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Boston Conspiracy. Defending the culprits Again.

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posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 10:52 PM
reply to post by canucks555

ATS is a conspiracy site? Is this some sort of conspiracy?
I see it this way. This was a crime. Pre-meditated Murder. Law enforcement has apprehended 1 'suspect' and thankfully, killed another. Now, it's time for the 'suspect' to get his day in front of a judge. There are questions, like, why were so many people in the crowd carrying back-packs that looked like the delivered device? Did they act as decoys on behalf of the 'suspected murderers'? They could then be implicated in a 'conspiracy' to commit murder. Why haven't law enforcement officials picked up and questioned these people? Hopefully, the video evidence, which must be made available to both prosecution and defense legal teams, will implicate the 'suspect' beyond a reasonable shadow of a doubt, and he can while away the rest of his life, in comfort, at the expense of the taxpayers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Since this is a murder investigation, all the evidence must be revealed, because there are no national security issues involved. As evidenced by recent press statements, our Lords & Ladies in the feral government are already expressing deep regret this 'suspect' has been 'accused' of being an enemy combatant. They should have regret, they aren't making the states case any easier by doing that. Let Massachusetts have him. It's they're job to put him behind bars. Once they do that, they can talk to him all they want to about his suspected 'links' to militant groups.

posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 11:35 PM

Originally posted by canucks555
Checkin out the board tonight and see that there already are a bunch of "they didnt do it" threads. Also the patented "They're all actors" threads.

Umm does it feel good defending criminals? And would you be as quick to post your garbage if a personal loved one was a casualty?
Is this about stars and flags?
Or are you ten years old looking for attention?
.....Grow up.

I read your "cool-down" speech, as well as, am simply quoting the OP.
I entirely agree -- maybe half of the people posting in various such threads categorize every event in the world as conspiracy.
Who knows?...(neither you or I)...they may be right.
It seems that each time such an atrocity/tragedy comes about, I first align directly with what "the News" puts forth (being whatever comes across the airwaves)...but as soon as something "they" have said or shown looks out of place, I begin looking desperately, to determine if I simply misheard, or misunderstood...or, if the explanation isn't as simple as either of those.
So - when you label the brother that was reportedly killed, and the brother that is in custody as "the culprits", I have some difficulty accepting your ability to "judge" the truth, and see that you are willing to "jump to conclusions" without as much evidence as I require to arrive at the same.
Doesn't mean that you're wrong. Time will (may) prove that out. But, as the case has been made (so far), I don't know what facts are reliable, and what facts are not.
Seems pretty evident that there were two explosions within less than a minute of each other.
Some of the other official-facts have changed numerous they are wont to do.
So - until I am either satisfied that I can rely on the facts that pin these crimes to those brothers...fairly...I will withhold any sentiments or statements of judgment or justice.
And I would like the time and opportunity to proceed with my investigation into said matters/questions without the fear of offending others (like yourself)...
In any case - I understand your frustration, and share much of the same dismay...but have not, as yet, concluded them "guilty on all counts".

posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 11:41 PM
reply to post by thePharaoh

Pharaoh you believe in everything.
-Good on ya, that's why the site is here.
For you, (imo) this isn't about what's true and what's not though. Is it?
It's about mistrusting everything you see on "the msm".
Just seems like a knee jerk reaction from your side to me, to say that this was a false flag or somone ekse did it or whatever..
thanks for replying to the thread

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