these government societies of the world.

Remember that God the Almighty did not establish religion in this world but man did to deceive and to confuse the masses from the truth!

In order for man to believe in God, it is only done through true, “spiritual faith” and not from these worldly occults of man that are being run by these secret Satanic worshipers who pose as your religious leaders.

Jehovah is not the only name of God the Creator. This name was adopted from the time that the Lord made Himself known to His servant Moses when He (God) revealed His name and/or identity as, “I am what I am,” who is the eternal Sovereign Lord of all the universe.

Again, the Tetragrammaton in scripture is “I am what and/or whom I am,” and in Hebrew it is known as “YHWH” (Yahweh) or Elohim, etcetera. There is no error in calling Jehovah, God, Dios, Yahweh and/or the Most High or Everlasting Father because these names are all honorable in highly exalting for the Lord of Spirits!

Note: That Charles “who is the founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and its Societies,” along with his associates had changed and altered the biblical text, to what is known today as the New World Translation.

This is not the only cult that has altered or changed scripture to throw people off from the truth, but many world religions have done the same, tell this day.

This altering and/or changing of scripture is against of what is written in Revelation 22:18-21…

Also note, that you who are followers of this cult “are not actual prophets,” yet in reality and in truth you are all “victims” of an illusion that was organized to confuse and mislead you in believing that this cult is ordained by God/Jehovah, when in reality it is not…

Again, every religious culture from different tribes and nations around the globe cause their followers to believe that their religious system(s) are the one’s (personally) ordained by God and/or by a spiritual deity, etc, but they are “NOT.”

Just because this organized cult supposedly interprets the biblical scripture “their way” it doesn’t mean that these interpretations are actual “facts and/or truth!”

Since the beginning or founding of this cult, they, (their leaders) supposedly prophesied about the end of the world several times, over and over again, and failure after failure occurred, tell they just made-up another excuse and/or reason to their false believes and claims about their interpretations, etc…

What I am trying to tell you is, please do some studying and find out the truth about what “I am” speaking of and you will know that I am speaking the truth…!

Now your interpretation(s) of what your religious belief from the Watchtower Society are false concerning the revelation(s) and/or the apocalypse of the end of the world!

Furthermore, all religious systems shall unite into a "one global satanic organization" where an image and/or idol shall be worshipped and it shall cause those people who refuse to worship this image to be put to death!

This image is a robotic figure of the new one world government with artificial parts and skin, that will have the power to move and to speak artificially by human intervention. These robotic figures will be set-up in all religious institutions and churches and temples across the globe!

Your religious system is not exempt from this wicked practice because it is also organized secretly by these occults from the Satanic government influence around the world!

All of these things that I am revealing to you shall occur after the asteroid strike here on earth, then shall the governments create their new one world order and all the religious systems of man shall convert into a one-satanic cult of the neo system of a dystopian totalitarian destroyed world...!

Hell on Earth and Charles claimed that hell does not exist, will guess what, it does and it is right at the center of the Earth, where the spirits of the wicked and evil men reside until the Great Judgment, when all souls are judged according to their deeds here on Earth while they lived in the flesh!

I know for a fact that this is the place where Charles and maybe some, if not all of his associates for changing and/or altering scritpture can be found, and not only because of altering scripture but also because he was initiated into a Satanic cult, when before he died he did not repent of his work and he must have beard his iniquity with him in Hades forever!
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posted on Apr, 24 2013 @ 11:08 PM
reply to post by SubAce

Well the names weren't exactly the same as they are in the modern bibles. Joshua could be translated to Yeshua for example. You pretty much have to translate back to hebrew or something.

posted on Apr, 25 2013 @ 01:03 AM

Originally posted by DarknStormy
reply to post by SubAce

Well the names weren't exactly the same as they are in the modern bibles. Joshua could be translated to Yeshua for example. You pretty much have to translate back to hebrew or something.

There is nothing wrong in translating names from Hebrew to English. There is no need to use the Hebrew form for it. Neither is it wrong to use the Hebrew. The term for that is called transliteration I believe.

posted on May, 4 2013 @ 10:44 AM
I personally do not mind being referred to as an apostate of the Watchtower society. When you accuse me of this, I am more positive than when I chose to leave that it was the right thing to do. I got up the guts to use my God-given independent thinking to read and research what I was being told to accept without question. The reason JW's are told not to read, listen to, or post on forums is not to safeguard their spirituality, it is to keep them in line, so they do not learn to think on their own. This was made clear when the other poster mentioned how you are taught to witness. Shouldn't witnessing be something that is natural without the need of teaching aids or practice talks of what to say and not to say to the ones you witness to?

I know how the manipulation and brainwashing works, and I understand how you believe what you are parroting is what is true because you are told to believe it, and not to question "Jehovah's faithful and discreet slave." You seem to have a mind of your own as well because you are going against what the society says in posting to this site. I also believe judging by your disregard of the stern discouragement from the society on staying away from "wordly" or "apostate" forums, you may be discreetly searching yourself.

I am not an apostate, though, the society would convince you I am. I am just one of many who has discovered what I was being taught was not true, and what would you advice anyone in another religion to do if he or she found out they were being mislead? Something for you to consider.

posted on May, 16 2013 @ 12:30 AM
see my signature.

posted on May, 16 2013 @ 01:08 AM

Originally posted by SubAce

Originally posted by Auricom
reply to post by SubAce

It doesn't matter. None of it matters. Satan can take over the world tomorrow and it wouldn't matter. I'm still one with Jesus Christ, he is still lord and shall forever be. My soul does not belong to me, you or anyone else. It belongs to God. So what you do to my body is one thing, for my soul will always find it's way home.

I'm not a very religious person to begin with, but one thing I know for sure: My heart and my being belongs to God, Jesus Christ.

He has been in control of the world since man fell. Look around you, you can tell he is ruling the world. Just look at all of the badness.

As for the rest, thank you for your kind thoughts.

The fall of man, Original sins, all those concepts that make salvation necessary. You believe in a religion that teaches you to sin, because they say it is impossible not to.

Christ said that we are supposed to overcome sin yet the concept of fallen man prevents you from overcoming sin. You are right anyone who teaches you that you are fallen and incapable of overcoming sin has taught you that you are incapable of being a disciple of Christ. This is anti-Christ.

All religion must go; we must adhere to love alone. We have but 2 commands to follow love God and love our neighbor. Here is the funny thing, the only way the bible teaches us to love God is to love our neighbor. So in essence there is but one rule, love your neighbor.

Each of us is given two choices every day. Love everyone and eat from the tree of life or live in darkness.

There is but one command, love one another. Everything else is religion which leads to separation. Separation leads to fear, fear leads to anxiety, and anxiety leads to war. Let us stop and simply love one another before we start yet another war. Because God created us to war, or at least that is what most teach their children, when they say sometimes war is necessary. Love is the only necessity, teach your children this and they will believe.

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posted on Aug, 14 2015 @ 02:31 PM
a reply to: tinhattribunal

After all that all you could say was that the letter J was added to the alphabet a few centuries ago? And thus, I am sure all names with J, should not be used, like Jacob, Joe, well, etc. ?? Wow! You are an idiot.

posted on Aug, 14 2015 @ 03:20 PM
yeah... I see the Technocrary taking over all aspects of human Lifetime paradigms,,,, access to resources use of/rations. in a carbon-footprint contrived world/economy/environment.... all aspects of 'sustainability'

everything will be regulated, but the access to restricted resources will get more-&-more fuzzy as the wealth-power of the elites ascends the different levels of the heirarchy

.... the extended lives and optimum living standards of the Brzezinski or Soros / Kissinger elites ---including Trump as the newest pop-culture figure that can sway the sheeple... all have100 yo lifespans
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posted on Aug, 19 2015 @ 09:46 PM
a reply to: SubAce

You had a good thing going leading in with Ephesians. You took a really bad turn attributing everything to Satan. Tsk tsk. I get tired of seeing misused and abused words.

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