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A different perspective on this week's activities

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posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 02:53 PM

C'mon. When people get together over a beer or three they often play the 'what if' game and create scenarios. We've all done it. This morning I awoke to a numbed feeling in my brain however. Do not doubt that I feel distress for the people and families of the deceased and all the injured. I most certainly do. I have no idea whether the events were acts dreamed up by the brothers or whether they were set up. But under it all, I also felt something else though, and I'm trying to voice it to see if others somehow share my impressions.

I feel dirty somehow. It's as though I've allowed myself to listen to the endless blather of a used car salesman. Do I feel that someone was trying to indoctrinate me and to accept things as fact, to sensitize me to red and blue pills? No it's more than that. It feels dirty. Like there's a scenario behind this entire picture. Am I imagining, or is it possible, even probable?

To have the police thank the people for volunteering to stay in their homes is an outright lie and an insult to me. If people had dared to step outdoors and walk in the street, they would have been arrested 'for their own protection' of course. So no, a red alert to take shelter in place was an order, not a voluntary act. The invasion of privacy when ten military armored cops run freely through one's home unless invited in is nothing short of direct intimidation and an infringement of rights. (Did they use the opportunity to seize weapons or report those who may have them too?) Maybe some people wanted them to come in, but there are those with dogs and cats and house layouts that make them certain that no one has entered their premises, “though feel free to inspect the back yard, and watch where you step, guys.” Could those people refuse them admission?

So why the dirty feeling today? I only feel that way when people are trying to exploit me, or better yet when they have succeeded in doing so. Yesterday the media stood there on scene in front of cameras, endlessly pattering on about the same things really, feeding us fear and horror and possible this and that. The entire time though, and very importantly, what our eyes were taking in was something else, namely the background, bare streets without the distraction of cars and people while the media script was repeated at nauseum.

Now think back. Remember the promotional catch phrase for the munitions industry when the entire world was treated to its display in Bagdad? No need for air shows or local displays which are only local anyway. No no. Let's market to the world! “Shock and awe” was pure marketing nirvana, the absolute perfect slogan for a midnight showing. Not only did the munitions industry not have to pay a single penny for the publicity, (they probably just had to bribe the right people) they just stood back and waited with invoices in hand. It was pure marketing genius imho, and they're still sending out shipments ten years later! Think I'm crazy?

To accomplish that marketing success, someone made up a script and the job of the White House was to sell it to the world. France laughed at the WMD suggestion and got called Weasels on the front page of the NY Times. Canada's Chrétien also refused to buy in and Paul Solucci the US ambassador had the unmitigated gall to comandeer all our media in response for a government tongue lashing. The boys behind the scenes were miffed and threatened punishment in the form of no re-construction contracts. Powell made an emergency visit to Ottawa too, to criticize our limp equipment and feeble resources. (Huh? Up to that moment, Canada felt itself to be a nation of peace-keepers, thus no need for much warring equipment.) Besides ambassador Wilson returning to the US had denied the sale of plutonium or enriched stuff from Africa to Saddam. So the WHouse response was to 'out' that ambassador's wife as a CIA agent. Moral of the story? They had a script and by golly no one would mess with it, no siree.

So what was the macro picture behind yesterdays display? If you guessed marketing, kudos to you! Marketing? You betcha, lots and lots of it, for hours on end, and all for free too. The general script would be for someone to leave a backpack at the marathon, cause some mayhem, raise the fear level, and then have a massive manhunt. The setting for the manhunt would be on empty streets, the national security boys could arrange that, couldn't they? (Was the lad guilty? Possibly, but I know that as a university student I didn't have any free time or money to do anything else other than study and work. My biggest complaint was a lack of time—and money. So if leaving a backpack somewhere for several hundred dollars --he had hundred denomination bills on him, according to the garage repairman-- was a no-brainer that paid well, all the better. (I'm just musing here, not arguing the point)

Back to the marketing plan. The very best way to show off uniforms and transport of ALL KINDS. would be to provide a pristine backdrop in a real setting: No distractions of traffic or people, just roads.

Place the press along the roads and parade the transports and uniforms past them. The police would be the models. (Notice ease of movement? Notice different types of protective gear and armor?) The idea was to display an assortment of different types of body armor and protection. For the invoice boys to be kept busy, it must be streamed throughout the world so it must be an ongoing drama as opposed to a short newsclip or soundbite. “Have the security boys lay out a goodmanhunt plan, will you?”

Now to marketing again, there have been other such atrocities, other bombings, but this one must be more captivating, something really huge in order to keep the media present throughout the display and have the rest of the world watching. Those foreign invoices can add up, never mind invoices to different American police departments. Ok, so keep the people indoors, best to give them a Friday off, keep those vehicles moving and on display, everything from ordinary PCs to army stuff . Yeah, don't forget to show how a guy can stand up inside the swat vehicle and use the hatch as a shield. Be sure to show that a few times. Yeah, and show how the squad can all stand on the outside of it too. Yeah, you know the one. Be sure to have a couple of cameras on the inside perimeter to catch that too.

Perhaps the older brother seemed like an apt patsy if he was innocent. Or perhaps someone did indoctrinate them. However to me this morning, it was not an opportunity to be seized as much as a marketing ploy to be planned. Every time the press paused because of passing long streams of loud vehicles the manufacturers of those transports and uniforms had invoices at the ready. You see, this display was being broadcast all over the world, enough for every single country on earth to take notice and place orders for equipment. Regardless of the individuals involved and their roles in the whole picture, whether real or manipulated, I feel we've been treated to marketing nirvana once again.

No I do not take lightly the loss of life and limb. I value life highly. However I do believe there are those who do not. Your comments?

Here's a link
long list of contractors who stand to benefit.

If you get my point, what was the marketing logo for yesterdays display?
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posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 03:07 PM
because once again ... uncle scam gave it to the american public without buying them flowers or taking them to dinner ... its all part of the show ... erm.. plan ... scammy has to keep the public scared of the bogeyman so the politicians can make their bloodmoney ....

posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 04:06 PM
reply to post by Expat888

So um, uh, are you suggesting the slogan should be "You'll feel so good after you'll roll over and light a cigarette?"

posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 04:16 PM
Very nicely stated, S&F. The entire week has been unreal if you step away from the TV long enough to actually think about it... which is exactly what they want; a captive, yet willingly captive audience... the ones that can't think for themselves or un-glue from the trauma-vision long enough for a sanity pause are the ones they like the best...

posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 05:01 PM
reply to post by madmac5150

True enough, we watched willingly and now hate ourselves for being slaves to it.

(I am a goner now. Ok, I admit I am absolutely in love with that sweet kitty.)

posted on Apr, 20 2013 @ 05:18 PM

Originally posted by aboutface
reply to post by Expat888

So um, uh, are you suggesting the slogan should be "You'll feel so good after you'll roll over and light a cigarette?"
light em if ya got em ... unless they banned that too... several shots of tequila also help ... its always about profit ... never was about "national security" ... never ceases to amaze how many pies uncle scam has his fat .. greedy ... fingers in ... seems this time a few more people are wising up to old scammy ... but sadly the charade will continue as the majority still believe scammies stories ....

posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 10:14 AM
Bumping to try to get this thread showing up on RSS feeds

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