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My odd (more like pointing out info) Theory

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posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 08:01 PM
I dont know if this should be in the NWO, UFO & Aliens, or Conspiracy Theories I chose this!! Has bit of everything!

Have any of you read The Secret School by Whitley Strieber? If not check it out and read it. The book just reassures my idea that something odd is going to happen some time in the future, be it NWO or something else.

Whitley wrote that when he was younger he was visted by aliens and went to a secret school with other kids from his nighborhood at night . This School was devised by the aliens to teach the kids about them and what is going to happen to Earth.

In 1954 He wrote that the aliens some how time travled him to his future grandpararents house. In that house he discribes a Plasme TV " The set was flat, about the thickness of a book, standing on a low table." And on the TV he sees unimaginable disasters. But this one cought my atention the most." In another scene, set over what was clearly Manhattan,a huge object, cigar-shaped and lighted with bright red lights, came down as if through a slit in the sky, making a crackling sound." Thies short of ships seem prominent in many UFO books relating to reptilians. In Cosmic Explorers by Dr. Courtney Brown the book documents his SRV (scientific remote viewing) of future and present times. In the Reptilian Chapters he sees the same cigar-shaped ships in gurages underground.

There are other stuff...but....I dont feel like typing any more.

So hopefully this might be sufficient enough!!

I am not one to incline to a David Icke thought. I just happen to take notice in what I read and the odd patterns I notice in my life that reassures my own theories.

I'm praying for you Anne!


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