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May 4th, 2013

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posted on Apr, 23 2013 @ 01:17 PM

Originally posted by Ploutonas
The only thing I know about number 13, is the number of Zeus, twelve gods... Thats why when rebels invaded with yahbeh and since, this number is " evil " for most of cultures.
I also know that this specific year 13 is by default a bad year for them. We love this number and we hate their number... they are evil for us (lol hahaha)
You should also know, the number 13 is a universal number... YOU WILL NEVER FIND in the entire UNIVERSE a solar system with more than 13 planets... 13 planets is by default... dosnt matter if some of them got destroyed, etc. It has to do with physics and maths...

For us number 3, and (cube) are the most evil numbers.

Number 13 from our history is the global organism and the entire universe. (*I think the universe is twelves surfaces shape I dont know the english definition) = 2x hexagons = 12 surfaces shape. But consider 13 as our number Doesnt matter if they made it up evil for cultures, or creating bad events and overall a bad energy arround this number. Its not the number.
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No number is evil.Numbers are not predictors they signify what something is like an equation or formula...H2O is two hydrogen and one oxygen molecule bonded.That number is not water itself... it signifies it.It doesn't predict or prophecy a tsunami.

The importance of numbers are in ratios..relationships.The number 13 in a ratio (and many things ) is significant.First it is in the most significant "ratio" numbers the ....Fibonacci number (Fn) sequence.

notice 13 is Fn is the "true number 7......

why is the Fibonacci sequence so significant ?..because it sums the most significant ratio..The Golden ratio of Phi and its reciprocal phi...the perfect ratio..
1.618... and 0.618.....

Phi is an irrational number ..meaning it never resolves and is infinite.It can be calculated by dividing adjacent Fn.As the Fn grow larger they"advance "close to Phi..but never reach it.


yes ... That is the Number of the beast of man(revelations 13:18...the most number phobic misundertsood verse in the scriptures)).It is the early stages of phi before it stabilizes at 1.618... and .0618......


and it's reciprocal


it isn't until Fn12 is the divisor the Phi phi stabilizes to 618...........



there is of its significances....

This is NOT numerology or Kabalism or anything is The Sum of Gods everything works and is made....perfection.....the perfect ratio....

notice the significant number "12" is 144(it is the only Fn besides "1" that is the square of it's Fn..12x12=144) ....another revelation number..the number of the 1st fruits .... the crop that matures first..

666 and 144 are not arbitrary numbers.They exist in everything and are significant in their ratios"....
666 is not the maligned evil number it has been made out to be but quite the opposite.

To reiterate what is VERY important....Numbers are not predictive or prophetic they signify what things are.The scriptures are all written in numbers.(Hebrew and Greek are alpha numeric languages).Their meaning and purpose are FAR beyond human comprehensions....but are signifying as a "witness" what's a cool signifier...
Ieosous(the Greek for Jesus) is 888......

everything is perfection..we just don't have eyes to see it....yet

posted on Apr, 28 2013 @ 11:17 PM

Originally posted by ElohimJD
reply to post by this_is_who_we_are

May 4th, 2013 is exactly 15 days before May 19th, 2013.

May 19th, 2013 is the day of Pentecost 2013. This is the day revealed by God to be the date for the return of Jesus Christ and the ressurection of the 144,000 member Kingdom of God to rule over all the Earth for 1000 years. It is the final day of mankind's age of self rule on Earth. The day all mankind's governments are brought to a final end as WW3 reaches its apex and a moment arrives where if one more nuclear device goes off, all life on earth will come to and end. We are brought to the brink of self annihilation, before God saves us from ourselves this Pentecost 2013.

Why is 15 days prior to the end important to understand regarding this revelation?

There are 360 days in a hebrew year. There are 24 hours in a day.

God has revealed the "Day of the Lord" spoken of in scripture is a year in length. From Pentecost 2012 to Pentecost 2013. And a day can be divided into 24 parts.

ISA 34:8
"For it is the day of the Lord's vengeance, and the year of recompences for the controversy of Zion."

360 days/24 hours = 15 days

15 days is the length of time covering 1 hour during this "Day of the Lord".

REV 17:12
'And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings (governments), which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.'

One hour is the length of time the Beast receives its "power" from the 10 governements.

The Beast is the future governmental entity of Central Europe; made up of 10 European nations (Germany at the center) that join together to form a United States of Europe very quickly as a result of the destruction of the USA and UK alliance of nations (USA, UK, Israel, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) which creates a power vacuum the likes of which have never been seen. This event (joining of 10 nations in Europe) is the sounding of the 5th trumpet of Revelation.

It is this Beast (10 Nation European superstate) and the Dragon (China/Russia/Iran/NK) that actually fight during WW3, the USA/UK will not be involved to their expected degree because they will already have been reduced to an inability to govern themselves through the events that take place between today and the 4th of May.

The last 15 days of this age will be the most destructive 15 days in mankind's history and billions will die during that breif but devistating war.

The date of May 4th is significant because scripture says that is the date the 10 nations join under one banner and begin to engage China/Russia in a war to fill the power void left by a fallen Empire (USA), during the final "hour" of the "Day of the Lord" and mankind's age of self rule.

Now how soon after the fall does Europe join together to better understand when the fall of the USA occurs? God has not revealed that, for even as late as May 4th, trumpets 2-4 (responsible for the destruction of the USA/UK alliance of nations) may not have yet sounded, much can happen quickly in a world where enough nuclear weapons exist to wipe all life off of Earth 40 times over...

God Bless,

The ww3 haven't even started yet... But let me tell u something, in this war there is 2 scenarios.. And its near my country (Hellas)... I give you that as a prophecy from Christianity priests (even if I believe that prophecies are just a vignette, nothing to do with "prophecy") it is just their plans and the way it suits them. Personally I dont believe in prophecies. Not in this age.
1st: The war will start from bellow, SYRIA (look were my country is on the map...Syria is next to Cyprus).
2nd: The war will start from top... Turkey instead of USA/israel, will make their move against my country. Turkey seems peaceful, but they think or they want to believe, that they can still take over my country... They even spoil maps named " turkey in 2050" and they have my country belonging to turkey... what a turkey.... Anyway, lets see the facts.
1 scenario : The most possible the way things are at this point...USA with their trained islamists (al-Qaida or something), are loosing in Syria, so they have no time to waste, the internal corruption didnt work... Now they will start playing games with chemicals, maybe a missiles, so they can start the war... In a few months.
2 scenario : Turkey made peace with Kurdistan (kurds) and if you search, they move their armies in the coast near my country!!! They deploying them across all the coast, from Konstantinoupoli down bellow to Rhodes Island. I wonder why...
Whatever the scenario is, when this starts, the domino will begin for the beginning of the ww3, but lets hope nothing will happen, even if it smells the opposite.

And a last comment about it. All the things u read above, is a prophecy... Another reason why people shouldnt believe in prophecies.. Because prophecies is a way to control human mind, it is just politics with some paranormal cream. So if u see delay in attacking syria and Iran, that means USA is promoting the war from the TOP, so expect first, my country to move outside europe (it will take them about 1.5 years from now, thats why I say its to risky for their plans) because by 2020, the war must over. I am not good at geopolitics but thats how their prophecy goes!.. fingers crossed.... I give u the first part, when the times comes, I ll give u the second part of it.
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